Sunday, March 29, 2009

Close Scrape (Metal Mix 2) (41:53) (34 Tracks)

Here's a mix I made some 2 years ago
& never posted.
I eq-ed it again & here you are.

DJ Useo-Close Scrape (Metal Mix 2)
(41:53) (34 Tracks)
02-Mongoloid Gnome-Black Metal
03-Rigor Mortis-Welcome To Your Funeral
04-The Legion Of Doom-Ebola In Memphis (u-r)
06-Stone Sour-Get Inside
08-Vexed-Nuclear Babylon
09-Majestic-Losers Shades Of Hell
10-Sieges Even-Rise & Shine
11-Tears Of Anger-In The Shadows
12-Theriomorphic-Silent Moon
13-Black Dahlia Murder-Built For Sin
14-Sinister-The Grey Massacre
15-Norther-Throwing My Life Away
16-Operation Winter Mist-Divine Wind
17-Enter My Silence-Spin
18-Everlost-Driven By The Phantom Pain
20-Beautiful Creatures-Superfly
21-Masterplan-Crimson Rider
22-Seven Witches-Pounding Metal
23-Edge Of Sanity-Crimson
25-Misery Inc-Hymn For Life
26-Fairyland-Ride With The Sun
27-Bolt Thrower-Entrenched
29-Geezer Butler-Alone
30-Black Steel-Annihilate
31-Lordi-The Deadite Girls Go Wild
32-Warmen-Accept The Fact
33-Electric Wizard-Eko Eko Azarak
34-Pop Will Eat Itself-Wake Up! Time To Die!

Sorry...the link has bitten through
it's chain & escaped.
New link soon.Hehe...

Feelin' Ravee (Live Mix) (38:40)

This is a live mix I did on virtual dj
& broadcast over SUS Wadio.

DJ Useo-Feelin' Ravee (Mix)


a.Ducks Sailing (Act of Dog) Lemon Jelly vs Orinoco Flow
b.Crazy Girls (DJMaXEntropy) Buck Cherry vs The Prodigy
c.Jack Your Moby (KrazyBen)
d.25 Raves (Eddie Pedalo) As'st
e.Everybody Be Happy (El Barto& Liam B) The Prodigy vs Bobby McFerrin
f.Rave Invaders (Invaders Must Die!! hXc Kitta rmx)
The Prodigy vs Prodge vs glitches
g.Ebenezer Dominator (DJ Useo) The Shamen vs Human Resource
h.Charly the Cat El Barto & Liam B
i.Bingo Nun (DJ Useo) Basement Jaxx vs Green Nuns of the Revolution



Thursday, March 26, 2009

DJ Useo Music For Maniacs Tribute Podcast

The DJ Useo Music For Maniacs Podcast Tribute

Thanks to the fine folks at

01-I Wan'na Be Your Dog- The 7 Stooges
02-Rat Fink- Allan Sherman
03-More Than A Feeling - Dondero High School
04-I Hate Banks - Mojo Nixon
05-Be Nice - Fry & Laurie
06-Embetterment Ingrinable - The George Bush Singers
07-Polly Wolly Doodle - Burl Ives
08-Dr. Seuss - Fox in Socks - Walt Kelly
09-Jazz Deliciously Sampled (The Bonzos vs Norman Cook) - DJ Useo
10-Crescent Fresh - The Sifl & Olly Show
11-Antidance (Vocal) - Mr.Mee
12-Batman and His Grandmother - Dickie Goodman
13-I Wan'na Be Sedated - Two Tons Of Steel
14-Are You Middle Class Enough? - The Dog Police
15-No Feelings - Bananarama
16-Living In The 50's (Once More) - The Android Sisters
17-The Sickly Sweet Odour Of Old Rotting Teeth - Jonathan King
18-Voodoo Banter Rap - M.C. Python (aka The Geez)
19-Hey Rocky - Boris Badenough
20-Polka Power ('99) - Weird Al Yankovic
21-Badinerie (from the Suite in B minor) - Swingle Singers
22-Keep Your Knees Together Daughter - Madame Mame
23-Plexiglass Toilet - Styx
24-I Walk The Line - Rick Powell
25-We're Off To Go A'Whippeting - National Whippeter
26-Musical Evolution - Josie & The Pussycats
27-Wonderbread - Jobs For America
28-The Man With The Golden Winkie - Grumpy & Lumpy
29-Guess I'm Falling Into Bubbles - RIAA


Bonus links-
Download 1
Download 2

Saturday, March 21, 2009

BEAUTIFUL BOOTS:The Beautiful Mashup Collection

Please to be enjoying this
new collection of lovely bootlegs.
We did them to please you.

Beautiful Boots:The Beautiful Mashup Album
01-L'Éternel Enfant Roi (Qubic)
L'Enfant Roi vs Yello

02-In Crockett's Mekanik Tonight (Alpha1999)
Phil Collins vs Jan Hammer vs Bass Mekanik

03-Ocean Drums Sunrise (DJ Newlight)
Jerry Ropero & Michael Simon Feat.
Kathy Brown vs DJ Sledge Hammer & Chris Da House

04-I Know Break Of Dawn (DJ Useo)
Hybrid vs Mojib

05-Walk This Blacker Than Planetaria Land (Sfreeman)
4Hero vs EZ-
Rollers vs Gill Scott Heron

06-Night Without A Face (Alpha1999)
Billy Idol vs Deep Forest

07-Listen To Your Heart (DJ Useo Remix)

08-Another Day In AA With XXX (Sfreeman)
Peaches vs Dragonette

09-Atomic Girl (Alpha1999)
Blondie vs David Bowie

10-Oíche Suaimhneach, Fir Caoin (Qubic)
Mediaeval Baebesi vs Loreena McKennitt

11-Natural Freedom (DJ Useo)
Shiva vs Eberhard Schoener w/The Police

12-Why R U The Most Beautiful (Alpha1999)
Carly Simon vs Prince

13-Welcome To The Unknown (Sfreeman)
JD,P Diddy,Snoop,Lunatics vs The Unknown

14-I Want Good Times (Alpha1999)
Queen vs Chic

15-Once Upon A Time Release Me (DJ Useo)
The Ancients vs Moss & Szade
F/ Audrey Valorzi

16-The Look Of A Trouper (Alpha1999)
Abba vs ABC

17-Do You Know (The Psycho Trip Song) (DJ Useo)
Enrique Iglesias vs Prisma

18-Take Me To The House Above (DJ Newlight)
LMC vs U2 vs Jürgen Dee Vs Axel S

Mirror 1-
Link 1

Thursday, March 19, 2009

They Might Be Giants Whistling in the Dark (DJ Useo Remix)

A fan of The Qradips Show w/ DJ Useo
asked me to mix on this track,
I was happy to.

link 1link 2

Sunday, March 15, 2009


graciously allowed me to guest host
his outstanding show.

Here's a look at the playlist-

Ramdom Thoughts #140 : DJ Useo playlist
01-DJ Zebra-Mission Sabotage (Beastie Boys vs. Lalo Schiffrin)
from 'Zebra Fait Son Cinema'
02-DJ BC-Ziggy's Lullabye (David Bowie vs Shawn Mullins vs The Beatles)
from 'Ziggy Stardust Remixed'
03-Alpha1999-In Crockett's Mekanik Tonight
from 'My First, My Last, My (Almost) Everything'
04-Hahnstudios-Mehr Geld Für Millionäre (Millionär vs. Dire Straits)
from 'Die Prinzen - Das Mashup Album'
05-10000Spoons-White Lines on the Ceiling (Grandmaster Flash vs
from 'A Boot Up The Eighties'
06-DJ Earworm-Gimme Freaks (Rolling Stones vs. Moguai & Tocadisco
from 'Earworm Electro Volume 1'
07-Tone396-I Can See The Free World
from 'Stuff & Nonsense Vol-1'
08-Yigytugd-Cash Dirty, Dirty Cash (Big Bang vs. Big Bang)
from 'Yigytugd Presents Cultural Shock: Big Bang Edition'
09-DJ MashUP-Burnin Wonder(Maroon 5 vs Jonas Brothers)
from 'Mashed Hearts - Breakup Mashes - Valentines Mixtape 2009'
10-DJ Real Juicy-Day N Hypnotize (Plies feat. Akon vs. Kid Cudi
from 'Culture Bully Presents 2008: Mashed'
11-Sfreeman-The Rave Is On Fire (Bassboy vs Johny l vs Hoovermore
from 'Fidget Freeman'
12-Atom-Cold Colors Fix Your Soul
from 'Café Del Mash Volume One'
13-Tizwarz-Apologize Then Spank Me
from 'Hits Of Tiz'
14-Oasis-Wonderwall (LDM's Dry Stone Remix)
from 'Medicine Eyes - LeeDM101 (2006-2008)
15-DJ Morgoth-Enjoy The Message (Radio Version) [Depeche Mode vs.
from 'New Wave Of German Heavy Mashup Tour'
16-DJ Useo-Pussycat Get Around (d3 d4 vs Oakenfold f/ Brittany Murphy)
from 'Contact-For Demonstration Purposes Only'
17-The Who Boys-Sgt Java (The Who Boys vs The Beates)(+)
from 'Now That's What I Call The Who Boys!'
18-ToTom-Lil' Rockawayne Beach (The Ramones vs Lil' Wayne & T-Pain)
from 'Bootwards 2 : Mash Up Side Down'
19-Pilchard-Macamuppet (The Doors vs Macarena vs The Muppets)
from 'Losing Weight & Pub Debates'

GO to


to hear the show & sign up for free
future episodes.It only takes a click.

Mean Mr. Mustard (DJ Useo Remix)

It's a variation in 3 sections.
The left channel remixed.
then both channels looped.
then the right channel remixed.
Plays well in surround sound.

This track got a thumbs' up
from a visiting Beatles' fan.

link 1
link 2

Love Me Quad (The Beatles vs Klubbdriver)

Love me do vs quadrophonia.
It is the music,no?
People already tell me 'no'.

link 1
link 2

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Doors vs U2

People are strange vs vertigo
vs 2 other guys.
If you are of a mind to,

link 1link 2

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beatles vs Depeche Mode

The recent Beatles Remixers Forum
challenge track is
'I've Got A Feeling'.

Here,I've added
Depeche Modes' 'I Feel Loved'.

I really like the way the challenge makes me
try hard.
I get quite a different track than if
you turn me loose.

link 1
link 2

Monday, March 2, 2009

Techzilla Rocks Mashup Podcast

Here's my new podcast.It's all rock mashups.
Look for my unreleased steppenwolf exclusive track.

DJ Useo
Techzilla Rocks Mashups
Podcast Playlist


01-DJ Useo-Eden Butterfly (Peter Gabriel vs Iron Butterfly)
02-Go Home Productions-Essex Doves (David Essex vs Doves)
03-Smash-Like Woodstock (Joni Mitchell vs Soundgarden)
04-Smash-Sanctuary's Over (Butch Vig Mix)
(Doors vs The Cult)
05-Ccc-I Want A Spirit Machine
(Beatles vs David Essex vs Goldfrappe)
06-Ultra396-Beastie Blitz (Beastie Boys vs Sweet)
07-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-DJ Useo-Born To Be Underground
(Steppenwolf vs Mouloud & The Sonic Destruction)
(Plain Version)
08-Soundhog-A Day In Tracy's Life
(Beatles vs Mogwai vs Kid Loco)
09-Go Home Productions-Work It Out With A Sexy Lady
(Beyonce vs Jimi Hendrix)
10-Soundwasta-Let It Be Me (Shaggy vs The Beatles)
11-Lionel Vinyl-Owner Of A Lonely Butt
(Yes vs Sir Mix-A-Lot)
12-DJ Prince-Hey We Will Rock Ya (Queen vs Outkast)
13-DJ Useo-Tainted Floyd (Soft Cell vs Pink Floyd)
14-Criz Rock-Smoke On The Music Mix 2
(Madonna vs Deep Purple)
15-Matt Hite-We Will Rock You (Joan Jett vs Queen)
16-mGee-Intergalactic (Time Complex)
(Steve Miller Band vs Beastie Boys)
17-Voicedude-My Girl Walks This Way
(The Temptations vs Aerosmith)
18-Dinbot-Breathe On (Frou Frou vs Led Zeppelin)
19-Party Ben-Drop It Like it's A Whole Lot'ta love
(Snoop Dogg vs Led Zeppelin)


Found here-

Download 1

Download 2

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Because Eleanor (Beatles vs Beatles)

This was made for the
Beatles Remixers Forum
episode of the Qradips Show
on SUS Wadio.

Response has dictated a single release.
It's Beatles on Beatles.
& so forth.
:) :)

link 1
link 2

Big Country vs Kraftwerk

"Trans-Europe Chance" ( Big Country vs Kraftwerk ) 1983 New Wave vs 1977 Electronic. Stream or d/l here - Link