Friday, November 2, 2007

Malevolent Ikons (Indie-Rock) (58:34)

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Here's a mix of new rock I made by request.

DJ Useo
Malevolent Ikons


01-Mission Of Burma-2wice
02-Built To Spill-Conventional Wisdom
03-The Cops-Controller
04-Prototypes-Danse Sue la Merde
05-Radio 4-Enemies Like This
06-The Hellacopters-Everythings On TV
07-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
08-Mogwai-Glasgow Mega-Snake
09-Alien Antfarm-Forgive & Forget
10-The Appleseed Cast
11-Run Run Run-last One
12-Taking Back Sunday-Liar (It Takes One To Know One)
14-Electric Six-Rock And Roll Evacuation
15-The Pink Spiders-Little Razorblade
16-Willy Mason-Oxygen
17-The Rakes-Strasbourg
18-Starlight Mints-Whats Inside of Me
19-Osaka Popstar-Wicked World
20-The Scotch Greens-Professional
21-Art Brut-Formed a Band
22-Willy Mason-So Long



Dazed & Confused Turkey (John Lennon vs Led Zeppelin)

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Well, who likes John Lennon & Led Zeppelin?
Sure,we all do!
So without further remarks...


DJ Useo In Las Vegas mashup album

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