Friday, December 31, 2010

DJ Useo Mashup Mix 2011-Exclusive for NJR Mashup Radio

The astute folk (Mike Petite)
at CJR Mashup Radio
contacted me to tell me my tracks get played there
& to inquire about an exclusive mix
made just for them.

Pleased,I agreed & this
all-USEO set was broadcast on
CJR Mashup Radio NYE 2010.
Best wishes to them & you all.

DJ Useo Mashup Mix 2011

01-No Test For Doot
(DJ Yojik vs Freur)
02-Im A Sexeater
(Berlin vs Dubatech)
03-Drops Of Haus
(Peter Fox vs Chipset)
04-Prepare To Nemesis
(Shriekback vs Torch Song)(2011 Remix)
05-Hey Little Girl U Really Got Me
(Icehouse vs Static Revenger)
06-Independant Reflux
(Comsat Angels vs Defective Audio)
07-Make Me Suffer
(Tears For Fears vs Daz The Dominant)
08-Big Butt Tonight
(INXS vs DJ Jed)
09-Breaking Into Cars Not Seen On The Radio
(The Raveonettes vs Deficient)
10-The Gumi Comeback
(The Shout Out Louds vs Damage vs Skazi)
11-Give It Up Through The Veins
(Datarock vs Jon Hopkins)
12-Bad Prima Donna
(Christina Aguilera vs Michael Jackson)
13-Club Cant Disgust Me
(Flo Rida f/ David Guetta vs Manila Presents Partytrooperz)
14-I Like It Chime
(Enrique Iglesias w_Pitbull vs Orbital)
15-Pussycat Get Around
(d3 d4 vs Oakenfold f/ Brittany Murphy)
16-Excellent Monday
(Laurie Anderson vs Peter Gabriel vs New Order)
17-Born To Du What U Du
(Disco Kings vs Yoshimoto)
18-NYC It Again
(Armand Van Helden vs Chemical Brothers)
19-To The Club,Precious Little Diamond
(Spankox vs PLD vs Fox The Fox)
20-Realm Of Bruce (Bassomatic vs Adam Ant)
21-Slippy Widow
(Tori Amos vs Underworld vs Armand Van Helden)
22-Glad Gloria
(Gloria Gaynor vs Traffic)
23-Basement Hideaway
(DeLacy vs Basement Jaxx)


Sonic Confusion (Oot vs Ook Mix)(The Ex-Cleavers vs Defcon 5)

Sonic Confusion (Oot vs Ook Mix)(The Ex-Cleavers vs Defcon 5)

Oh this doesn't sound right at all!
Was this really intentional?

Download 1

Thursday, December 30, 2010

DJ Useo-NYE 4EVR Mix (New Years Eve Forever) (Electro House)

DJ Useo-NYE 4EVR Mix
(New Years Eve Forever)
(Electro House)

Mixed Live in one take.
No restraints on this piece.
May this inspire you to some fine New Years’ regaling.

01-Andrew Spencer & Megastylez-
Disco Killed The Radio King (DJ Salahoff Beat Booty Mix)
02-Tribal Kings-To The Beat Of The Drum (Mind Electric Mix)
03-Steve Mac-Paddy’s Revenge (D.O.N.S. Mix)
04-Richard Vission,Static Revenger f/ Luciana-
I Like That (Original Mix)
05-Night Flight-I Rock Your Night (Slin Project Remix)
06-Neelix-Disco Decay (Felguk Remix)
07-Michael Mind-Ride Like The Wind (Klaas Remix)
08-Marcus Winter-Electro Love Song (Club Mix)
09-Jason Mash-Sailing On The Sea
(Stanjay’s Electro Lusty Remix)
10-Heiko & Maiko-Gebongt (Francesco Morelli Remix)
11-Generous-I Do With Love (BuzzTech Remix)
12-Freemasons f/ Sophie Ellis Beztox-
Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer
(Alex Astero & Even Sax Remix)
13-Fast Foot f/ Music Instructor-Perfect Paganini
(Club Version)
14-DJ Sequence-Wanted Sound (Fendbrothers Remix)
15-DJ Chillout-It’s Getting Crazy
16-DJ Assad f/Willy William-Shimmy Shake (Remix)
17-Damien Marquez f/ Lord Kossity-Shake Dat
(Soundshakerz Extended)
18-Ben Bedrock-High Again (PH Electro Remix)


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Prepare To Nemesis (Shriekback vs Torch Song) VIDEO

The incredible LEENAVEN
Has done up a super video for my track
Prepare To Nemesis (Shriekback vs Torch Song)


The mp3 download is here-

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Amazed LSD (Paul McCartney vs The Beatles)

GYBO Weekend Challenge
from King MP3J.
Lucy vs Twin Freaks.
Here's me entry.-

Amazed LSD (Paul McCartney vs The Beatles)

Download 1

Download 2

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dont Encourage Useo-dance mashup album

Hello friends.
Hope you enjoy this new collection of
dance-oriented mashups.
Thanks for telling me it's what you wanted.

DJ Useo-Dont Encourage Useo

01-Poppin Steel
(Devo vs DJ Bam Bam)

(Blackbird vs Quadra)

03-Breaking Into Cars Not
Seen On The Radio
(The Raveonettes vs Deficient)

04-The Gumi Comeback
(The Shout Out Louds vs Damage vs Skazi)

05-Silk Skin Cycles
(Wire vs Lazonby)

06-Im A Sexeater
(Berlin vs Dubatech)

07-Mind Of A Speaker
(Visage vs Fanatic & Jaime)

08-Policy Of Crookers
(Depeche Mode vs Crookers)

09-Unknown Dharpa
(Yothu Yindi vs info lost)

10-Wishful Together
(China Crisis vs DJ Rob vs.
B.A.R. feat. Roxy)

11-X-Press & Y & Zee
(Pop Will Eat Itself vs X Press 2)

12-Feelin Broken
(Black Eyed Peas vs Zifra)

13-Something Tequiero Good
(Utah Saints vs ZeroDb)

14-Hey Little Girl U Really Got Me
(Icehouse vs Static Revenger)

15-Laughing Gas Tomorrow
(Morrissey vs Juno Reactor)

16-Big Butt Tonight
(INXS vs DJ Jed)

link 1 link 2

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Prepare To Nemesis (Shriekback vs Torch Song)

Now that I'm in Austin,Texas
I get to play my mixes
in person for a lot more people.
One they enjoy to extremes is
'Prepare To Nemesis (Shriekback vs Torch Song)'
from my collection 'BRUISEO'

I like it so much myself I did it up anew
using more sophisticated software
& 2 more years of experience mixing.
Here's 'Prepare To Nemesis'
(Shriekback vs Torch Song)(2011 Remix)

Download 1
Download 2

Here's a smashing new extended version with
an even more open sound
and more harmony.-
Download 1
Download 2

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Channel Zee -Experimental Mix

This is part 3,the final part of my experimental ‘CHANNEL’ series.

The first part ‘Channel X’
was made to be the strangest
& least musical.

The second part ‘Channel Y?’ was slightly more ‘musical’.

This third part ‘Channel Zee’ is the most musical
of the trio,yet is still far out there when it
comes to listenability.

I hope you don’t freak out!

DJ Useo-Channel Zee (Experimental Mix)

01-Alfred Wolfson-Vox Humana
02-The Cranial Fishers-Escape
03-Spo-Its-All Radio Is Dead
04-Robin Goldwater w/ They Might Be Giants-
I Hear A New World
06-Rob,Andy & Tom-Death By Gravy
07-Isnasakenai Douji-Sticklebrick
08-Skkatter-Dirty Pop
09-Naked Rabbit-Thunderclock
10-Evolution Control Committee-
The Subatomic Opera
11-Evolution Control Committee-
Ping Poing Percussion Power Party
12-Workshoppe Radio Phonik-Time Jams ’84
13-Trotters-Ice Ice Bacon
14-Myriam Bessette-Mutation
15-DJ Stoic-Antimashup
16-The Faint-Take Me To The Hospital
17-The Klangers-Spacemen Smoke Spliffs
18-That WQ Girl-Shuffle Off To Bob-O-Lo
19-Tipsy-Space Golf
20-My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult-
Blue Buddha
21-The Butthead Astronomers-Hip-O-Crit
22-Negativland-The Greatest Taste Around
23-Eilart Pilarm-In The Ghetto
24-Half Japanese-Tracks Of My Tears
25-Mark N-I Love Faeces
26-Peyr-Killer Boogie
27-Digital Droo-Monkey Developers
28-Smith ‘n’ Hack-Tribute b3 1Mi
(aka Scratch Your Ass Off)
29-’uncredited’-Radio Remix VI
30-Siouxzie Wrong-Cakewalk
31-Presto & Spartanite-The Walton Hop Disco
32-Ciccone Youth-Into The Groove-Y
33-Klaus Nomi-Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Dead!
34-Hard Off-Destroy Shit Tracks
35-Donovan’s Brain-Derailment
36-Skip Found Teli & MPI-Panty Boiler
37-The Krankies-It’s Fan-Fabi-Dozi
38-Todd Bramy-Henry & Rita


Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Huh? Show w/ DJ Meaningless 4

& lastly here's one final SUS RADIO show-
The completely mad HUH? Show w/ DJ Meaningless.
Thanks to him for this copy.

The Huh? Show w/ DJ Meaningless 4
01-21:58 : 082 _01 Introduction.mp3
21:59 : I'm sorry I'll Read That Again - s07e01 The Taming of the Shrew
22:00 : - 101 Swinging Brass - Swinger's Theme (Promotional Album)
22:02 : Les Parisiennes - Il Fait Trop Beau Pour Travailler
22:04 : mickael the turtle - super freak
22:07 : Easy Star All Stars - Brain Damage
22:11 : 056 Another Brick in the Wall.mp3
22:14 : Big Daddy - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
22:16 : The Moog Cookbook - 1. Black Hole Sun
22:20 : Mojo Nixon/Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper - Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant
With My Two Headed Love Child
22:24 : Disney Classic - Yo Ho (A Pirates Life For Me)
22:26 : Astrud Gilberto - The Face I Love
22:28 : Scaffold - Jelly Covered Cloud
22:32 : Daws Butler and Don Messick - Song: Super Snooper
22:33 : 049 _16 _ Suspicion - take 3 & 2.mp3
22:36 : Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel - Highball With the Devil
22:41 : Brother Bones & His Shadows - Sweet Georgia Brown
22:44 : Peter, Paul & Mary - The Marvelous Toy
22:47 : Archies - don't touch my guitar
22:49 : Freddie & the Dreamers - The Ugly Bug Ball
22:52 : Garageland - Dancing Queen
22:58 : primusremix.wav
23:03 : Tenacious D - Kickapoo
23:07 : 109 Paramahansa Yogananda06 - Recieve Me On Thy Lap
23:08 : Jonathan King - God Save The Sex Pistols (As Elizabeth)
23:11 : Como Carousel - Hello Dolly


Pandora Rox On SUS Radio

Here's another fine radio show from
Sound-Unsound Radio.

Big thanks to Pandora for providing
me this latest episode.
The first posted I believe.

Enjoy her take on classic rock mashups.
Thanks much Pandora!

Pandora Rox 8

01-Black Sabbath-War Pigs
(AN-TEN-NAE Acid Crunk remix)
02-G3rst-Thunder Jack Flash
(AC/DC vs Rolling Stones)
03-Wax Audio-Black Zeppelin -
Whole Lotta Sabbath
04-AC/DC-You Mix Me All Night Long
(Dave Remix)
05-Dj Moule-Highway Of Control
(Gossip Vs ACDC Vs Digitalism Vs Radio4)
06-DJ Useo-21st Century Schizoid Shout
(King Crimson vs Kiss)
07-Angels and Filth™-Creedence Clearwater Revival
v. Metaform
08-Davie Dekka-Rebel Bleeding Rebel
(Leona Lewis vs David Bowie)
09-Tonight's Mashup-25 or 6 to the Right Moves
(One Republic vs Chicago)
10-King.of.Pants-Since You Been Centerfield
(Kelly Clarkson vs CCR)
11-Stein-Vidar-Smelly Sandman
(Metallica vs. Nirvana)
12-The Kleptones-Surf Mountain
(Jane's Addiction vs Trentemøller)
13-MarcJohnce-Not My Smoke Tonight
(Christina Aguilera Vs. Deep Purple)
14-Fissunix-Whole Sex Lotta Machine
(the Drumloop, the Guitar Riff & the Super Bad)
(James Brown vs Led Zep vs Run Dmc)
15-Bonus Mosh™-Judas Priest v. Aphex Twin


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rockin' w/ JPURPLEHAYS Sound-Unsound Radio Show

I thought I'd post the latest
to show you what yer missing.

Great classic rock toonzs
hosted by the man who knows!

As broadcast on
Sound-Unsound Radio.

rockin' w/ jpurplehays 13 Oct 2010

01-alice cooper-billion dollar babies
02-bachman turner overdrive-hey you
03-canned heat-rollin' & tumblin'
04-dire straits-wild west end
05-electric light orchestra-
can't get it out of my head
06-foghat-honey hush
07-great white-old rose motel
08-joe cocker-sandpaper cadillac
09-hootie & the blowfish-let her cry
10-journey-lovin',touchin',& squeezin'
11-little feat-spanish moon
12-procol harum-whiskey train

-all tracks newly remastered for this show-


DJ Useo-Call Of The WIld Mashup_November 2010 Podcast-Watch Out!

DJ Useo-Call Of The Wild Mashup_November 2010 Podcast-Watch Out!


01-Lazy Dancer-The Kleptones
02-Flex Gym Duck (Duck Sauce vs Dizzee Rascal vs Ray Krebbs)
-Marc Johnce
03-California Clever (Felguk vs Katy Perry)-Party Ben
04-I Don't Care (Hey Boys Hey Girls) (Fall Out Boys vs Evermore)
-Ben Double M
05--Hey Little Girl U Really Got Me (Icehouse vs Static Revenger)
-DJ Useo
06-What is Hot Love (Haddaway vs Inna)-DJ Spider
07-Dynamite (In my Head)-S.I.R.
08-Love Freaks (The Fratellis vs John Dahlback vs Booty Girls)
09-Sassy Head (Jason Derulo vs Katerina Graham)-DJ Clive$ter
10-I Can't Dance On Quicksand-ThE hOmOgEnIc ChAoS
11-I'm In The Bad Romance (Lady Gaga vs Steve Aoki)-Dj MashUP
12-Dangerous Power In A Bottle
(The Police vs Opus III vs Gabriel & Dresden)-CjR
13-Go Ghetto Girl (Pitbull vs Da Mighty Dub Katz)-DJ Tripp
14-We Are People, Fly Us! ( )-mARKYbOY
15-Cooler Ghosts (Mike Posner vs Deadmau5)-DJ TOPCAT
16-Warp My Bossa Nova (Eydie Gorme vs Bloody Beetroots)-VDJ

Download 1

Download 2

Torie Amos vs Underworld No 10cc

Slippy Widow (Tori Amos vs Underworld vs Armand Van Helden)

Download 1
Download 2
Download 3

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Under The Phone Call (Red Hot Chili Peppers vs Volumatix)

Under The Phone Call
(Red Hot Chili Peppers vs Volumatix)

A combination of red hot chili peppers'
under the bridge
& the volumatix'
obscene phone call.
2 L.A. bands that sound great together.

Download 1
Download 2

Frikkenfrack 3:DJ Useos Strangest Boots

Here's the latest collection of
weirdo mashups from me.
Thanks for asking for more!
12 of these are previously unreleased.

DJ Useo-Frikkenfrack 3:DJ Useos Strangest Boots
01-Aint It Quacky
(Jennifer Lopez f_ Ja Rule vs Duck Music)

02-Creepy Booty
(Dana Swanson And Nick Ingkatanuwat
vs Boltan vs Mightyfools)

03-Surfin Noize
(The Trashmen vs Antoine Clamaran Pres. Differe)

04-Finally Captain Kangaroo
(Glaze Of Cathexis vs
Ukelele Orchestra Of Great Britain)

(Scott Goddard vs Base Graffiti)

06-In It For The New Season
(Captain Hardcore & Sony Stillwater
vs Starjackers f/ Nadia K)

07-Drive-By Fossils
(MC Hawking vs V-Sag & Andrew K)

08-You'll Be In Life
(Ken Nordine vs George Harrison)

09-Wonderful Poison
(Johnny Mathis vs Praga Khan)

10-Honky Tonk Fragle
(Hillbilly Stringpickers vs Le Talium)

11-You Know My Mechanical Man
(Beatles vs Devo)

12-X-Stasi Cats
(Barnes & Barnes vs Sugirumn)

13-Crazy Balls
(South Park's Chef vs Team Radio)

14-Oi! Its So Pogo
(2 Live Jews vs Digitalism)

15-Balls In The Air
(The Metal Pixies vs Na-Goyah)

16-Techno Fool
(Connie Francis vs Martin Schulte)

17-Art Of Perez
(Art Of Noise vs Perez Prado)

18-No Cowboy No Cry
(Bob Marley vs The Beatles)

19-Were Off To Go A Metaling
(Mongoloid Gnome vs National Whippeter)

20-James & Wooster
(Rick James vs Anne Dudley)

21-The I Believe Polka
(Cher vs unknown polka band)

22-Fatogether Slim
(The Beatles vs Fatboy Slim)

Link 1

Link 2

Halloween Terror-Long Mix

DJ Useo-Halloween Terror!!!
May the mock fear of the Halloween season
delight you till it doesn't!
01-Godzilla Approaches (Sound Effects) -Akira Ifukube
02-King Kong Vs. Godzilla: Helicopter/Man Screams/SOS FX
-Akira Ifukube
03-Godzilla -Blue Oyster Cult
04-Rodan Attacks Fukuoka II -Akira Ifukube
05-Dinner With Drac -Zacherle
06-Dream Attack(A Nightmare on Elm Street OST)
-Charles Bernstein
07-Main Title (Plan 9 From Out Space OST) -Trevor Duncan
08-She Dead -The Zombeatles
09-The Evil Hole (Alternate)(The Gate OST)
-Michael Hoenig and J. Peter Robinson
10-Theme From Dracula -Swan Lake
11-Head Off -Electric Sex Circus
12-Monsters Wedding -The Aquabats
13-Give Her The Ax (Evil Dead OST) -Joseph LoDuca
14-Halloween Is Black As Night -Jackson C Frank
15-Haunted Mansion Disney Theme Parks -Disneyland
16-At The House Of Frankenstein -Big Bee Kornegay
17-Trick Or Treat -Nekromantix
18-The Twilight Zone '85 (Main Title)
19-The Simpsons Halloween Special -The Simpsons
20-The Creature -Buchanan and Ancell
21-Moving Corpses (Martyrs OST) -Seppuku Paradigm
22-The Sneak -Club Royal Orchestra
23-The Day The Earth Stood Still -Bernard Hermann
24-Billy The Monster -The Deviants
25-Track 02(Earth Vs The Spider OST) -George Worthing Yates
26-(Don't Forget To) Breathe -The Visitor
27-Camp Blood New/Main Title (Friday the 13th) -Harry Manfredini
28-Walk Like A Zombie -HorrorPops
29-I'm Hungry -Peter Lorre
30-Helpless (Cassette Only) -Oingo Boingo
31-Don't Just Stand There -Milton DeLugg
32-Splash Dance (Maniac Cop OST) -Jay Chattaway
33-Sponge Bob Scaredy Pants -Squidward
34-You Make Me Feel Like a Monster (Shoobie Doobie Moon)(Creepshow)
-John Harrison
35-Witch Doctor -Devo
36-Outro -Elvira
37-Haunted Mansion/Walt Disney World Special -Haunted Mansion

Download or listen here-

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

PAT THIS WEEK w/ DJ Petrushka October 19 2010

Here's the latest edition of DJ Petrushka's radio show
PAT THIS WEEK w/ DJ Petrushka
DJ Petrushka
as played on Sound-Unsound Wadio.

As broadcast October 19 2010.

Pat This Week October 19 2010

01-Heydrum-The Kleptones

02-Hit T Constant Craving-DJ Useo

03-Unwanted Whisper-The Kleptones

04-Do Angels Cry (Everything can get better) -S.I.R.

05-Not My Smoke Tonight-Marc Johnce

06-Irreplaceable Soundwave-Chocomang

07-I Love The Way You Mix (Lie)-Mashup-Germany

08-Bad-Matt Bland

09-California Clever-Party Ben

10-We Are People, Fly Us!-mARKYbOY

11-Empire of the Sun-crizeatsremixes!

12-Strange Diggity-Voicedude

13-Delicate Belief-mARKYbOY

14-Papa, It's Too Late To Say It's Frozen-Tonight's Mashup

128 kbps-

Download 1
Download 2
Download 3

224 kbps-

Download 1
Download 2
Download 3

Qradips Show 67 New Halloween Mashups Show

Here's another new Halloween edition of my weekly radio show
Qradips Show
as played on Sound-Unsound Wadio.

As broadcast October 19 2010.
Listen for DJ Petrushka doing a standup comedy bit
on Dracula's!

Qradips show halloween 67

01-Smell Like Thriller-Dj Moule

02-Ghostbusters Watching Me (Beat Junkees Mix)-Ace Of Clubs

03-Voodoo People (Transition Mix)-Dave Remix


05-Just A Thriller Animal-DJ McFly

06-Fallen Transvestites Know-Clivester

07-Missing In The Fog Prologue-CjR Mix

08-Ghosts vs Ghouls-The Young Punx

09-Silence Of The Cannibals-King Of Pants

10-The Little Monster Mash-(((SETH)))

11-Thunder Busters-Wax Audio

12-The Thriller Pig Comes Out At Night-Voicedude

13-No Picnic-Fukjamum

14-Keeping Halloween Toxic-Voicedude

15-Teenage Monster-DJ Tyme & Nathan Scot

16-Only By The Ghouls Who Are Dead (DJ Useo Remix)-Heywood Banks

17-Nobodies Mountain King-DJ Useo

18-Fascist Groove Curse-DJ Useo

19-Bloody Pain-DJ Useo

20-Six Sick 6-LeeDM101

21-Thrillered-DJ Tripp

224 kbps-


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Audiodile-Raccoon Legs (Art of Noise vs Jan Hobson)(DJ Useo Remix)

Here's a track exclusively posted here on
GROOVY TIME as a bonus for you DJ Useo fans.

You may have heard me play the track many times on such shows as
Qradips Show

It was originally created by Audiodile
and was very short,
but I love it so much I made it longer.

Download 1
Download 2

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

T.Rex/ Love & Rockets Video by LEENAVEN

LeeNaven has done it again!
Check out this supercool video
for my mashup
'20th Century Mirror People'
(T.Rex vs Love And Rockets)


Track originally posted here-


Monday, October 11, 2010

Down Diamond (Beatles vs Pink Floyd)

Listen for a blend of
The Beatles'
'Don't Let Me Down'
Pink Floyd's
'Shine On You Crazy Diamond'.

I employed a superior pella
on the v3 version now posted.
Great for ear pleasure!

Download 1
Download 2
Download 3

My older mashup
Tax Machine (Beatles vs Pink Floyd)
is still available here-

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All New 2010 Halloween Qradips Radio Show

As broadcast on Sound-Unsound Radio
October 5th 2010

The Qradips Show 66 playlist
All new Halloween show

01-Cheekyboy-Munster In My Pants

02-DJ_Paul V.-The Devils In My Mix

03-Voicedude-Keeping Halloween Fly
(The Offspring vs Alice Cooper)

04-Frog the Dawg-Take Me Away

05-Toby Gore-The House

06-DJ Spider-Don't Push The Fear Sexy B****

07-Mash2mix-Superstitious Angel

08-DJ Maxx Destrukt-Shake Your Bony Vampire
(Wumpscut vs Adrian Alexis vs Plastica)

09-Fettdog-Fett's Fright Fest 2010

10-DJ Brit Boy-Buckys Ghost And Moar
(Deadmau5 vs M.I.A.)

11-Thriftshop X-Hell-Abracadabra Can't Even Handle Me
(Steve Miller Band vs Flo Rida)

12-Qubic-The Angel Divine

13-El Creepo - Ghost Train 2 Ghost Town (edit)

14-DJ Useo-Paranoid Because (Black Sabbath vs The Beatles)

15-DJ Useo-iScare (Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks vs
Dr. Engines Physco-Theorian-O-System)

16-DJ Useo-Who Was In My Delta Room Last Night?
(Butthole Surfers vs Higher Intelligence Agency)


DJ Useo-Halloween ep 2010

In celebration of the fun side of Halloween,
here's my 3rd annual Halloween ep collection.
Don't listen alone!!

DJ Useo Halloween 2010 ep

01-Fascist Groove Curse
(British Electric Foundation
vs Killswitch Engage)

02-iScare (Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks
vs Dr. Engines Physco-Theorian-O-System)

03-Ring Of Canadian Fire
(Wall Of Voodoo vs Boards Of Canada)

04-Paranoid Because
(Black Sabbath vs The Beatles)

05-Sonic Fang
(They Might Be Giants vs Defcon 5)

06-Come Here
(Front Line Assembly vs Yello)

07-Bleeeding Pain
(Oingo Boingo vs Bleeed)

08-Toxicity Temper
(System Of A Down vs The Prodigy)

09-We Just Helped Myself
(Swamp Zombies vs Young Nutz)

10-Weird Oddity
(David Bowie vs Oingo Boingo)

11-She Was A Hotel Detective Zombie
(They Might Be Giants vs Designer Drugs)

12-Resident Guru
(Captain Beefheart vs The Residents)

13-Untitled (Unknown vs ?)

link 1

link 2

Plus the DJ Useo
Halloween ep's from 2009 & 2008
are available still as well!



Friday, October 1, 2010

Love And Rockets vs T.Rex

Is t.rex '20th century boy'
love & rockets 'mirror people'

1974 vs 1987.
So long ago.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

TWO Cheekyboy Halloween Mashup Albums

BIG thanks to all the HORRIFYINGly talented DJ's and producers
with tracks on this years MONSTROUS collection.
This has been months of work.
Special thanks Voicedude for coming up with one of the titles !
I hope you enjoy it and have a fantastic Halloween season!
Please let us know what tracks you like
or if you play any of them!
Also if you would like to spread the word on facebook etc
that would be muchly appreciated!
Count Von Cheekyboy

Pumpkin on your stereo CD1
- Tracklisting

1. Qubic - A little piece about death
(Avenged sevenfold vs Oingo Boingo) (Explicit)
2. Retarded CoUNT - Halloween Hamburgers
(exclusive version) (Explicit)
3. Frog The Dawg - take me away
(Napoleon XIV vs Flo Rida)
4. DJ Shyboy - Monster Holiday
(Lady Gaga vs Madonna)
5. Voicedude - keeping halloween fly
(Offspring vs Alice Cooper)
6. Cheekyboy - Munster in my pants
(Fred Schneider vs Munster theme vs Fedde le grand
vs Bobby Pickett)
7. Thriftshop XL - Abracadabra can't even handle me
(Flo rida vs Steve Miller Band)
8. DJ Paul V. - The Devil's in my mix
(B52's Devil in my car REMIX)
9. DJ Spider - Dont push the fear
(Nightcrawlers vs Blue Oyster Cult)
10. Mash2Mix - Superstitious angel
(Rammstein vs Stevie Wonder)
11. DJ Britboy - Bucky's Ghost & moar
(MIA vs Deadmau5)
12. Frunt Room - Bathtime
(New Original Track)
13. Fettdog - Fett's fright fest 2010
(Horror samples, Duran Duran)
14 - DJ Useo - who was in my delta room last night?
(Butthole surfers vs Higher Intelligence Agency)
15. DJ Maxx Destrukt - shake your bony vampire
16. Alan Black - EVP
17. Toby Gore - The house (New original song)
18. Fukjamum - No Picnic.

Pumpkin on your stereo CD2:
The Phantom of the Mashupera

1. Steve Quinn - Susie Jacksons Hannibal
Evenesence Beast of Time
2. Voicedude - Ghostbusters 'n' stuff
(Ray Parker Jr vs Deadmau5)
3. Cheekyboy - something spooky
(Dusty Springfield vs Barry Adamson)
4. Frog The Dawg - Snap vs Zombie
(Snap vs rob Zombie)
5. Alan Black - Who's afraid
6. Voicedude - Monster Boys
(lady GaGa vs book of love)
7. Scott Cairo - Jeffsa Psycho
8. Qubic - The angel divine
(shirley bassey vs Massive Attack)
9. El Creepo - Ghost Train 2 Ghost Town
(Specials vs Gorillaz vs Madness)
10. Cheekyboy - Doomed Man's Party (Extended remix)
(Does it offend you yeah? vs Oingo Boingo)
11. Frog The Dawg - Skinned
12. DJ Useo - Ring of fire pain
(oingo boingo vs wall of Voodoo)
13. Alan Black - The Conqueror Worm
14. Voicedude - The Monster Mashup
(Bobby 'boris' Pickett vs The Automatic)
BONUS - Retarded COunt - Hamburgers (clean original)


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sound-Unsound's CHILLAX-Come Down...Full Chill Mashup Album

Behold a new Chill Mashup Collection
from home producers at Sound-Unsound Forum.
with me at his side
arranged this massive pleasure for you.
Huge praise to all contributors!
Spread the word.

Sound-Unsounds CHILLAX playlist

disc 1-

01-Northern Half Life (QUBIC)
(Imogen Heap vs vs Enigma)

02-Love Sugarhigh Action (DJ MXR)
(Human League vs King Unique)

03-Sexual Sadness (Full Version)(Spider)
(Enigma vs Amber)

04-More Than A Chillin (mARKYbOY)
(Boston vs Contract Chillers)

05-The Power Of One Gas Song (DJ Useo)
(T.Rex vs Groove Counsellors vs United People Of Chill)

06-Chillout Country (The Reborn Identity)
(Ulrich Schnauss vs Brad Paisley)

07-Run From A Stranger In Greece (OSCAR TG)
(Brothers In Rhythm vs Three Drives vs
Flipt & Scarlett feat Milly James vs Michael Jackson)

08-Apologize, Baby! (Dj MashUP)
(Justin Bieber vs One Republic feat. Timbaland)

09-Haus Of Detruction (Hahnstudios)
(Barry McGuire vs Peter Fox)

10-The Rain Thief (mARKYbOY)
(Sinead O_Connor vs Madonna)

11-Icarus (Colatron)
(Flex Blur vs Chew Lips vs
Slick excerpts from Jim Hensons The Storyteller)

disc 2-

12-She Likes to Make Love in London (MaxwellJump)
(Melanie Doane vs Jam and Spoon vs Allen Ginsberg)

13-The Sound of Woman (mARKYbOY)
(Bob Marley and the Wailers vs Mediterranean Chill Experience)

14-I_ll Make Love To You (The Red Light Special) (S.I.R.)
(Boyz II Men vs TLC)

15-Aint No Lunar Masquerade Game (DJ Useo)
(The Dreamcatcher vs Goloka)

16-Nothin On Blue (G4Gorilla)
(Blue Wave vs B.o.b. ft Bruno Mars vs Weezer)

17-RadioBruce (rillenrudi)
(Radiohead vs Bruce Springsteen)

18-Said The Sun To The King (...And Sushi! Productions)
(30STM vs Earthsuit)

19-Chrystal Dreams (Guv_nor)
(Empire Of The Sun vs Alan Braxe & Fred Falke)

20-Ghostwater The One I Love (DJ Petrushka)
(R.E.M. vs Pete Bardens)

21-Me Against Pink Satellite (Chocomang)
(Saint Germain des prÇs vs Britney Spears ft Madonna)

22-Go Bulletproof (DJ Useo)
(Pop Will Eat Itself vs Moby)

23-Sexual Sadness (Reprise)(Spider)
(Enigma vs Amber)

Mirror 1-
disc 1-
Disc 1
disc 2-
Disc 2

Mirror 2-
disc 1-
Disc 1
disc 2-
Disc 2

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Big Man Fire (The KLF vs Kissing The Pink)

Here is the brilliance of
The KLF's 'Build A Fire'
set against the relentless
Kissing The Pink's
'Big Man Restless'.

Nostalgia awakens!

Link 1
Link 2

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Best Of DJ Useo 2005-2010 Ten Big Hits!

To celebrate 5 years of mixing
here's 10 of the tracks you liked best.

DJ Useo-Best Of DJ Useo


01-Vertigo People Are Strange
(Doors vs U2 vs Skitzofrenix vs Marcel Woods)

02-Oye Como Bullacake
(Tito Puente Jnr ft India vs Dexplicit)

03-Shine Times Two
(Collective Soul vs Booty Luv)

04-2 Classwars Down
(Blackbird vs KMFDM vs
Mystery Jets vs Pilooski)

05-Planet PerfectOrbital
(Orbital vs Planet Perfecto)

06-Len vs The Who

07-Stoned In Sex
(Chicane w/ Tom Jones vs DJ Sparthakus)

08-I Love To Move She Did It
(Glamour Camp vs Moby vs Crookers)

09-Thats A Gas
(T.Rex vs Devo vs HYT)

(Dizzee Rascal vs Wire)
DJ Useo vs CMP

Download 1
Download 2
Download 3

Best of DJ Useo single links

01-Vertigo People Are Strange
(Doors vs U2 vs Skitzofrenix vs Marcel Woods)

02-Oye Como Bullacake
(Tito Puente Jnr ft India vs Dexplicit)

03-Shine Times Two
(Collective Soul vs Booty Luv)

04-2 Classwars Down
(Blackbird vs KMFDM vs Mystery Jets vs Pilooski)

05-Planet PerfectOrbital
(Orbital vs Planet Perfecto)

06-Len vs The Who

07-Stoned In Sex
(Chicane w/ Tom Jones vs DJ Sparthakus)

08-I Love To Move She Did It
(Glamour Camp vs Moby vs Crookers)

09-Thats A Gas
(T.Rex vs Devo vs HYT)

(Dizzee Rascal vs Wire)

Friday, September 3, 2010

T.Rex vs Queen vs Alice In Chains-LeeNaven Video

LeeNaven has done it again!
Check out this INTENSE video
for my mashup
'Grind Ripoff'
(T.Rex vs Queen vs Alice In Chains)


Track originally released on
Intense Psychedelia 2 : Intensified Mashups

Link 2

Single track link here-

Download 1

Download 2

Download 3

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

DJ Useo Theme Song video by Leenaven

Leenaven the Video Master
has created a must see vid
of the rock version of the
DJ Useo theme song.


Audio track here-


Download 2


Friday, August 20, 2010

Intense Psychedelia 4 - All New Mashups

Here's more of the series you demanded.
18 all-new psychedelic mashups to help
you pass the late night hours.

DJ Useo-Intense Psychedelia 4

01-Poison Kryptonite (3 Doors Down vs The Prodigy)

02-Tambo For A Ride (Bob Dylan vs The Wildflowers)

03-14th St. Comes Today (Gorillaz vs Beastie Boys)

04-Beyond The World Destruction (Time Zone vs Indica)

05-The Only Disease I Know (The Charlatans vs Breakbeat Era)

06-She Blinded Me With Wirdo Birdo (Thomas Dolby vs Flyby)

07-Bright Green Color (The Heartthrobs vs PTX vs Onyx)

08-Beat Temptation (DJ Useo Backmask Remix)

09-The Waiting Drop (Cornelius vs Genesis)

10-Date With The Computer Virus (Twilight vs Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

11-Kinky Jingo (Happy Mondays vs Fatboy Slim)

12-Kidney Bingos Zoo (Wire vs Razors Edge)

13-Nights I Dont Miss You (The Shoes vs Psytour)

14-Narcosis Traits (Robyn Hitchcock vs Bill Nelson)

15-Ah Ha Children Of The Sun Ha Ha Haaaa
(The Time & Space Machine vs
Bubbleena vs Alright Matey)

16-Rainbows Awapowa (Modern English vs Activate Morlock)

17-Breathe & Realize (The Flaming Lips vs Prodigy)

18-No Motorcycle (Pete Shelley vs Love And Rockets)

Download 1
Download 2

Here's a 23-minute mix of the whole album
for those who want to check out IP4 first.

Download 1
Download 2

Here's the animated version of the cover-

Monday, August 16, 2010

DJ Useo-Drumminbass long mix

DJ Useo-Drumminbass

Among my listeners that are the most vocal are the drum n bass fans.
This is for them most of all.

01-Logistics – The Trip
02-Return Of Q Project – Champion Sound
03-High Contrast – Return Of Forever
04-Noisia – Brainstich (Break Remix)
05-Cyantific – Reincarnation Dub
06-DJ Fidelity – Bahia Beats
07-Nasty Habits – Here Come The Drums
08-Cyantific – Output (Holdtight Remix)
09-Pascal – P-Funk Era
10-Future Dub Quartet – Brighton Rock
11-Mistabishi – No Matter What
12-DJ Brockie & Ed Solo – Echobox
13-DJ Zinc – 174 Trek
14-Influx Datum – So Sweet
15-Simon Burnett – Dub War
16-Bad Company Uk Feat Rawhill Cru – Mo Fire
17-Ed Rush & Optical – Gro-Bag
18-Spring Street – So So High
19-High Contrast – Return Of Forever
20-Black Canvas – Broken Dreams
21-DJ Crystl – Let It Roll
22-Benny From The Bronx – Brixton Bass
23-Inhaler feat. Christian Burns – Something About You (J.Majik & Wickaman’s Extended Mix)


Big Country vs Kraftwerk

"Trans-Europe Chance" ( Big Country vs Kraftwerk ) 1983 New Wave vs 1977 Electronic. Stream or d/l here - Link