Monday, November 8, 2010

Frikkenfrack 3:DJ Useos Strangest Boots

Here's the latest collection of
weirdo mashups from me.
Thanks for asking for more!
12 of these are previously unreleased.

DJ Useo-Frikkenfrack 3:DJ Useos Strangest Boots
01-Aint It Quacky
(Jennifer Lopez f_ Ja Rule vs Duck Music)

02-Creepy Booty
(Dana Swanson And Nick Ingkatanuwat
vs Boltan vs Mightyfools)

03-Surfin Noize
(The Trashmen vs Antoine Clamaran Pres. Differe)

04-Finally Captain Kangaroo
(Glaze Of Cathexis vs
Ukelele Orchestra Of Great Britain)

(Scott Goddard vs Base Graffiti)

06-In It For The New Season
(Captain Hardcore & Sony Stillwater
vs Starjackers f/ Nadia K)

07-Drive-By Fossils
(MC Hawking vs V-Sag & Andrew K)

08-You'll Be In Life
(Ken Nordine vs George Harrison)

09-Wonderful Poison
(Johnny Mathis vs Praga Khan)

10-Honky Tonk Fragle
(Hillbilly Stringpickers vs Le Talium)

11-You Know My Mechanical Man
(Beatles vs Devo)

12-X-Stasi Cats
(Barnes & Barnes vs Sugirumn)

13-Crazy Balls
(South Park's Chef vs Team Radio)

14-Oi! Its So Pogo
(2 Live Jews vs Digitalism)

15-Balls In The Air
(The Metal Pixies vs Na-Goyah)

16-Techno Fool
(Connie Francis vs Martin Schulte)

17-Art Of Perez
(Art Of Noise vs Perez Prado)

18-No Cowboy No Cry
(Bob Marley vs The Beatles)

19-Were Off To Go A Metaling
(Mongoloid Gnome vs National Whippeter)

20-James & Wooster
(Rick James vs Anne Dudley)

21-The I Believe Polka
(Cher vs unknown polka band)

22-Fatogether Slim
(The Beatles vs Fatboy Slim)

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