Thursday, October 9, 2008

DJ Useo-Bruiseo (Mashup Album)

Here's a new mashup collection of likeable
appealing bootlegs that you can dance to.
For an idea of the content,
check out this post of similar material-


DJ Useo
Bruiseo (For Demonstration Purposes Only)
01-Just Can't Get Enough Flyaway>Love (Depeche Mode vs Armand Van
Helden) (Single Mix)
02-Prepare To Nemesis (Shriekback vs Torch Song)
03-What You Guido (INXS vs Carnifull Trio)
04-Babys On Edit (Eno vs Art Of Noise)
05-Flowers In The Rain See The Light (Stress vs Musto + Bones)
06-Blame It On The Autobahn (Norman Cook vs Kraftwerk)
07-Realm Of Bruce (Bassomatic vs Adam Ant)
08-Dooms The Commotion (The Wiseguys vs Azzido Da Bass)
09-What Time Is A Deeper Love (Aretha Franklin vs The KLF)
(Single Mix))
10-Unbearable Knobbers (Wonderstuff vs Crookers)
11-2 E-Chips (U2 vs E-Chip)
12-I Love To Blackout (The Damned vs Moby)
13-Turn Out The Fantasy (Nelly Furtado vs 30 Seconds To Mars)
14-Give Me All I Need (Una Mas vs ZZ Top vs Yes)
15-Mashing Under Streetlights (The KLF vs The Brains) (+)
16-Experienced Psycrepes (Devo vs Paranormal Attack vs Exaile)
17-Penny On The Ceiling (Blancmange vs Crookers)

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Budtheweiser said...

Download this now people its fantastic a great mashup album that takes you on an aural journey great stuff

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