Monday, November 30, 2009

Michelle Rigby (Beatles vs Beatles)

There's never enough time for great
Beatles music.
So here's 2 of their songs at once.
Very economic time-wise.


For demonstration purposes only

Friday, November 27, 2009

Music For Hippies-Long Mix

Here's a live mix I did
of sixties psychedelic rock.
All from before my time,
but great-sounding stuff.

Be sure & enjoy the other
b00mb0x mixes.

01-Giant Crab - A Giant Crab Comes Forth
02-The Projection Company - Boil The Kettle
03-Flied Egg - Dr.Diegel's Fried Egg Shooting Machine
04-First Crow To The Moon - Spend Your Life
05-The Longboatmen - Take Her Any Time
06-Miller - Baby I Got News For You (Oak Version)
07-Pussy - Come Back June
08-The Creation - The Girls Are Naked
09-Thundertree - In The Morning
10-The Music Machine - The People In Me
11-Electric Prunes - 49 Songs
12-Charlee - Wizzard
13-Damon - Song Of A Gypsy
14-July - My Clown
15-The Paisleys - Silver Surf & Cosmic Vibes
16-Kaleidoscope (UK) - Faintly Blowing
17-Dragonfly - Blue Monday
18-New Dawn - (There's A) New Dawn
19-Food Brain - Liver Juice Vending Machine
20-Magic Carpet - The Magic Carpet
21-Five Day Rain - Marie's A Woman
22-Billy Lee Janey - 20 Miles Bad Road
23-The Who - I'm A Boy
24-The Velvert Turner Group - Madonna (Of The Seven Moons)
25-Traffic - Paper Sun
26-Iron Butterfly - In The Time Of Our Lives

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

DJ Useo-Double Secret Album

Here's a new collection of tracks
full of various musical styles.
Hold on tight & watch out for
enemy spies.

01-Standing In The Way Of The Hungry Wolf
(The Gossip vs X)

02-Independant Reflux
(Comsat Angels vs Defective Audio)

03-I Feel Silence
(Delerium f/ Sarah McLaughlin vs Depeche Mode)

04-Come Back Lila
(Trees vs Rodriguez Jr.)

05-Make Me Suffer
(Tears For Fears vs Daz The Dominant)

06-Chem Beast
(Beastie Boys vs Chemical Brothers vs Young Nutz)

07-Drops Of Haus
(Peter Fox vs Chipset)

08-Give It Up Through The Veins
(Datarock vs Jon Hopkins)

09-Climbatize Groove
(Deee-Lite vs The Prodigy)

10-There's No Other Bass
(Blur vs Azzido Da Bass)

11-Let Submission Be
(Chemical Brothers vs Butler & Wilson)

12-Glad Gloria
(Gloria Gaynor vs Traffic)

13-That's A Lie In My Brain
(Too Much Joy vs Beat Gate)

14-Jump Wizard (Quadrophenia Mix)
(The Who vs Oxley)

15-Big Gasolina Love
(Fleetwood Mac vs Bonde do Role)

16-The Peeper Walking In
(Sixth Sense vs Clarence Gatemouth Brown)

17-Finally Sunshine
(Kings Of Tomorrow vs Timbuk 3)

18-Basement Hideaway
(DeLacy vs Basement Jaxx)

Full zip files here-
link 1

or here-
link 2

Saturday, November 7, 2009

It Is 2 Laff-Funny Mashup Collection

Here's an ALL-NEW Collection
of funny mashups.
These are all fake dj names.

Try & guess the actual dj's.
(hint-they're all listed in
the mp3 comments.)

It Is 2 Laff

01-Bringer Of Cheese-Are You Gonna Go Futurama (Slurm Mix)
(Lenny Kravitz vs Futurama)

02-The Beatles-Baby Youre A Rich Man
(Mean Mister Mustards Cry Baby Mix)

(Gorillaz vs Monty Pythons Flying Circus)

04-SpongeMike SquareGlove-Don't Stop The Best Day Ever!
(Michael Jackson vs Spongebob Squarepants)

05-Mandatory Bowel Evacuation-Dead Like Me
(Pussycat Dolls vs The Cyrkle)

06-DJ Bootiestein-Take Me On The Crazy Train
(A-Ha vs Ozzy Osbourne)

07-DJ Bag Arse-Comin After You From St. Louis
(Billy Taylor vs MC Ren feat. Ice Cube)

08-Dick Sinormous-Austin Bootleg
(Quincy Jones vs Peaches vs Mike Myers)

09-DJ TBA-My Bonanza Hump
(Black Eyed Peas vs Bonanza theme)

10-DJ Getalife-Old McCartney Had A Farm
(Elvis Presley vs Paul McCartney)

11-Mash Puppies-Wag The Dog
(The Wiggles vs Baha Men)

12-Mr Jefferson-Michael Jackson Is Alive
(L.A. Style vs South Park)

13-DJ Peter Parker-Another Brick In The Classroom
(Pink Floyd vs Grange Hill)

14-Frostedo Flakeo-Edna Selecta
(Strapped vs Jojo San Martin DJ)

15-Wally Bood-Dont Cha Belong With Me
(Taylor Swift vs Pussycat Dolls feat. Busta Rhymes)

16-DJ Benny Hill-Tales Of The Unexpected
(Deee-Lite vs Benny Hill)

17-Frostedo Flakeo-Are You Getting Any Bodybase?
(Cartoon Planet Band vs Time Reactor)

18-DJ Retired-Somewhere My Power Rocker Love
(Marx Brothers vs Alter Ego vs Master Of Sciences)

19-Riddim Skulker-Only The Chipmunks Die Young
(Billy Joel vs Cactus)

Link here-
Link 1

Link here-
Link 2

Last years version is now
available remastered.
Laff 1

Thanks to all contributors.

It Is To Laff 2008-remastered

Here's the first
from last year
newly remastered.

We all used fake dj names
when it was released to keep
listeners guessing & then
revealed our actual dj names later.

Thanks to all contributors.

01-McSlimey- Andy S
-McSlimey & The Tellytubbies Do The Salmon Dance
02-DJ Breakfast Burrito- King.Of.Pants.
-Turd Night
03-Brighton Drag Queen Massacre- BudTheWeiser
-Tourettes 678
04-M.C.Python- The Geez
-Voodoo Banter Rap
05-Soulwhacker- Mr.Fab
-Smells Like Your Muddah
06-The Pop Up DJ- Andrewherring
Vanessa Loves Daniel
07-Wendy Arthole-(Actual Name Withheld By Request)
DJ Eternity-Higher(Wendy Arthole Evil Ringtone Remix)
08-DJ Tunedeaf- Virtual DJ
-Bring The Bird
09-DJ M.Aynot Feed- DJ M.i.F.
-Get Ur Typewriter On
10-Cockster- DJ CLive$ter
-Let There Be Ladies
11-Marc Oni- Alpha1999
-We Built This Heater
12-SoulWhacker- Mr.Fab
-Everytime You Touch Titties
13-DJ Meaningless- DJ Useo
-Sister Mary Driver
14-The Dregs Of Humanity- Terminus J Threnody
-SOng For VegaTables
15-DJ Sick My Duck- DJ Fac
-Do The Roseman
16-Donald Schlongbad- DJ Midas
-Ducks Are Still Having Sex [Quickie XXX Edit]
17-Bob Parr- Juxtaposeur
Oh Supermash
18-DJ Margot- DJ Morgoth
-Bambi Umbrella
19-Crystal Meth- FunkThatShit
-You Can't Hurry Lies
20-DJ Edgar Hoover- Clayton Counts
21-DJ KittKarr- Alpha1999
-When Knights Cry
-Voicemail This Way
23-Anastasia Beaverhausen- Alpha1999
Chris Isaak-Blue Hotel Remix
24-Wendy Arthole-(Actual Name Withheld By Request)
-Requiem for a Forum Layout
25-DJ Meaningless- DJ Useo
-Due Mafiosi Revenge Dat
26-DJ Edgar Hoover- Clayton Counts
-Knockin' Popcorn
27-DJ Meaningless- DJ Useo
Body To Body Pushups
28-The Dregs Of Humanity- Terminus J Threnody
Mrs O'Leary's Tomato

Links here-
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Link here-
target="_blank">Link 2

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Led Zeppelin vs The Beatles

I feel Fine
by Beatles
Since I've Been Loving You
by Led Zeppelin

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DJ Useo-Beatles Get Backwards mix

Here's your chance to listen
for hidden backmasked language.

I reversed all the tracks,
& then mixed it live in 1 take.

It probably won't sound right
if you play it reversed back.

I didn't hear any satanic messages,
but I swear I heard Paul say
'my dads a freemason'.

xim sdrawkcaB teG seltaeB-oesU JD


ximer oesu jd weivretnI seltaeB-10
esrevinU ehT ssorcA-20
sdnomaiD htiW ykS ehT nI ycuL-30
erehwyrevE dnA erehT ereH-40
hcuM ooT llA stI-50
surlaW ehT mA I-60
uoY tnaW I-70
diaS ehS diaS ehS-80
reveroF sdleiF yrrebwartS-01
uoY tuohtiW uoY nihtiW-11
dnE ehT-21
seulB reY-31
retlekS retleH-41
lol ?raF sihT daeR yllaeR uoY diD-51


It's about a half hour.

Direct link here-


Big Country vs Kraftwerk

"Trans-Europe Chance" ( Big Country vs Kraftwerk ) 1983 New Wave vs 1977 Electronic. Stream or d/l here - Link