Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ramdom Thoughts 107- w/DJ Useo

I was recently gifted with the opportunity to guest-host
Scott Thompson's popular mashup/remix podcast-Ramdom Thoughts.
Response was good,so look forward soon to another with me hosting.

This episode features tracks by bootleggers not currently
on the scene.If you like their tracks,write & ask them to make more.

Ramdom Thoughts 107 - DJ Useo
01-DJ Gumby-Green Day Stew Or 6 To 4
(Green Day vs Chicago)

02-Ultimo-Up The Glitterbeat (KLF vs Gary Glitter)

03-Dsico-Two Turntables Are Ice (Beck vs Ice T)

04-Smash-Wild Rock Music
(Madonna vs Steppenwolf vs Apollo 440 vs Ike & Tina Turner)

05-Cropstar-Vine's Got A Temper (Prodigy vs The Vines)

06-Jirob-Where's Your Talking Head At?
(Talking Heads vs Basement Jaxx)

07-JPL-Stuck In The Middle With Vanity
(Stealers Wheel vs Vanity 6)

08-Empire State Human-Roxy (Put On The Red Light)
(Laurel Aitken vs Fat Truckers)

09-Pictures Of Gangsta Love
(Status Quo vs Eve f/Alicia Keyes)

10-MixMasterMac-Pictures Of Gangsta Love
(Status Quo vs Eve f/Alicia Keyes)

11-Rolo The Trucker-Lemon Head
(Gary Jules vs Lemon Jelly vs Portishead)

12-The Father (aka Soundwasta)-Recycling (A Capellas)
(As'st/including Madonna,Nirvana,Incubus,Basement Jaxx,Mousse T)

13-Mgee-Intergalactic (Time Complex)
(Beastie Boys vs Steve Miller Band)

14-Dinbot-Hot Buttered Bizkits (Limp Bizkit vs Hot Butter)

15-Osymyso-California Nightmare
(Mama's & The Papa's vs Micronauts)

16-Hideous Wheel Invention-Too Sexy For My Roy
(Prodigy vs Right Said Fred vs White Stripes vs YMO)

17-Tristan Shout-We Are All Made Of Dead Stars
(Moby vs Covenant)

18-STvD-Blacksmiths (Smiths vs Blackstreet)

19-Metamix-Music On Ecstasy
(Madonna vs Lesbians On Ecstasy)

20-FBS Threads-Music Sounds Better With My Satisfaction
(Stardust vs Benny Benassi)

21-Mr. Fister-Baby Got A Secret
(Prodigy vs Queens Of The Stone Age)

22-DJ Hustler-Groove Is In The Hand That Feeds
(Dee-lite vs NIN)

23-Mr.Wig-Coochie Excuse (Soulwax vs Princess Superstar)

24-Drop FiftyOne-Nowhere To Ooh La Lah
(Wiseguys vs Martha Reeves)

25-DJ Godzilla-D.Mode Megamix


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The Qradips Show 2 -off kilter mashups

The Qradips Show w/DJ Useo 2


01-Go Home Productions-Kaw Liga X
(Residents vs Liberty X)

02-DJ Paul V-ElectromagneticWords(v2)
(Chicks On Speed vs Freeform Five
03-Highcue-Ganja Aromatherapy Over Baghdad Survivor
(Destiny's Child vs Adam Freeland vs Outkast vs Benji)

04-Hoagiekat-Blue Yaka (M-Beat vs Blue Peter)

05-Lenlow-Kanye Mahna (Kanye West vs Cake)

06-Tick-A Fifth Of Rump (Beastie Boys vs Walter Murphy)

07-A Plus D-Beethoven's Fifth Gold Digger(tweaked)
(Kanye West vs Walter Murphy)

08-Soobrosa-Dynamic Duo-The Billkillies Goes Coast To Coast
(Tomoyasu Hotel vs Family Affair & Bad Intentions)

09-Irn Minky-Ordinary Trousers (Ordinary Boys vs Madness)

10-Being For The Benefit of Mr. K.I.T.T
(Beatles vs Knight Rider 'Theme')

11-Voicedude-Everybody's Free On Brokeback Mountain
(Quindon Tarver Vs. Gustavo Santaolalla )

12-DJ Paysano-Sue Me If My Big Yellow Taxi Goes Too Fast
(Joni Mitchell vs Prince)

13-Excelents-Gentle On My Ballroom Blitz
(Glen Campbell vs Sweet)

14-MP3J-DiscoDuckLove (v2)
(Beatles vs Rick Dees & His Cast Of Idiots)

15-ProcessoRTournesol-(johnny bootleg)-Holloback Talkin'
(Gwen Stefani vs Harry Nillson)

16-Aggro1-Dirty Deeds Will Rock You (AC/DC vs Queen)

17-Qubic-Working Class Stigmata [iRadio Edit]
(Ministry & Co Conspirators vs. Marianne Faithfull)

18-DJ Useo-Peaches En Regalia For You
(Britney Spears vs Frank Zappa)


Of course the show is no longer on that site.
Listen on radio

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Bright Drop (Alt.-Rock Mix) (1:27:53)

DJ Useo
Bright Drop
(Alt. Rock Mix) (1:27:53)


Here's some forgotten musical textures
to tickle your ears
& excite the mind.

These tunes are designed to take
you on a journey full of wonder,
where you haven't been before.


Carnival Art-Which Is Wig (edit)/
P.W.E.I.-Medicine Man Speak With Forked Tongue/
The 25th Of May-0898
02-Spent Poets-Dogtown
03-The Hearthrobs-Bright Green Day
04-Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians-
Out Of The Picture
05-Blur-She's So High
06-The London Suede-Electricity
07-Thrashing Doves-Magdalena
08-Chris Stamey-Oh Yeah
09-The Lime Spiders-Just One Solution (Reprise)
10-Mission Of Burma-Secrets
11-The Candyskins-Submarine Song
12-B.A.D.-Mick's A Hippie Burning/House Arrest
13-Neo Geo-Queen,Swan & Arrow
14-Whirling Dervishes-Death Of The Party
15-Royal Crescent Mob-Time Bomb
16-The Glove-Sex Eye Make-Up
17-Sky Cries Mary-Shipwrecked
18-Flowerhead-The Sun
19-Ocean Colour Scene-Talk On (reprise)
20-Kula Shaker-Tattva
21-Dead Can Dance-The Garden Of Zephirus
22-20/20-The Sky Is Falling/Yellow Pills
23-Bill Nelson-Narcosis
25-House Of Love-You Don't Understand
26-Overwhelming Colourfast-Coming Down


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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Klangs of Jupiter (Scruffy The Cat vs Chemical Brothers)

Part southern rock/
Part UK Synth=
Klangs of Jupiter.

More power to you.

link 1

link 2

1,2,Sirens,U (Dizzee Rascal vs Wire)

Does what it says it does.
Thanks to Jez.

link 1

link 2

Hey New Life Bulldog (DJ Splash vs The Beatles)

Challenge time is upon us again at the
Beatles' Remixers forum,
& this months' challenge track is

First up,some dancey beatles mashup
for your ears & feet.
Won't do your brain much harm,either.

Hey New Life Bulldog (DJ Splash vs The Beatles)

link 1

link 2

Then some R & Beatles with
Been A Long Bulldog (The Fog vs The Beatles)

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Goa Home (Goa Mix) (1:19:24)

DJ Useo
Goa Home
(Goa Mix) (1:19:24)
This is the music that wafts you away
to a surreal world of energetic pulsing
& relaxed intricacies.
You don't have to like it,
but you can't stay there.
01-Reactivating Contact - Cyberion
02-Floating Free - Vibrasphere
03-Science Fiction - Psychaos
04-Sounds To Sunrise - Poli Vs. E-Fact
05-Logical Level - Suncontrolspecies
(w/ You Bitch - Lisa)
06-Access Denied - In-Panic
07-San Yacid - Cosmosis
(w/ Al Cappucino - klubbheads)
08-Hybrid - Genetic Spin
09-Paranormal Activity - Phreaky
10-Natural Healing - Crystal Sound
11-Taschentuch - Magoon
12- Dancing Spirit - Soluna
13-Splitstream - Dj Exanimo
14-Master of the Rainforest - Elysium
15-Once Upon A Time - Pythagoraz
16-What A Feeling - FREq
(w/Samples & Scratches - Norman Cook)


Bad Karmadrome (First Choice vs Pop Will Eat Itself vs Michael Jackson vs Bloodhound Gang)

Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap -St Paul, Galatians 6-7

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you -Matthew 7-120

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players -Shakespeare

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Qradips Show 1

This is first of many shows to come.
Enjoy the special closing section
of tracks from the Beatles Remixers Forum.

DJ Useo
The Qradips Show 1
June 3rd 2008
01-Elephants On Parade - Alex H
02-My Other Car Is A Beatle - Chaos Productions
03-No Milk For The Lucky Man - DJCBoast
04-There's The Doorzzzz - Pop Razors
05-Tricky Wipeout - RIAA
06-Peaches are Born Slippy - Fidelski
07-Simon Says Bagpipe - DJ Useo
08-Encore Blitz - DJ Tripp
09-AstroTimmy! - DJ Useo
10-Bounce 2 Hardstyle Bubbles In The Wine - DJ Useo
11-Stayceesmomzabitch - Agent Lovelette
12-Cartman's Star 69 - Budtheweiser
13-cartymix-the turtles-happy together-teenage remix Ooh Ooh Baby
14-There she goes holdin your hand der bootles - phil retrospector
15-In His Own Write - bdj
16-All You Need Is Kiss - DJ Useo
17-They're Coming To Take Me Pie - mp3j
18-Day Shacker - The Geez

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Been A Long Bulldog (The Fog vs The Beatles)

Challenge time is upon us again at the
Beatles' Remixers forum,
& this months' challenge track is

Atop a moving bed of Beatles' loops you'll
find some bluesy vocals from The Fog.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Secret (Mashup Mix) (1:07:39)

This dance fest was crafted exclusively for

DJ Useo
Secret (Mashup Mix)


1. 1 minute blindtest / DJ MXR

2. Hard Phat Finger F**kin Bass - The Mix Pimp Refux (Hoxton Whores &
Hard Rox v Paul Johnson ft Jessica v Ali Payami v The Warp
Brothers) / Dottysmash

3. How Do It Feel - (Electro Set vs Nelly Furtado) / Kitchmix

4. Let 2 Hearts Go / Kylie Minogue Vs Paul Van Dyk / MixMachine

5. Let Forever Be (remix) / Chemical Brothers / Go Home Productions

6. Rihanna's Underworld (Rihanna vs Underworld) / Virtual DJ

7. A Sweet Bit Dixy / (Switch vs Pitches) / Eve Massacre

8. Enter North American Sharona (Sympathy For Her) /
(Metallica vs. Rolling Stones vs. The Knack vs. LCD Soundsystem) /

9. Mash Me Amadeus (Single Version) / (Falco vs Nelly) / DJ Schmolli

10. Falco meets Freddie / (Queen vs Falco) / Hahnstudios

11. James Brown Forgot About Dre / (L.A. Style vs Dr.Dre) / Pomatic

12. Heart Shaped Titties / (Nirvana vs The Trucks) / The Illuminoids

13. Situation Aint No Other Man (Shibuku vs Christina Aguilera) /

14. Nightingale Calling In The Air / (Phil Collins vs. Yanni vs.
/ DJ M.i.F

15. George Michael - I Can't Make You Love Me (Superbass Dub) /

16. Stand By For The Floor / (Hot Chip vs Ben E. King) / Copycat

17. Miracle Wall / (Pink Floyd vs Fragma) / Ben Double M

18. Back It Up Donkey / (Will i Am vs Blowfelt) / Guv'nor

19. Gimmie More Elastic Eye / (Chemical Brothers vs Britney Spears) /
DJ Fac

20. Surviving The Nightlife (Epic Man vs No Doubt vs Whodafunk vs
IAMX) / DJ PaulV

21. Watching You Shook Me Out Of My Head / (AC/DC vs Rogue Traders) /

22. Block Rockin' Organ Donor / (DJ Shadow vs Chemical Brothers) / Alex

23. Spread Your Cause / (Beck vs Spiritualized) / Flying White Dots



Come On Feelings (Dancefloor Rockaz vs Junior Jack vs Depeche Mode vs Applefunk f/ Alexis)

This track is to dance with.
Any other use is discouraged.

Come On Feelings contains elements
originally found in Dancefloor Rockaz,
Junior Jack,Depeche Mode,& Applefunk f/ Alexis.

For demonstration purposes only,
& dancing.

link 1

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Big Country vs Kraftwerk

"Trans-Europe Chance" ( Big Country vs Kraftwerk ) 1983 New Wave vs 1977 Electronic. Stream or d/l here - Link