Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SUMMER BOOTY 2011-The Summer Mashup Album

Here is the album where mashers
through the tracks they mix.

Amazingly it's the 5th anniversary
of this collection!

Biggest congrats & praise to
all involved.
I am well impressed.

Here's a super site devoted to the comp
with single track links,
and all three full files at 256 kbps.


Mirror links continue under each back cover below.

Disc One 296 kbps-
Disc 1

Disc Two 296 kbps-
Disc 2

Disc Three 296 kbps-
Disc 3


solcofn said...


Up on my blog and varies other social networks!


DJ Useo said...

Thanks, it was a hoot having you on the record, I always enjoy your work so much. Cheers!

Spider said...

The soundtrack to my summer is here! I've posted on my FB pages and my home page!

Thanks for the inclusion and well done to all involved and a great job, as usual!

High Voltage said...

Would love to know what Mos Def track Topcat used for "Summertime in the City".

DJ Useo said...

Spider-Yer the best!Cheers!

High Voltage-It's a track from Black on both sides.I forget the title.'cause it's Summer!
Glad you listened & liked.
We had fun!

bob said...

Any chance for reupload?

DJ Useo said...

Hey Bob-Sure thing.I'll have replaced the multiupload links by this evening.
btw-the summer links & the 4shared links are still working.The 4shared allows you to grab them all as single tracks,zip files of all or even a working torrent.Sweet,eh?

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