Monday, November 30, 2009

Michelle Rigby (Beatles vs Beatles)

There's never enough time for great
Beatles music.
So here's 2 of their songs at once.
Very economic time-wise.


For demonstration purposes only

Friday, November 27, 2009

Music For Hippies-Long Mix

Here's a live mix I did
of sixties psychedelic rock.
All from before my time,
but great-sounding stuff.

Be sure & enjoy the other
b00mb0x mixes.

01-Giant Crab - A Giant Crab Comes Forth
02-The Projection Company - Boil The Kettle
03-Flied Egg - Dr.Diegel's Fried Egg Shooting Machine
04-First Crow To The Moon - Spend Your Life
05-The Longboatmen - Take Her Any Time
06-Miller - Baby I Got News For You (Oak Version)
07-Pussy - Come Back June
08-The Creation - The Girls Are Naked
09-Thundertree - In The Morning
10-The Music Machine - The People In Me
11-Electric Prunes - 49 Songs
12-Charlee - Wizzard
13-Damon - Song Of A Gypsy
14-July - My Clown
15-The Paisleys - Silver Surf & Cosmic Vibes
16-Kaleidoscope (UK) - Faintly Blowing
17-Dragonfly - Blue Monday
18-New Dawn - (There's A) New Dawn
19-Food Brain - Liver Juice Vending Machine
20-Magic Carpet - The Magic Carpet
21-Five Day Rain - Marie's A Woman
22-Billy Lee Janey - 20 Miles Bad Road
23-The Who - I'm A Boy
24-The Velvert Turner Group - Madonna (Of The Seven Moons)
25-Traffic - Paper Sun
26-Iron Butterfly - In The Time Of Our Lives

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

DJ Useo-Double Secret Album

Here's a new collection of tracks
full of various musical styles.
Hold on tight & watch out for
enemy spies.

01-Standing In The Way Of The Hungry Wolf
(The Gossip vs X)

02-Independant Reflux
(Comsat Angels vs Defective Audio)

03-I Feel Silence
(Delerium f/ Sarah McLaughlin vs Depeche Mode)

04-Come Back Lila
(Trees vs Rodriguez Jr.)

05-Make Me Suffer
(Tears For Fears vs Daz The Dominant)

06-Chem Beast
(Beastie Boys vs Chemical Brothers vs Young Nutz)

07-Drops Of Haus
(Peter Fox vs Chipset)

08-Give It Up Through The Veins
(Datarock vs Jon Hopkins)

09-Climbatize Groove
(Deee-Lite vs The Prodigy)

10-There's No Other Bass
(Blur vs Azzido Da Bass)

11-Let Submission Be
(Chemical Brothers vs Butler & Wilson)

12-Glad Gloria
(Gloria Gaynor vs Traffic)

13-That's A Lie In My Brain
(Too Much Joy vs Beat Gate)

14-Jump Wizard (Quadrophenia Mix)
(The Who vs Oxley)

15-Big Gasolina Love
(Fleetwood Mac vs Bonde do Role)

16-The Peeper Walking In
(Sixth Sense vs Clarence Gatemouth Brown)

17-Finally Sunshine
(Kings Of Tomorrow vs Timbuk 3)

18-Basement Hideaway
(DeLacy vs Basement Jaxx)

Full zip files here-
link 1

or here-
link 2

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ken Nordine-My Mothers A Jew My Fathers A Bird (DJ Useo Remix)

Have you heard Ken Nordines'
You'll want to.


The Promiseland Green Door (Wynder K.Frog vs Hypetraxx)

This is Hypetraxx's
sung over
Wynder K.Frog's
'green door'
with some synth & samples added.


Van Hypno (Fleetwood Mac vs Van Halen)

Here's fleetwood mac's
bits of 3 or 4 van halen tracks.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

It Is 2 Laff-Funny Mashup Collection

Here's an ALL-NEW Collection
of funny mashups.
These are all fake dj names.

Try & guess the actual dj's.
(hint-they're all listed in
the mp3 comments.)

It Is 2 Laff

01-Bringer Of Cheese-Are You Gonna Go Futurama (Slurm Mix)
(Lenny Kravitz vs Futurama)

02-The Beatles-Baby Youre A Rich Man
(Mean Mister Mustards Cry Baby Mix)

(Gorillaz vs Monty Pythons Flying Circus)

04-SpongeMike SquareGlove-Don't Stop The Best Day Ever!
(Michael Jackson vs Spongebob Squarepants)

05-Mandatory Bowel Evacuation-Dead Like Me
(Pussycat Dolls vs The Cyrkle)

06-DJ Bootiestein-Take Me On The Crazy Train
(A-Ha vs Ozzy Osbourne)

07-DJ Bag Arse-Comin After You From St. Louis
(Billy Taylor vs MC Ren feat. Ice Cube)

08-Dick Sinormous-Austin Bootleg
(Quincy Jones vs Peaches vs Mike Myers)

09-DJ TBA-My Bonanza Hump
(Black Eyed Peas vs Bonanza theme)

10-DJ Getalife-Old McCartney Had A Farm
(Elvis Presley vs Paul McCartney)

11-Mash Puppies-Wag The Dog
(The Wiggles vs Baha Men)

12-Mr Jefferson-Michael Jackson Is Alive
(L.A. Style vs South Park)

13-DJ Peter Parker-Another Brick In The Classroom
(Pink Floyd vs Grange Hill)

14-Frostedo Flakeo-Edna Selecta
(Strapped vs Jojo San Martin DJ)

15-Wally Bood-Dont Cha Belong With Me
(Taylor Swift vs Pussycat Dolls feat. Busta Rhymes)

16-DJ Benny Hill-Tales Of The Unexpected
(Deee-Lite vs Benny Hill)

17-Frostedo Flakeo-Are You Getting Any Bodybase?
(Cartoon Planet Band vs Time Reactor)

18-DJ Retired-Somewhere My Power Rocker Love
(Marx Brothers vs Alter Ego vs Master Of Sciences)

19-Riddim Skulker-Only The Chipmunks Die Young
(Billy Joel vs Cactus)

Link here-
Link 1

Link here-
Link 2

Last years version is now
available remastered.
Laff 1

Thanks to all contributors.

It Is To Laff 2008-remastered

Here's the first
from last year
newly remastered.

We all used fake dj names
when it was released to keep
listeners guessing & then
revealed our actual dj names later.

Thanks to all contributors.

01-McSlimey- Andy S
-McSlimey & The Tellytubbies Do The Salmon Dance
02-DJ Breakfast Burrito- King.Of.Pants.
-Turd Night
03-Brighton Drag Queen Massacre- BudTheWeiser
-Tourettes 678
04-M.C.Python- The Geez
-Voodoo Banter Rap
05-Soulwhacker- Mr.Fab
-Smells Like Your Muddah
06-The Pop Up DJ- Andrewherring
Vanessa Loves Daniel
07-Wendy Arthole-(Actual Name Withheld By Request)
DJ Eternity-Higher(Wendy Arthole Evil Ringtone Remix)
08-DJ Tunedeaf- Virtual DJ
-Bring The Bird
09-DJ M.Aynot Feed- DJ M.i.F.
-Get Ur Typewriter On
10-Cockster- DJ CLive$ter
-Let There Be Ladies
11-Marc Oni- Alpha1999
-We Built This Heater
12-SoulWhacker- Mr.Fab
-Everytime You Touch Titties
13-DJ Meaningless- DJ Useo
-Sister Mary Driver
14-The Dregs Of Humanity- Terminus J Threnody
-SOng For VegaTables
15-DJ Sick My Duck- DJ Fac
-Do The Roseman
16-Donald Schlongbad- DJ Midas
-Ducks Are Still Having Sex [Quickie XXX Edit]
17-Bob Parr- Juxtaposeur
Oh Supermash
18-DJ Margot- DJ Morgoth
-Bambi Umbrella
19-Crystal Meth- FunkThatShit
-You Can't Hurry Lies
20-DJ Edgar Hoover- Clayton Counts
21-DJ KittKarr- Alpha1999
-When Knights Cry
-Voicemail This Way
23-Anastasia Beaverhausen- Alpha1999
Chris Isaak-Blue Hotel Remix
24-Wendy Arthole-(Actual Name Withheld By Request)
-Requiem for a Forum Layout
25-DJ Meaningless- DJ Useo
-Due Mafiosi Revenge Dat
26-DJ Edgar Hoover- Clayton Counts
-Knockin' Popcorn
27-DJ Meaningless- DJ Useo
Body To Body Pushups
28-The Dregs Of Humanity- Terminus J Threnody
Mrs O'Leary's Tomato

Link here-

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Led Zeppelin vs The Beatles

I feel Fine
by Beatles
Since I've Been Loving You
by Led Zeppelin

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target="_blank">Download 2

DJ Useo-Beatles Get Backwards mix

Here's your chance to listen
for hidden backmasked language.

I reversed all the tracks,
& then mixed it live in 1 take.

It probably won't sound right
if you play it reversed back.

I didn't hear any satanic messages,
but I swear I heard Paul say
'my dads a freemason'.

xim sdrawkcaB teG seltaeB-oesU JD


ximer oesu jd weivretnI seltaeB-10
esrevinU ehT ssorcA-20
sdnomaiD htiW ykS ehT nI ycuL-30
erehwyrevE dnA erehT ereH-40
hcuM ooT llA stI-50
surlaW ehT mA I-60
uoY tnaW I-70
diaS ehS diaS ehS-80
reveroF sdleiF yrrebwartS-01
uoY tuohtiW uoY nihtiW-11
dnE ehT-21
seulB reY-31
retlekS retleH-41
lol ?raF sihT daeR yllaeR uoY diD-51


It's about a half hour.

Direct link here-