Monday, October 26, 2009

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Mongoloid Gnome vs National Whippeter - 2 Tracks!!!

Here's a 2009 remix of my 2006 hit track
Black Metal Introduction
(Mongoloid Gnome vs National Whippeter)

People seem to really like it.
The original is version on the album
FRIKKENFRACK:Useo's Strangest Boots.

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target="_blank">Link 2

Now here's an all-new b-side
using the same artists.
We're Off To Go A' Metaling
(Mongoloid Gnome vs National Whippeter)
All mixed with your interests in mind.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

CowHulk (Scott Goddard vs Base Graffiti)

This sucker is 100%
all-Scott Goddard
(well,40% maybe)
doing Cowpunk,

& the rest is a
healthy serving of
Base Grafitti's Hulk.

direct link here-
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DJ Useo-Halloween ep 2009

DJ Useo-Halloween ep 2009
01-Bloody Pain
(Bloody Beetroots vs Dinosaur Jr)
02-Insanity Sorceress
(Disturbed vs In Trance)
03-Raining Mountain King Blood
(Slayer vs Big Brother
& The Holding Company)
04-Black Crowley
(Ozzy Osbourne vs Frank Zappa)
05-X-Files Sun
(Soundgarden vs Mark Snow)
06-Roadkill Scared
(The Horseflies vs Young Nutz)
07-I Want My Bitch Back
(Jimmy Cross vs Ludacris vs
Dub Mechanics vs Sneaky)
08-Forbidden Witch
(The Sonics vs Disco Volante)
09-Halloween Fear
(Lily Allen vs John Carpenter)
10-Outer Limits Project
(F11 Project vs Dominic Frontiere)
11-Multiprey Boogie Monster
(Armand Van Helden vs Frozen Ghost)
12-Who's Afraid Of The Thing
(Phil Harris vs John Roman)
13-Wham Bam Terror
(Les Baxter vs DJs Team vs. Wicked DJs)

link 1

link 2

Friday, October 16, 2009

Day Of The Podcast - All New Mashups Show

Here's a new podcast with all new mashups by many of the best posting.
Thanks to the mixers & artists.

Day Of The Podcast w/ DJ Useo


01-DJ Newlight-Popiholla Catch (Kosheen vs Chicane)
02-Soulsearcher- Can't Get Enough (Winkar Lopez Remix)
03-DJ Moule-Heard My Way Through The 80's (Calvin Harris vs
Marvin Gaye Vs Lenny Kravitz)
04-Party Ben-Satisfaction Skank (Party Ben's version)
(Rolling Stones vs Fatboy Slim)
05-Marc Johnce-Automatic Divine (Sebastien Tellier vs
Jay Jay Johanson vs Roger Sanchez f/ Lisa Pure)
06-Fidget Freeman-Mad Freak Run Y'all (Jackinori vs Scott Cooper)
07-DJ Spider-Release Lola (Shapeshifters vs. Agnes)
08-DJ Magnet-Hives Wedding (Billy Idol vs the Hives vs Martin Solveig)
09-The Homogenicchaos-Boy! You Know The Love On My Mind
(Freemasons vs Alanis Morrisette vs Beyonce vs David Guetta vs Everlast)
10-DJ Morgoth-Du Hast Mich Again (The Chemical Brothers vs. Rammstein)
11-Guv'Nor-Beastie Beats (Beastie Boys vs Chemical Brothers)
12-DJ Useo-Balls In The Air (The Metal Pixies vs Na-Goyah)
13-ToTom-Smells like 2 Songs (Nirvana vs Blur)
14-Voicedude-Disco Burning (Extended Version)
15-DJ Earworm-Beautiful Mashup (Sean Kingston vs DJ Earworm)
16-DJ Le Clown-Middle Of The Line (Gainsbourg vs The Dodoz)
17-mARKYbOY-Stop! In the Name of Heartache (Bonnie Tyler vs Supremes)
18-DJ Useo-Make Me Suffer (Tears For Fears vs Daz The Dominant)

Download 1
Download 2

UseoCore-Electro Mix

Here's my new electro mix done live & really quite mixed.
Only a small amount of singing in it,& none by me.

DJ Useo - UseoCore

01-Foamo – Movin’ It Over Here
(Original Mix)
02-Lambda – Hold On Tight
(Dabruck & Klein Remix)
03-Bass Weazal – Weazal’s
Love Bob Marley
04-Cyberpunkers – Is Alternative
(Uppermost Remix)
05-Electro Shock – Olaf Van Crazy
(Orginal Mix)
06-Gigi Barocco – Rowdy Jack
(The Deficient Remix)
07-Marc De Siau – This Is Tecktonik
(DJ ZAM Re-Edit Remix)
08-Disco Dice – The letter
(Popmuschi Club Mix)
09-Fanatic and Jaimie – Radio Speaker
(Original Mix)
10-Calvertron & Kieran Brindley – Stumble
(Rustler Remix)
11-James Le Freak Feat Jenny Dalton –
Circles (Discobots Remix)
12-Max Creative & Dj Cross – Rock This
(Spartaque Remix)
13-Heiko & Maiko – Mad World (Club Mix)
14-C-BooL & TAITO feat. Rommie S –
Better Place (Original Mix)
15-Express Of Sound – Real Vibration 2009
(Johnny Max Remix)
16-Buzz Junkies – Sandstorm 2009
(Club Mix)

It's available with many other excellent mixes here-


The BMBX site hosts many great mixers like
Briscoe,Mr Wyse,Lenodd,Bong,Benchmark
& many more.
There's a small forum in case you crave mix discussion.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Releases Soon! YeeHaw!

Many new mixes are reaching fruition
you know what that means.


First up is the
DJ Useo Double Secret Album.
Cover sneak peek here-

Then get ready for fear with the
DJ Useo-Halloween ep 2009
You'll have goosebumps like never before!

Than in the next month,
it's the big gun!
IT IS 2 LAFF the funny mashup album
This 2009 all-new release is a
sequel to last year's

Many well-known mixers are on this baby
all under fake names.

See you back here soon for these!
See,I really like you.
:) Spa Fon!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nothing Too Mash (The Fireman vs Audialize)

I went into this mix with a strong desire
to use a blues track.Something I hadn't done before.
I am really digging the results.
I hope you find it hot as a potato!

Nothing Too Mash (The Fireman vs Audialize)

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target="_blank">Download 2

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tom Jones vs Snap vs R.E.M.

  "Radio Free Unusual" ( Tom Jones vs Snap vs R.E.M. ) It's Not Unusual vs Rhythm Is A Dancer vs Radio Free Europe. Stream or ...