Sunday, May 24, 2009

Intense Psychedelia 2 : Intensified Mashups

Last year I released the first

The intense part was a bit much for some,
& the psychedelia drove away a few more,
but after a year & 4 months,
it seems over 40,000 of you d/l-ed it.

It inspired me & I've done this new version
over the last year,slowly building up an
entire album of new tracks.

So drink your fill of ...

DJ Useo - Intense Psychedelia 2 : Intensified Mashups


01-Dr. Pepper Freak
(Butthole Surfers vs d.N.i.)

02-Mmm,Time's Going Slower
(The Three O'Clock vs DJ RedEye)

03-Incense & Peppermints Roxx
(Strawberry Alarm Clock vs Ziggy X)

04-The Majesty Of Confusion
(Spinal Tap vs New Order)

05-Black Light One
(The Mad Violets vs T Boy Vs. A.B.)

06-Springtime In Beats
(Nina Hagen vs DJ Disorder vs DJ Ektoplasm)

07-Nothing Aguas De Parco Wrong
(Red Lorry Yellow Lorry vs Crookers)

08-Voices Forever
(Police vs Flaming Lips vs T.Rex)

09-Lucy In The Sky With Cars
(Beatles vs 'Cars' movie sndtrk) (Reverse Mix)

10-The High-Up & Down (DJ Useo Remix)

11-Born To Be Underground
(Steppenwolf vs Mouloud & The Sonic Destruction)

12-See Emily Keep Da Vibe Alive
(Pink Floyd vs Riot 303 vs Observer)

13-Makin' Fun Of Bongos,Bleeps And Basslines
(Too Much Joy vs Zero DB)

14-7th High Doughnuts With Interceptor
(Double 99 vs Eat Static vs Eboman)

15-Bird Numbers Song
(Lene Lovich vs Kraftwerk)

16-Acid Missile
(Sigue Sigue Sputnik vs Binum)

17-Grind Rip-Off
(T.Rex vs Queen vs Alice In Chains)

18-Hello I Submit
(The Doors vs The Sex Pistols)

19-Devo-That's What He Said (DJ Useo Remix)

20-What's Digging On
(Peter Gabriel vs Marvin Gaye vs Rodriguez Jr.)


Full 143 mb 224 kbps file here-
Link 1

Animated cover gif here-Gif

File also available here-
Link 2

Thursday, May 21, 2009

DJ Useo - Glee ep

Hey y'all-Here's 3 past releases
from my beat-boot-ique period.
& then 2 new unreleased tracks.
01-Speed Of Tomorrow (David Bowie vs Gorillaz vs Chic)
02-Love Rocket (Donna Summer vs Suicide)
03-The Rhayader Game (Camel vs George Morel)
04-Sos Yo Mama (Jonas Brothers vs GMS vs Domestic)
05-Mr Brown Lost In Space (Angry Kids vs Bob Marley
vs Mr Data vs 10 Below)


Saturday, May 16, 2009

DJ Useo White Label Dance Special

DJ Useo White Label Dance Special (2:08:20)
(as played on SUS RADIO May 16th 2009)



01-Beta Test (Megamix)89'-DJ E.F.X
02-Phunky Music-Audiodatabase-
03-Can You Dig It (Radio Edit)-Journey Man Dj
04-Set In Stone-Bedrock-
05-Jerk It Out (NuDiscoEdit)-Caesars Palace
06-Can You Dig It (Bulletproof Dirty Dub)-Journey Man Dj
07-Now Time-'uncredited'
08-Let There Be Drums-Sandy Nelson
09-Walk A Mile In My Shoes-Coldcut
10-Tell Me (Switch Rmx)-P. Diddy Ft: C. Aguilera
11-No More Conversations (Switch Rmx)-FreeForm 5
12-Hey Little Girl (Infusion Mix)-Icehouse
13-I Sing The Funk Electric (12" Mix)-ELectric Funk
14-Sweet Dreams (Behold The Club Dream Rmx)-Eurythmics
15-Thrill Me (Masters At Work House Mix) 91'-Simply Red
16-All Night Long-StoneBridge
17-Jesus Christ Superstar (2007 John Marks Extended Remix)-Ronny X
18-Misirlou-Dick Dale & His Del-Tones
20-Rappers Delight (Ben Liebrand MiniMix)-Sugarhill Gang
22-Paranoid (Trkmasterdj Re-Edit)-Blk. Sabbath
23-Stop This Crazy Thing (Scratch Edit's Vieux Carre)-ColdplayCut
24-TheEndLessEnglishRobbery-SampleMan Vs TheDoor's



Monday, May 11, 2009

The Institute Of Bootleggers Presents Vol.1

Hey! Look!
I made this new mashup album!


The Institute Of Bootleggers Presents Vol.1


01-Pop Generation (Miss Frenchie) M vs The Who
02-02-U Not Alone (DJ Le Clown) Will Smith vs Michael Jackson vs The
03-Nightingale Calling In The Air (DJ M.i.F.) Phil Collins vs. Yanni
vs. Rarebirds
04-Believe in Glory Box (Funk That Shit Productions) Cher vs.
05-Summertime Dance Comes Undone (Alpha1999) Duran Duran vs Beres
vs Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
06-Lollipop At Home (Tizwarz) Lil Wayne vs Peach Candy
07-Tour De Reckless (Sfreeman) Ice T vs Kraftwerk
08-(Cold-Hearted) Timebomb [2009 Remastered Version] (World Famous
Audio Hacker)
Beck vs The Hives vs The Vines vs Skinny Puppy vs Paula Abdul vs Salt
'n Pepa
vs Young MC, and some others
09-There they Rise (Guv'nor) Krafty Kuts vs Kurd Maverick
10-The Littlest Mashup (DJ Dylan) Snoop Dogg vs The Littlest Hobo
11-Psycho Robots (Virtual DJ) Talking Heads vs Kraftwerk
12-This is How We Vibe (DJ Spider) Montel Jordan vs R Kelly
13-Pajama Rain (DJ Petrushka) Freemasons vs Eric Prydz
14-Tell It To My Heart (Neil Thompson's Jules Dance Show Rework)
Taylor Dayne vs DJ Roland Clark & Freestyle
15-Sex,Bhangra & Rock 'n' Roll (DJ Newlight) Krid P vs Brooklyn Bounce
16-Stoppin' the Train of Love (mARKYbOy) The Supremes vs Soul Asylum
17-Blitzkrieg Brass (Budtheweiser) Ramones vs The Nutley Brass
18-Don't Give Up Bad Runner (DJ Useo) Chicane vs Bodinski
19-Voyage 34 (DreamTime Mix) Porcupine Tree



Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blackbird vs KMFDM vs Mystery Jets vs Pilooski

2 Classwars Down
Blackbird vs KMFDM vs Mystery Jets vs Pilooski)

This combines various bits & bobs of some
tracks I like.Same old same old.


No Cowboy No Cry (Bob Marley vs The Beatles)

This is the talented Bob Marley
warbling over the cowboy-antics of
The Be-Atles.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Echo Planet (Martha & The Muffins vs Last Men Standing vs Synchrom)

Did you ever notice how they sound like they're
singing 'ankle beach'? I did.

Direct link here-

DJ Useo - Short Attention Span Podcast

Hey Everybody-I know how busy we all can get,
so I picked only the shortest mashups I could find.

DJ Useo Short Attention Span Podcast


01-Multi-Genre Mix 2007 (as'st)-DJ Choyce Kutz
02-Paper Calypso (Genesis vs Tito Puente) -Virtual DJ
03-This Old Cha Cha Cha(Serge Gainsbourg vs The Isley Brothers) - Bangers
04-Will-i-Am vs Shocking Blue -Frogthedawg
05-Tequila Lip Gloss (Lil Mama vs. The Champs) -DJ Paul V
06-The Tide Is Not Unusual (Blondie vs Tom Jones)
-DJ Earlybird
07-Simpsons Theme Remix -Budtheweiser
08-If I ruled Futurama -Dr.Waumiau
09-Vous êtes Seinfeld -DJ BC
10-Land Of The Moonlight-Martinn
11-A Stroll Down Sutter Ave -DJ Wally / DJ Willie Ross
12-Spy Vs Underground (Moloud & The Sonic Destruction vs Brian Briggs) -DJ Useo
13-With A Little Help From Your Hand-The Tweatles
14-If I Needed Someone (Joe White vs Beatles) -MP3J
15-I Feel Right Right Now -DJ BC and The Beastles
18-Pipes of Peace (JIROB v Paul McCartney) -Jirob
19-Queen Eleanor of Mandolay (Queen Vs. Beatles Vs. La Flavour) -Voicedude
20-Help! A Freak Like Me! (Adina Howard vs The Beatles) -CORPORATION
21-Wrong Board Meeting (Timbaland vs Mims) -Tizwarz
22-Monroseedit -El Barto & Liam B
23-Blonde (SFTCMH's Potassium Remix) -The Electroluvs
24-The Next Collarbone (Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg
vs. Fujiya and Miyagi) - ABX
25-Mi Amour (Jay Z feat Angie Martinez vs White Stripes) -Matt Bland
26-Kill Gwen Stefani (Kill Bill vs. Gwen Stefani)
-DJ Whoquestion
27-MaGimme Hell -DJTOPCAT
28-Rap of the Stone Age -DJ ZEBRA


Download 1

Bonus Link for those who require that-

Download 2

Tom Jones vs Snap vs R.E.M.

  "Radio Free Unusual" ( Tom Jones vs Snap vs R.E.M. ) It's Not Unusual vs Rhythm Is A Dancer vs Radio Free Europe. Stream or ...