Sunday, January 30, 2011

Excellent Monday (Laurie Anderson vs Peter Gabriel vs New Order)

Here is a mashup I mixed
that people love to dance to.

Download 1
Download 2

Vanilla Fudge-Ticket To Ride (DJ Useo Tasty Remix)

I was listening to the Who's
'I Can See For Miles'
& Vanilla Fudges'
'Ticket To Ride'.

Both are GREAT rock tracks,
but the Who one clearly has
better sound production.

I worked over the VF one
& got it to sound much better,
although still not quite up to the
Who standards.

That Who producer Kit Lambert sure
knew his stuff.
No wonder so many 80's rock producers
aspired to his sound.

Hear my remix update here-

Download 1
Download 2

Friday, January 28, 2011

DJ Useo-Rock Electro Mix (1:18:28)

Time for a killer stomping electro rock set.
See how loud you can stand it.
Many more great DJ mixes on BMBX.

Listen or download my new electro rock mix here-
Useo Mix

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Colt Ford Double A-Side Mashups

Round these parts everbody keeps yelling
SO I made these up & they said
'hey! You messed with them!'.

SO,anyways,here's a double A-Side release
of both new mashups.

Link 1
Link 2

Link 1
Link 2

Do they play music like this in your parts?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hate Mail From Some Flounder

As a posting mashupper,one of the quickest
things I learned is comments are scarce.
When someone writes me they mostly send a
warm remark on something I mixed,
& a thanks.
Negative comments are rare for me.

Once in a while,a nutcase fixates on me
& becomes an internet stalker.
One poor fool that did that to me
before has now returned.
Here's his comment,with
names & profanity censored.

Here's the comment-

You pathetic piece of CENSORED, you absolute low life CENSORED peon CENSORED. I thought I had seen pretty much the worst excess of people disappearing up their own CENSORED that CENSORED had to offer but you take the CENSORED. In fact, you don't just take the biscuit, you take it, smash it into pieces, call it art and then email a bunch of people to come and agree with you because you are so CENSORED desperate for your biscuit related endeavours to recieve some credibility.

You want to know why CENSORED has a rep for the way some people get treated? It's because we don't like CENSORED like you. CENSORED who roll up into a weekend challenge that has been running for over 30 weeks and don't even take a nanosecond to gauge the spirit of the thing. For if you did then you might have noticed it was just a bunch of people CENSORED about with stuff as something to do for a weekend, nothing too serious and definately nothing worth shouting about. CENSORED like you though just see another opportunity to CENSORED yourself around like the CENSORED attention CENSORED that you are and bringing in more votes in a couple of hours than even the biggest runaway winner has gathered in a week.

You don't feel like participating in anymore challenges now that your ridiculous displays have been exposed for the absolute utter acts of unfathomable patheticness that they are? Boo CENSORED Hoo. Here's an idea, why don't you just CENSORED off from CENSORED completely? Mashups are dead. The Forum is CENSORED, killed by CENSORED like you. Not Americans, Not Europeans, just people so up their own CENSORED backside that they are unable to get 'it'. 'it' being the tone, spirit and intent of the community they are visiting. Plenty of people have gotten 'it' over the years. It's not something you can only get if you are a certain age or gender or race or sexuality. It's just something you can only get if you have the slightest bit of empathy, even the teeniest tiny bit and the ability to not take yourself too seriously. Even a pompous CENSORED like CENSORED can get it. If you haven't by this point then chances are you never will. So do yourself a favour and CENSORED off.

While we're talking about people being treated with palpable viciousness...CENSORED, you can CENSORED off too. Who the CENSORED do you think you are? Do you have even the slightest notion of the irony involved in your suggestion that CENSORED be banned because he is ruining something that you enjoy? Did it never occur to you over the past couple of years that the reasons your off topic threads garnered less replies than any others was because you were an insufferable bore? Did anybody ever point this out to you? No. Why? Because we're basically nice people and you weren't doing any harm other than making the off topic forum a far less enjoyable place to visit.

Which is fair enough, I mean it's not like the people in off topic were driven there by the CENSORED like CENSORED who demanded that their glorious creations and news of their spectacular upcoming events moaning about people daring to have conversations about things other than how CENSORED super their CENSORED new mashup was. So we were all rounded up and confined to off topic and then as a final indignity, they throw us you to bore us to CENSORED death with 'hey heres a 21 second outtake from a john waters film performed by a muppet or something' and other hits too numerous to mention.

Did anyone mention it though? Did anyone suggest you tone it down or ask for you to banned because you were boring the CENSORED CENSORED out of us? No we didn't...and so to then have you turn around and suggest that another member of this forum be banned, not only goes against the spirit of the CENSORED forum but is such a CENSORED slap in the face to the people who have silently tolerated you and other irritants over the many years of CENSORED that it was pretty much the last straw for me. The CENSORED worm has turned. There is something rotten in the state of Denmark and it aint CENSORED Johnny.

So as far as I'm concerned, you can CENSORED off with CENSORED to CENSORED or CENSORED or CENSORED I don't give a CENSORED CENSORED anymore. This being CENSORED, some CENSORED apologist will appear in a minute and give it all the 'no but CENSOREDS a good guy really', well CENSORED it. I can't be arsed anymore. CENSORED is a CENSORED and he can CENSORED my CENSORED CENSORED. He might as well learn how to CENSORED a CENSORED CENSORED if all he really wants is acclaim because he's got more chance of getting it with a CENSORED in his CENSORED than with his CENSORED mashups. Don't worry though, you don't need to leave really, i'll leave because I can't stand the CENSORED sight of this place anymore. This just saves the 'hey wheres CENSORED?' posts in six months from now when people realise I've been gone longer than usual.

To those that got it, it's been fun on occasion. Good luck with the rest of your lives.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Another One Bites The Bacon (Vanilla Ice vs Queen)

For years a pal & I have joked
about eating large amounts of bacon.

So when I got the idea for this
mashup,I made some slight adjustments
to the pella with bacon in mind.

Thanks to TROTTERS for inspiration.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3


Hiya There-
Yup! It's actually another INTENSE PSYCHEDELIA
mashup collection from me.
Number 4 was going to be the last,
but the vibe was right for more.
& the new tracks just flowed like water.

Complete 180 Mb file here-
Link 1

& here-
Link 2

Mixes for demonstration purposes only.

Thanks to Andy_S for the awesome cover.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Touch Me Rebel Bang Moon' (Edo B & the Melody Maker vs Mark Ronson & The Business Intl vs Billy Idol vs Sonic Cube)

I actually entered the GYBO weekend challenge again!
My entry is called ''Touch Me Rebel Bang Moon'
(Edo B & the Melody Maker vs Mark Ronson &
The Business Intl vs Billy Idol vs Sonic Cube)

Download 1
Download 2

Vote for me here-

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mashups As Heard On The Qradips Show w/ DJ Useo

From The Desk Of DJ Konrad Useo

Hello Peeps-
As you (should) know,
I host the world's craziest mashup radio
show Tuesdays on Sound-Unsound Radio.

It's called The Qradips Show w/ DJ Useo
with the word 'qradip' meaning 'mashup',
employing an old American Indian word
that translates as 'combined smoke signals'.

The show has thrived & is currently at
episode 71.I've not had any probs
locating enough 'off kilter' mashups
to fill each show,& I expect to continue for
some time,or until the men in the white coats
finally net me.

Here's a link for the latest complete show-
& look for past shows posted here-
I hope you tell your friends about the show & this collection.
Thanks for your attention.
-DJ Konrad Useo

Link 1
Link 2

Sunday, January 9, 2011

GYBO Weekend Challenge XXXI - New Years Edition - 2 Tracks

is sponsoring a series of
weekend mashup challenges
of which I won a bout already
& can claim the GYBO title of

The winner of the bout I established
has started the next round.

GYBO Weekend Challenge XXXI - New Years Edition

Not-I chose the tracks to be mixed with &
I made up these 2 entries.
If yer a GYBO member,
consider giving me your vote.
Thank you very much.

Remote Vibe (Afrika Bambaataa f/ King Kamonzi vs David Van Tieghem)



I hope you enjoy.
It's really weird mixing from what others choose,
& on such a short deadline.

#163 Ramdom Thoughts – mashups & remixes DJ Useo Guest Host

Scott Johnson & the premiere
mashup & remix podcast
has again allowed me to
sit in at the helm
of the show & play
you a batch of new bootleg mixes.

Please remember to sign up for
the RAMDOM THOUGHTS podcast.
It will load automatically
when each new show is released.
Scott does a finestkind mashup
show every time.

#163 Ramdom Thoughts – mashups & remixes

DJ Useo – Breaking Into Cars Not Seen On The Radio
(The Raveonettes vs Deficient)
DJ Earworm – Like OMG, Baby
(Capital FM Summertime Ball Mashup)
(15 asst artists vs DJ Earworm)
Hulk Mash – Invaders Must Dynamite
(Taio Cruz vs The Prodigy)
CjR Mix – Narcotic Pink Shit Heart
(Netsky vs Marilyn Manson vs Narcotic Thrust vs Pink)
Ke$ha – Tik Tok (Love at first Sight)(S.I.R. Remix)
DJ Clivester – I Like Flex
(Enrique Iglesias vs Dizzie Rascal)
Dylan Vasey – It Kickstarts The Way You Are
(Example vs Bruno Mars)
Bynar – Land Of Intriguing Words
(Scissor Sisters vs Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross)
Chocomang – King Of The Divan
(The Veronicas vs Plastic Bertrand)
DJ Morgoth – Lifeline Princess
(Spin Doctors vs Papa Roach)
Fissunix – Starlight Traffic
(Jimi Hendrix vs The Supermen Lovers)
Mashed & Confused – One Of Those Killers
(The Eagles vs Neil Young)
Rillen Rudi-Black Fat Lips
(Sum 41 vs AC/DC)
DJ MashUP – The Middle Girlfriend
(Jimmy Eat World vs Avril Lavigne)
BRAT Mashup – I Am The Mashup
(The Beatles vs Daniel Barassi)
PataMixical Science – Rain On Us
(The Beatles vs The Beatles)
Voicedude – Double Rick Rolled
(Rick Springfield vs Rick Astley)
DJ Frogg – Le Vent Nous Portera La Membrane
(Noir Desir vs Cypress Hill vs Punjabi MC)
Colatron – Dressed To Fight
(Elton John vs Boy Crisis vs Fight Club)

listen,or download file here-

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Culture Bully Presents: 2010 Mashed

The sophisticated & savvy music site
Link 1
Have for the 3rd year released a
finestkind new bootleg collection.

'Culture Bully Presents: 2010 Mashed'
features 10 great tracks from the likes of
Lobsterdust,Schmolli,Totom,& yours truly,
among many more.

Culture Bully Presents: 2010 Mashed

#1) lobsterdust “Shutterbug Yrslf”
(Big Boi vs LCD Soundsystem)

#2) Go Periscope “Black & Yellow”
(Wiz Khalifa vs Alphaville)

#3) DJ Real Juicy “I’m the Shit”
(Gucci Mane vs Rusko)

#4) Mover Shaker “Walking on Celestica”
(Crystal Castles vs Empire of the Sun)

#5) Slaptop “Animus Vox”
(Nelly Furtado vs Ludacris vs The Glitch Mob)

#6) ToToM “XXXO on the Dock of the Bay”
(M.I.A. vs Otis Redding)

#7) G3RSt “You Oughta Know Danger”
(Slash feat. Fergie vs Alanis Morissette)

#8) lobsterdust “G6 Kids”
(Far East Movement vs MGMT)

#9) DJ Useo “I Like It Chime”
(Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull vs Orbital)

#10) DJ Schmolli “Airplanes Countdown”
(B.o.B. feat. Haley Williams vs Europe)

Find your copy here-
Link 2

Channel Mix Experimental Complete

dj useo-channel mix experimental complete
(3:47:31) (260.7 mB)

This is the complete long version of the 3
shorter mixes I did on
as broadcast on SUS Radio


a-channel x

01-Mike Ewanus-Real Music
02-Wobbly-3 Sex Tunes:Eggs,Baby,Feelings
03-Dictionaraoke-Oops...I Did It Again
(M-Sli(c)k da Ninja Mix)
04-Workshoppe Radiophonik-Jinglephonics 15
05-Stark Effect-The Beating Goes On
06-The Former Yugoslavia-Bores The Unhurt Folk
07-Bonefish Sam & His Power Orchestra-
Every Toy I've Ever Owned
08-(c)(P)ee-Jungie Jungie
09-The Button/Beatles-Blue Jay Way
10-Tim Maloney-Closer (Nine Inch Muzak)
13-Steev Hise-Ferrante,Zeppelin & Teicher
14-Bionic Cats-Tonights The Night (Live Version)
15-Stop Children-Medicine Head
16-Project:Data Control-Meltdown
17-Irene Moon-Floraladehyde (Extract)
18-Siegfried Wendel-Thats The Berlin Air
(Circa 1880)
19-Antideluvian Rocking Horse-Da Danger Music
20-White Virus-Venetian Snares Megamix
21-Loathing Robots-Noise Consists Of Random
Frequencies Heard At The Same Time
22-Steve Fisk-Break On Through
23-M.A.Numminen-Wovon Mann Nicht Sprechen
Kann Daruber Muss Mann
24-Jan Van Den Dobblesteen-Don't Look Back
26-Meat-Battery Acid

b-channel y?

01-Maja Ratkjie-Intro
02-DJ DQ-Where The Sidewalk Begins,PA
04-Fudgie & Fufu-God Bless America,Especially
05-People Like Us-Stifled Love
06-Evolution Control Committee-Bred,White & Woo
07-Kevin Moore-Intro/It Goes Something Like...
08-Mochipet-Yes vs.No Means No
09-Scret Cheifs 3 (Sic)-Jabalqa/Sabarsa
(Blaerg Remix)
10-Chuck Palahniuk-Choke,Pt.1
12-Pantera-Metal Magic
13-Emu Orchestra-Session 1 On July 5,2002
14-Sound Freaks-Ain't No Fun At All
15-XNET-Flash Kommisar Crash
16-We Lives-C'Mon C'Mon
17-Master Of The Uni-Hurz
18-Los Samplers-Mambo Brilliante
20-John Brion-Row
22-Donna Summer-Paintball Wizard
23-Bikini Machine-Who's Gon'na Make It?
24-John Oswald-Angle
25-Treacherous Three-New Rap Language
26-!!!-The Step
27-MC Chris-DQ Blizzard-
28-Stephen Fearing-Like The Way That You Said
29-Christoph de Babalon-Appetite 4 Destruction
30-Archie Bell & The Drells-Tighten Up
31-David Holmes-Head Rush On Lafayette
32-Ashley MacIsaac-Sleepy Maggie
33-Venetian Snares-Make Ronnie Rocket
34-Citizen King-Jalopy Style
36-Skeeter-Blodclot Gangsta Youth Club
37-Buck 65-Keep Your Hand Off My Girl

c-channel zee

01-Alfred Wolfson-Vox Humana
02-The Cranial Fishers-Escape
03-Spo-Its-All Radio Is Dead
04-Robin Goldwater w/ They Might Be Giants-
I Hear A New World
06-Rob,Andy & Tom-Death By Gravy
07-Isnasakenai Douji-Sticklebrick
08-Skkatter-Dirty Pop
09-Naked Rabbit-Thunderclock
10-Evolution Control Committee-
The Subatomic Opera
11-Evolution Control Committee-
Ping Poing Percussion Power Party
12-Workshoppe Radio Phonik-Time Jams '84
13-Trotters-Ice Ice Bacon
14-Myriam Bessette-Mutation
15-DJ Stoic-Antimashup
16-The Faint-Take Me To The Hospital
17-The Klangers-Spacemen Smoke Spliffs
18-That WQ Girl-Shuffle Off To Bob-O-Lo
19-Tipsy-Space Golf
20-My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult-
Blue Buddha
21-The Butthead Astronomers-Hip-O-Crit
22-Negativland-The Greatest Taste Around
23-Eilart Pilarm-In The Ghetto
24-Half Japanese-Tracks Of My Tears
25-Mark N-I Love Faeces
26-Peyr-Killer Boogie
27-Digital Droo-Monkey Developers
28-Smith 'n' Hack-Tribute b3 1Mi
(aka Scratch Your Ass Off)
29-'uncredited'-Radio Remix VI
30-Siouxzie Wrong-Cakewalk
31-Presto & Spartanite-The Walton Hop Disco
32-Ciccone Youth-Into The Groove-Y
33-Klaus Nomi-Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Dead!
34-Hard Off-Destroy Shit Tracks
35-Donovan's Brain-Derailment
36-Skip Found Teli & MPI-Panty Boiler
37-The Krankies-It's Fan-Fabi-Dozi
38-Todd Bramy-Henry & Rita


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Beatles vs Queen vs Gary Numan

The Beatles vs Queen vs Gary Numan

The Beatles-Blue Jay Way
The Queen-Play The Game
The Gary Of Numans-Airplane
The The-Strangely Absent
Sammy Davis,Jr-Not In This Track
Captain Beefheart-Me Neither


Klaus Nomi vs Ciccone Youth

Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Groove-y! (Klaus Nomi vs Ciccone Youth)

Klaus Nomi-Ding! Dong!
The Witch Is Dead
Ciccone Youth-Into The Groove-y

Have fun with it in your head.

Download 1
Download 2

Big Country vs Kraftwerk

"Trans-Europe Chance" ( Big Country vs Kraftwerk ) 1983 New Wave vs 1977 Electronic. Stream or d/l here - Link