Monday, January 23, 2012

Dodge & Fuski vs The Beatles

Here's an example of why
the Beatles work so well
mashed with modern music.

It's also proof that modern
techno is good music.

Now dance! DA-ANCE!!

Listen 1

Listen 2

Let It Robot Rock

I made this track about 2 years ago,
but never released it.

I found the mix files on a hard drive,
& after tweaking,I decided to post it.

A quick check found that in the passage
of 2 years at least 2 other dj's had
noticed the track similarities &
done their own,quite good versions.

Still,mine is clearly different,so here you go!
Hope you like.

Listen 1

Listen 2

Frikkenfrack 5:Useos Strangest Boots

Link 1

Link 2

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Last Dance Of Mr. Brightside (The Killers vs The Raveonettes)

This mashup was on my new album,
but I couldn't wait for the album.
Consider this a preview of whats to come.


Dear Prudence The Raven

Here is a musical
mashup mix I made.
Mashup for demonstration
purposes only.

Listen or stream here-

Listen 1

Listen 2

Listen 3

Monday, January 16, 2012

R.I.P. Motorhead

Jim "Motorhead" Sherwood, aged 69, died last month
but left a splendid musical legacy as
a member of Frank Zappa's original
Mothers of Invention.

I would like to pay tribute to
his talent with these two new mashups I've made.

The first is 'No More Mr Peace Corps'
(Alice Cooper vs Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention).

Listen 1

Listen 2

The second is 'Absolutely Roy'
(Elton John vs Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention).

Listen 1

Listen 2

Thanks, Jim,for all the good times.

Komm Gib Mir Deine Black Dog (Led Zeppelin vs The Beatles)

I extracted the vocals
from the Beatles'
'Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand',
(a German version of
'I Want To Hold Your Hand'),
& added an extracted acapella
of Led Zeppelins'
'Black Dog'.

Now it's
'Komm Gib Mir Deine Black Dog'
(Led Zeppelin vs The Beatles).

Surely some of you are
afficianados of The Beatles
or Led Zeppelin?

No? Akk!
Lady Gaga vs B.O.B. next time,then.Lol.

Link 1

Link 2

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tim & Eric Brownie Mountain Remix

Here's a really good tune
not only for the music,
but also the creative
foley artist-like

It's also good for the

Listen 1

Listen 2

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Never Mash The Punk Rock Mashup Album

Oh yes! Here It Is
& It's truly a great listen!
Brought to you by
Chocomang & the Usual SUS-Pects.

Links available here-
Never Mash

Smashing Pumpkins vs Beatles Hello Billy

Smarshing punpkins sing
about butterflys
while beetles rock out about revlutions
Have you heard it yet?

Listen 1

Listen 2

Byrds vs Smiths GYBO Challenge Mix

Here's the byrds singing Mr.Tambo-
urine Man over
The Smiths jamming out
Shoplifters Of The World Unite.

Listen closely & you might recognize some
Nicotine in there off their new album
'Hey Dude We Love the Beatles'
Available on the net everywhere,it seems.

This is a GYBO Challenge track so
you can vote for it if you are a member.
GYBO Challenge 68

Listen 1

Listen 2

Friday, January 6, 2012

Get Ready For Punk Rock Mashups!

Sound-Unsound the bootleg forum
is releasing a 2-disc punk rock
mashup collection in just a few days.

It's got incredible bootleg mixes
from all the usual SUS sus-pects
like Chocomang,mARKYbOY,& G4Gorilla,
plus many stunning guest tracks by
the memorable likes of DJ Schmolli,
& many more dj's you love to hear.

I have 5 (!) tracks featured onnit,
& heres the list-

01-No Sandman Feelings (Metallica vs The Sex Pistols)
02-Purple Boredom (Jimi Hendrix vs The Buzzcocks)
03-Velvety Creep (Radiohead vs Pixies)
04-20th Century Vacant (Sex Pistols vs T.Rex)
05-Welcome To Tear Apart (Joy Division vs The Libyans)

It's one slamming set,& I know,
because I already heard it all!
There's tracks mashing tons of your
favorite punk rock bands crafted by all your
beloved mashup producers.

So,whether you like punk rock
or whether you like mashups,
this collection is for you.

Check back here in about 3 days!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Boston vs Bowie vs Beatles

Mashup for demonstration purposes only.

Boston-smokin instr
Bowie-suffragette city pella
Beatles-i Am the walrus pella

here is an intense-tional typo.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Big Country vs Kraftwerk

"Trans-Europe Chance" ( Big Country vs Kraftwerk ) 1983 New Wave vs 1977 Electronic. Stream or d/l here - Link