Friday, March 26, 2010

Club Tunes Special long mix

DJ Useo – Club Tunes Special


As broadcast on
Sound-Unsound Wadio
(New Club Tunes From 2010)

01-Bingo Players feat. Tony Scott –
Devotion (Extended Vocal Mix)
02-Alcazar – Burning
(Cahill Club Mix)
03-Calvin Harris – Flashback
(Eric Prydz Rmx)
04-Micha Moor – Tonight
(Original Mix)
05-Medina – You And I
(Original Mix)
06-Shontelle – Battle Cry
(Redtop Club Mix)
07-Deep Swing – In The Music 2010
(Cristian Marchi Perfect Remix)
08-Jean Moiree feat. Pheel – Heavy Session
(Didimek Remix)
09-Georgio Schultz feat. Mc Red –
I’m The Feeling The Sunshine
(Original Mix)
10-Michael Mind Project –
How Does It Feel (Club Mix)
11-Scotty – He¥s A Pirate
(J.D. Ocean Mix)
12-Mika – Rain
(Seamus Haji Big Love Rmx)
13-Tiesto – Escape Me
(Extende Version)
14-Jean Claude Ades Vs. Lenny Fontana –
Nite Time (Vision Factory Mix)


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Step On Mushroom (Happy Mondays vs Junkie XL)

For the GYBO Madchester Challenge

Happy Mondays
Junkie XL.
Go club now,you hear?!

Download 1
Download 2

Thursday, March 18, 2010

AmpLive-Gary Is A Robot (DJ Useo Transistor Mix)

As heard in the Austin,Texas
SXSW Music Festival,
here's the sensational
AmpLive f/
Trackdemics &
Micro Jaxson
remixed by yours truly.

Download 1
Download 2

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Poker Break (Lady Gaga vs The Raveonettes)

Ok,I know I use old
new wave & rock stuff a lot,
so here's 2 all new artists
from the modern age.

I bet you can't tell the difference.


Coming Up Green (Paul McCartney vs New Order)

2 Songs from the same time period
that couldn't be more different.
Or are they?
How do they sound together this way?

Download 1
Download 2

Thursday, March 4, 2010

B00MB0X 10 SUS WADIO Special

B00MB0X 10 SUS WADIO Special

For the finest DJ Experience
in recent memory,
All day Saturday March 6th
for the radio premiere of

The B00MB0X DJ's Tenth Anniversary mix '10'.

Seven hours of consummate mixing with more than 24 Deejays!


-DJ Zazoo
-Dic Aberdaron
-Blood Meridian
-Lionel Mandrake
-Der DiskothekerTM
-Boogie Maggoo
-DJ Frankie Pigeon
-Al The Kemist
-MC Tulip
-Shining Steve
-DJ Useo


Listen here.No registration required.

Get all seven sections or get the 7-hour version here-

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

RAMDOM THOUGHTS podcast 153 w/ guest-host DJ Useo

Scott Johnson Runs the best BOOTLEG podcast

I was honoured to guest-host
the latest episode.
Please to be enjoying muchly.

Sugamotor – Ghost Hits The Fan
(Streetlife DJs vs Obie Trice, Dr Dre, Eminem)
DJ Maggie – Paris Blah Blah
(Ke$ha feat 3OH3 vs Infernal)
The Kleptones – Mad Groove
Party Ben – Boulevard of Broken Songs 2010
(Green Day vs Oasis vs Tonka)
Mr Wyse – Minimal Horse
(Laidback vs Skream)
DJ Fac – Strike Da Monsta
(Monrose vs Culcha Candela)
LeeDM101 – Debbie Does Dallas
(A Quick Flick Mix)
MP3J – Ballad Of Lonesome Satisfaction
(Beatles vs Rolling Stones)
DJ Zebra – Baba Africa
(The Who vs Zebra)
DJ Lobsterdust – Dance Is The Drug
(David Bowie vs Roxy Music)
DJ Gizmo – Under A Dream
(Red Hot Chili Peppers vs Tom Petty)
DJ Useo – Learning To Rock
(Pink Floyd vs Burn In Noise)
G3rst – Money In A Trashcan
(The Raveonettes vs NASA feat David Byrne)
DJ Moule – Good Love, Good Rock
(Led Zeppelin vs Joan Jett vs
Does It Offend You Yeah vs Peaches)
Go Home Productions – Virgin O’Riley
(Madonna vs The Who)
Nissque – Chopped And Written
(Just Jack vs T-Pain feat Ludacris)
DJ Le Clown – Wicked Sarabande
(Haendel vs Busta Rhymes)
Rappy – Hungry Like A Sandman
(A.R. Rachman vs Metallica vs Duran Duran)
Biglerism – This Must Be It P!nk
(Röyksopp vs P!nk)
Cervin – Allan’s Hidden Past
(Björk vs Vitalic)
Hollyridge Strings – Shaft
(DJ Dégueulasse Bonus Beats)
DJ Prince – Soul Bossa Pop Lock


Dont Spill My Indo Jack (Wall Of Voodoo vs Steve Gerard vs Jon Kennedy)

Music made the old-fashioned way.
With music.

Download 1
Download 2

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DJ Useo-Dark Dead Death:Goth vs Goa -mashup album

DJ Useo-Dark Dead Death:Goth vs Goa


01-Master Jedi Supernaut (1000 Homo DJs vs Space Vision)

02-Shes A Robot Killer (Alien Sex Fiend vs Suria)

03-Inverte Flat Field (Bauhaus vs Psywalker)

04-Fatherland Daydream (Die Krupps vs Sidhartha & Tryon)

05-Never Over 4 Walls Back (Genitorturors vs Tactical Strike & Interactive)

06-Everyday is Habit (Ministry vs Quadra)

07-Dads Dead Heaven Song (Gary Numan vs Rinkadink)

08-Front De Blacklist (Legendary Pink Dots vs Scahgblota)

09-Amma Holes (Specimen vs The Nommos)

10-Allegedly Freakout Tragedy (Suspiria vs Trance Twin Quartet)

11-Pagan Noize Song (Virgin Prunes vs Sangeet)

12-Operation Kool Thing (Sonic Youth vs Mindsphere)

13-Dark Dead Death-Goth vs Goa Mix



Frikkenfrack 2:DJ Useos Strangest Boots

Frikkenfrack 2:DJ Useos Strangest Boots
These are the strangest bootlegs I've made.
Part 2.
1,2,3,5 & 21 are previously unreleased.

01-Oolite Clam (Elvis Presley vs
Ozric Tentacles vs The Trashmen)

02-No Name-o
(The Unknowns vs Man With No Name)

03-United States Of Clinic (Live)
(Liam Lynch vs Clinic)

04-Spy Vs Underground
(Moloud & The Sonic Destruction vs Brian Briggs)

05-Are People Apollo 9 ?
(Adam Ant vs Depeche Mode)

06-Flying Swedish Chef
(Muppets vs Beatles)

07-Spongebob Squarepusher
(Spongebob vs Squarepusher)

08-Peaches En Regalia For You
(Britney Spears vs Frank Zappa)

09-A Blind Man's Penis After Dark
(Robboz vs John Trubee)

10-La Guitaristic Request
(North vs Rinôçérôse)

11-Spam Roam
(B-52's vs Monty Python's Flying Circus)

12-Bounce 2 Hardstyle Bubbles In The Wine
(The Lawrence Welk Orchestra vs
Dj Alligator vs Blutonium Boy)

13-Doorsklok (Doors vs Dethklok)

14-Face Down Auctioneer
(Leroy Van Dyke vs Zone Breaker)

15-Astro Strangeness
(Full Intention vs Astro Sounds From
The Year 2000 vs The Bevis Frond)

16-Beeker Solution
(Pete Tong vs Muppets)

17-The Rabbit Man
(The Four Postmen vs Magik Johnson)

18-Hill Country Temper
(Prodigy vs Zietgeist)

19-Stomach Churner (Smeske vs Ceolceili
vs Stephen Clarke-Willson)

20-Dance This Spam Around
(B-52's vs Monty Python's Flying Circus)

21-Every Mashup Ever Made Mix


Link 1

Link 2

Frikkenfrack-DJ Useos Strangest Boots -remastered

DJ Useo

These are the strangest bootlegs I've made.
All were posted on GYBO,or BBI
except 7,15,16,& 17 which are unreleased.
All are newly remastered,& levelled.

01-Wow They're Coming
(Napoleon xiv vs Front Office)

02-The Fucking XDDT Moon
(Jobs For America vs Evolution Control Committee)

03-Unhealthy Army Oysters
(Art Of Noise vs Invalid Media Type)

04-Black Metal Introduction
(Mongoloid Gnome vs National Whippeter)

05-Zombie Bingo (White Zombie vs Merle Haggard)

06-Theme For The Jimmy Crack Corn From Under the Sea
(Milton De Lugg vs Eminem)

07-Can't Tarantella 'a Carrettera This
(Ersatz MC Hammer vs Complesso
Caratteristico Feliciotto)

08-Blast Off Otantik
(Jimmie Haskell & His Orchestra vs
Admiral T & Lovy Jam)

09-Fuck Me On The Multilingual Android
(Disco D vs Birdie Daddy)

10-Blue Mathematics (Mos Def vs
All Star Hawaiian Band)

11-Eleanor _Chopsticks_ Rigby
(Billy Mure vs The Beatles)

12-Dueling Haze (Eric Weissberg &
Steve Mandell vs Almost Jimi Hendrix)

13-Nobodies Mountain King (Marilyn Manson
vs Lawrence Welk & His Orchestra)

14-I Love You Russians In The DHSS
(Attila the Stockbroker vs Grieg)

15-Fuckin' 'Ell It's Forbidden Planet
(Half Man Half Biscuit vs Louis and Bebe Barron)

16-I Was A Bag Full Of Teenage Werewolf
(Cramps vs Flaming Lips)

17-Little Neutrino Bridge (Fergie vs Klaatu)

18-Breathe & Aloha (Q-Tip vs Jack De Mello)

19-Split Level 69 (Vaqueros vs Napoleon XIV)

20-Weasels Ripped My Half A Bee (Zappa vs MPFC)


Link 1

Link 2

Tom Jones vs Snap vs R.E.M.

  "Radio Free Unusual" ( Tom Jones vs Snap vs R.E.M. ) It's Not Unusual vs Rhythm Is A Dancer vs Radio Free Europe. Stream or ...