Sunday, November 30, 2008

Head Like A Break (Nine Inch Nails vs Nick Terranova)

Everytime I played the Terranova track
I heard the NIN track in my head,
so I finally went there & whaddaya
know? They sound great!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The QRADIPS SHOW has a new home at

& also a new blogsite at

All past shows are archived
with playlists.
Try one,you'll find them addictive! lol

New shows are aired Tuesdays at
7 pm est 2 pm gmt

No registration required,
& if you do register at no cost,
there's added benefits.

Qradips are Mashups.
Hear some now!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Coochie Ooops (Princess Superstar vs MST)

Here's a very user-friendly track-
possibly a highly club-friendly track.
See for yourself.
After I made this one,
the stock market actually rose!

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dance Music For Global DJ Network

I was accustomed to playing unusual mashups
on my Global DJ Network radio show.
But,I wanted to do at least one regular music show,
so I did this one.
Thanks to the Global peeps for airing it.

DJ Useo
Dance Music For Global DJ Network (1:00:25)
01-Alex M Vs Marc Van Damme-Died in Your Arms (Club Mix)
02-Andrew Spencer Meets Blue Nature-I Need A Hero
(Blue Nature Mix)
03-Baracuda-I Will Love Again (Age Pee Remix)
04-Bass Fun-Got To Move (Electro Version)
05-Candy-Ride On Time 2008 (Paris Instrumental)
06-Carlo Cavalli Pres Deep Gear-Sunshine (Vibeness Mix)
07-Dancefloor Rockaz-Warning (Noiseroyce Remix)
08-Dirty South & Paul Harris feat. Rudy-
Better Day (TV Rock Remix)
09-Electro Funk Daddy-Superstar Break (mix3)
10-Elin Lanto-Speak 'N Spell (albin myers club mix)
11-Fabrizio E Marco-Fly Away (Crom & Steel Extended Mix)
12-Kenneth Thomas Feat. Colleen Riley-
Ghost In The Machine (Rob B Deep Tech Mix)
13-Luke Dzierzek-Echo (John Dahlback Remix)
14-Marco V-Dudak (Brian Cross Remix)
15-Messler-Prepare (Cosmic Gate B2b3 Edit)
16-MST-Ooops Up (MST 2008 Rework)
17-Nick Terranova-Breakaway (Instrumental)


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Es Muy Tuno-All DJ Useo Mix (42:09)

Here's a mix made as an exclusive for
Sound-Unsound Wadio.
The reception from listeners was
overwhelming.Thanks all.

DJ Useo
Es Muy Tuno Mix (42:09)

01-'as'st' intro
02-Beatles-Birthday (DJ Useo Day Of Birth Remix)
02-Sparks-AeroFlot/TolForeA (DJ Useo Palindrome Remix)
03-Just Can't Get Enough Flyaway>Love
(Depeche Mode vs Armand Van Helden)
(Extended Version)
04-Stress-Indian Summer Dream (DJ Useo Remix)
05-Hearts Are Boing (Trio vs Kraftwerk)
06-On The Edge Walk (The Cure vs Eelke Kleijn
And The World)
07-Devo-Snowball (DJ Useo Remix)
08-Don't Give Up Bad Runner (Chicane vs Bodinski)
09-Hey New Life Bulldog (DJ Splash vs The Beatles)
10-My Bloody Sex Dwarf (Soft Cell vs My Bloody Valentine)
11-Astro Strangeness (Full Intention vs Astro Sounds
From The Year 2000 vs The Bevis Frond)
12-Ripoff Too Far (T.Rex vs Feelies) (v2)
13-Women Respond To History (XTC vs Renegade Soundwave
vs Frank Ti-Aya vs Yardi Don)
14-Face Down Auctioneer (Leroy Van Dyke vs Zone Breaker)
15-Dance This Spam Around (B-52's vs Monty Python's
Flying Circus)
16-La Guitaristic Request (North vs Rinôçérôse)
17-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-Electric Soca War Party (Thrashing Doves vs Rodion)


Mix For Radiotron@SINE fm (30:27)

Many thanks to Nutronic at SINE FM
for playing this exclusive mix of mine.

A totally clean mix safe for radio play.

(The last track is an unreleased exclusive of mine)

DJ Useo-
Mx For Radiotron@SINE fm
01-Frog The Dawg-Metallica vs Guess Who
02-DJ Topcat-It's My Mortal Life
(Bon Jovi vs Afu-Ra)
03-Aggro1-Cocaine vs Strangelove
04-Go Home Productions-Pink Wedding
(Billy Idol vs Pink)
05-Wax Audio-Full Metal Jackson
(Michael Jackson vs Metallica)
(AC/DC vs Justin Timberlake)
07-DJ Moule-Egyptian Cannonball
(Breeders vs Bangles)
08-DJ Foefur-Egyptian Nite
(Strokes vs Bangles)
09-DJ Mad Martigan-Nobody Have A Flathead
(Fratellis vs Marilyn Manson)
10-Funk That Shit Productions-Hey Ya Fly Away
(Outkast vs Lenny Kravitz)
11-A Plus D-Standing In The Way Of Connection
(The Gossip vs. Elastica)
Nothing Aguas De Parco Wrong
(Red Lorry Yellow Lorry vs Crookers)


Spies Like Us Dig It (Paul McCartney vs Skinny Puppy)

I wanted to give Paul's Soundtrack number
some more 'oomph',so what would be
better than some Skinny Puppy?

link 1

link 2

You Know My Mechanical Man (Beatles vs Devo)

The track for this month's
BeatlesRemixers' forum challenge
is "You Know My Name".

In honour of the strangest Beatles' track,
I chose to put it to the strangest Devo Track,
"Mechanical Man".

Consider this a warning! Lol!

link 1

link 2

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Beatles-I Call Your Name (DJ Useo Remix)

Here's a really swell Beatles
track I added some extra beats to,
& extended it.
Will you like it?

link 1

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The Rabbit Man (The Four Postmen vs Magik Johnson)

This track I made for a challenge.
It's a funny one & the idea
is for y'all to try & make
a funnier mashup.

link 1

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thriller Mashup Medley

Thanks again to Alpha1999 for the spooky cover!

Thriller Mashup Medley
DJ Useo Mix
01-Voicedude-Black Magic Thriller (MJ w/VP vs Santana)
02-Budtheweiser-Imagine The Thriller
(MJ w/VP vs John Lennon)
03-DJ Useo-Halloween Thriller
(John Carpenter vs DJ Lex vs MJ w/VP)
04-Michael Jackson-Thriller (Laidback Luke Remix)
05-ATOM-Doomed Thriller
(Michael Jackson vs Azzizo da Bass vs Timo Maas)
06-Pimpdaddysupreme-Thriller Shake
(MJ w/VP vs Ying Yang Twins Feat. Pitbull)
07-DJ Topcat-Thriller Thing (MJ f/VP vs Soulja Boy)
08-Corporation-The Thriller Warp
(MJ f/ VP vs Rocky Horror Picture Show)

As heard in the Halloween edition of
The Qradips Show 11.

link 1

link 2

All-Halloween Tracks Qradips Show

Here's a recorded copy of my
latest The Qradips Show from
Sound-Unsound Wadio

There's nawt but Halloween tracks,
& the listeners told me it
was completely MAD! Lol!

It's a half hour longer than normal,
but that's a good thing.

The Qradips Show 11
w/ Count Konrad Von Useo
All-Halloween Tracks Special


01-Miss Frenchie-These Are The Eyes
(Spooky Breaks Mix)

02-Guv'nor vs Celebrity Murder Party-Hey Monsta

03-World Famous Audio Hacker-
Spooky (Arcade Horror Remix)
(World Famous Audio Hacker vs. Classics IV)

04-DJ Clive$ter-The Megablast Of Dragula

05-RIAA-I Needs My Witches
(Gary Glitter vs Frank Sinatra)

06-DJ_Magnet-Witchcraft Season
(Frank Sinatra vs The Zombies vs The Cure)

07-DiscoDoc-Witchy Woman,MD
(Eagles vs Armand Van Helden)

08-Voicedude-You Should Be The Witch Queen
(Tom Jones Vs. Bee Gees)

Take Me Away (Creeps vs Napoleon IX)

10-Cheekyboy-Monsters Dare
(Gorillaz vs Monster Rap)

11-KrazyBen-Monster Of The Crypt

12-Dunproofin'-Black Metal Monster

13-MP3J-I Want To Bite Your Hand

14-The Who Boys-Pump Up The Pumpkin

15-Mr Fab-Cannibal Zombie Mom

16-DJ Boasty-Purple People Eater (Remix)
17-DJ Useo-Nobodies Mountain King
(Marilyn Manson vs Lawrence Welk & His Orchestra)
(2008 Remaster)

18-DJ Useo-Spirit Got Lost In The Inner Marshland
(Mental As Anything vs The Bevis Frond)

Bela Lugosi Is Dead Or Alive
(Bauhaus vs Oingo Boingo)

Monster P.E.T.R.O.L. Mash (Misfits vs Orbitol)

21-DJ Useo-Halloween Hands Of Death
(Ministry vs Alice Cooper f/ Rob Zombie)

22-Heywood Banks-Only By The Ghouls
Who Are Dead (DJ Useo Remix)

Michael Jackson w/Vincent Price-
Thriller Medley
(w/ Voicedude,Budtheweiser,DJ Useo,
Atom,Laidback Luke,Corporation,DJ Topcat,
(DJ Useo Mix)

24-Rockwell-Somebody's Watching Me
(ATOM's Infrared Pickup Mix)


Download 1

Download 2

Download 3

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sparks-AeroFlot/TolForeA (DJ Useo Palindrome Remix)

Here's a track you can play forwards & backwards
& it's still the same.

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link 2

2 BRUISEO Extended Versions

Here's 2 extended versions of popular tracks
from my new album BRUISEO.


Just Can't Get Enough Flyaway>Love
(Depeche Mode vs Armand Van Helden)
(Extended Version)

link 1
link 2

What Time Is A Deeper Love
(Aretha Franklin vs The KLF)
(Extended Version)

link 1
link 2

Halloween Video

Here's a genuinely scary Halloween video
made for me by the inestimable Alpha1999.
Don't wet yourself! Bwah Ha HA!

watch here-

Psychedelic Lunch Mix (60's psych rock)

Here's a new long mix I did up for
It's very obscure 60's psych rock
with an obvious theme.
It may give you the munchies,lol.

DJ Useo
Psychedelic Lunch
01-Chicken Bones-Feeling
02-Apple-The Otherside (Single Mix)
03-Fuzzy Duck-A Word From Big D
04-Electric Prunes-Kyrie Eleison
05-Irish Coffee-I'm Lost
06-Sam Apple Pie-Hawk
07-Gravy Train-Won't Talk About It
08-Orange Alabaster Mushroom-Tree Pie
09-Egg-While Growing My Hair
10-Raw Material - Time Is
11-Atomic Rosster-Friday 13th
12-Magic Mixture-Yoy
13-Toad-No Need
14-Vanilla Fudge-Need Love
15-Black Cat Bones - Barbed Wire Sandwich
16-Ancient Grease-Time To Die
17-Toe Fat-Just Like All The Rest
18-Boot-Reach Out
19-The Peanut Butter Conspiracy-Big Bummer
20-Mushroom-The Liathdan
21-Tucky Buzzard-Warm Slash
22-The Chocolate Watchband - Inner Mystique
23-The Electric Toilet-Mississippi Hippy
24-Humble Pie-Four Day Creep (Live)

Get your copy here-

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Adagio For Mother (John Lennon vs William Orbit)

This track was made as part of
the Beatles Remixers'monthly challenge,
the track this month being a John Lennon
track called 'Mother'.

The song was already deadly piercing,
& very emotional.
I warn you now,it's moreso
in this arrangement.

Don't listen alone.

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link 2

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mix For Goats

This 30 minute piece was made for the radio show
Sound-Unsound This Week.
Listen Fridays at 8 pm gmt
3 pm est

DJ Useo
Mix For Goats (30:53)
01-Daniel Steven Crafts-Soap Opera Suite,
Brief Interlude: The Woods
(from 'Soap Opera Suite / Snake Oil Symphony')
02-Kai-Officer Icky (from 'Stephen Marley The Remix Album')
03-DJ Useo-Strychnine Girl
(Garbage vs Fuzztones vs Crookers)
(from DJ Useo-Halloween ep)
04-Frogthedawg-Hindi Metal
05-DJ Morgoth-Rihanna The Vampire Slayer
(from 'BBI's Mashuptown Massacre')
06-Totom-Knockin' On Ziggy's Door [Extended Mix]
07-The Avalanches-Little Journey
08-DJ Petrushka-Latin Venus
09-Dublzero-On A Dopey Tip (SL2 vs J.B.O.)
(from 'A Burrowful of Boots-The Groundhog Day Album')
10-The Who Boys-We Will Chop You
(from 'The Good, The Bad and The Who Boys')
11-Juxtaposeur-Space Dictation
(from 'The Vinyl Frontier Vol 1: Mashups From Outta Space')
12-Dave Remix-7 Nation Strut (Get Up)
Mashin Up The Party Vol 2
13-The Beatles-Eleanor Rigby (Jeff Littlefod Dance Remix)
14-DJ DB-Mystic Stepper
(from 'History Of Our World Part 1: Breakbeat & Jungle Ultramix)
15-Lo Sherpa-Lick My Tarantella
(from 'Mashed Up')
16-Martinn-The Next Queen Of Sheba(Slower Version)
17-Virtual DJ-Eve of a Problem
(from 'The Vinyl Frontier Vol 1: Mashups From Outta Space')



Wednesday, October 15, 2008

DJ Useo-Halloween ep 2008

"Have a Very Fun Halloween,Scary,or Not."-DJ Konrad Useo

DJ Useo
Halloween ep 2008

(13 Tracks to Raise Your Hackles)


01-Halloween Hands Of Death
(Ministry vs Alice Cooper f/ Rob Zombie)

02-Strychnine Girl (Strict Version)
(Garbage vs Fuzztones vs Crookers)

03-Sticky Cat
(Dave Lasher vs Dusty Kid)

04-Only By The Ghouls Who Are Dead
(DJ Useo Remix)

05-That Was Just Daydreaming
(Metallica vs Baby-D)

06-Satan Likes Poopoo
(DJ Useo Rock Version Remix)

07-Cemetary Beat Perfecto
(Bill Mumy vs Yamo/Wolfgang Flür)

08-GhostSpell (Bora Minovitch &
His Harmonica Rascals vs George Dunning)

09-Hoppy Potty Schpooky
Party In The Park
(Mad TV vs Zeena Gulzar)

10-The Monster Raps To Streetgirls
(Bobby "Boris" Pickett & Bobby Payne
vs Tocadisco)

11-What Ever Happened To Eddie?
(DJ Useo D 'n B Remix)

12-Monster Lollipop
(The Toyes vs Crookers)

13-13-Miles At Night
(Smashing Pumpkins vs Lavagance)


link 1

link 2

Saturday, October 11, 2008

50th Podcast-All Useo Tracks Review

To celebrate my 50th podcast &
the return of my 1st podcast site,
here's an all-Useo review
that starts near the beginning
& ends with the current.


01-Simon Says Bagpipe (Pharoahe Monch vs Tate)
02-Hang On,Eve ((Eve f/Jadakiss vs Ramsey Lewis)
(From The Album 'Ape Lusby')
03-The Rhayader Game (Camel vs George Morel)
04-Mighty Pink (Ghostface Killah vs The Fabulous Poodles)
(From The Album 'A Burrowful Of Boots : The Groundhog Day Album')
05-The Fucking XDDT Moon (Jobs For America vs ECC)
(From The Album 'Frikkenfrack : DJ Useo's Strangest Boots')
06-Speed Of Tomorrow (David Bowie vs Gorillaz vs Chic)
07-Not Welcome In Reason (Squeeze vs C2K vs Cytekk)
08-DJ Useo vs CMP-1,2,Sirens,U (Dizzee Rascal vs Wire)
(From The Album 'Beat-Boot-Ique's Blame It On The Bootie')
09-Magic Carpet House (Chus & Penn Pres. Soulground vs London
Residents vs Mighty Dub Cats)
(From GYBO's Dub Reggae Dancehall Challenge)
10-Moody V. Thirteen (Big Audio Dynamite vs Moody Blues)
(From The Album 'This One's For Joe : A Tribute To Joe Strummer')
11-Spirit Got Lost In The Inner Marshland
(Mental As Anything vs The Bevis Frond)
(From The Album 'Mashing Pumpkins')
12-Woke Up Tomorrow (Beatles vs Ramones)
13-Flying Swedish Chef (Muppets vs Beatles)
14-All Is Boy (Book Of Love vs The Animals)
15-Just One Atomic Kiss Explosion (Trance Control vs Basement Jaxx)
16-1999 In The Wind, Pt. II (Prince vs Illinois Speed Press)
17-This Ain't The Summertime Blues (The Who vs Blue Oyster Cult)
(From The Album 'DJ Useo Presents Summer Booty 2008')
18-A Blind Man's Penis After Dark (Robboz vs John Trubee)
19-AstroTimmy! (Timmy & The Lords Of The Underworld vs Mocean Worker)
20-Come On Feelings (Dancefloor Rockaz vs Junior Jack vs Depeche Mode
vs Applefunk f/ Alexis)
21-DJ Useo vs Celebrity Murder Party-Love Rocket
(Donna Summer vs Suicide)
(From The Album 'Beat-Boot-Ique's The Vinyl Frontier')
22-DJ Useo as DJ Meaningless-Sister Mary Driver
(Gary Sharp vs Green Yortex Club)
(From The Album 'It Is To Laff : Humourous Bootlegs')
23-Eden Butterfly (Peter Gabriel vs Iron Butterfly)
(From The Album 'Intense Psychedelia')
24-Devo-Snowball (DJ Useo Remix)
25-Give Me All I Need (Una Mas vs ZZ Top vs Yes)
(From The Album 'Bruiseo')
26-Just Can't Get Enough Flyaway>Love (Depeche Mode vs Armand Van
Helden) (Single Mix)


Download 1

Download 2

Thursday, October 9, 2008

DJ Useo-Bruiseo (Mashup Album)

Here's a new mashup collection of likeable
appealing bootlegs that you can dance to.
For an idea of the content,
check out this post of similar material-


DJ Useo
Bruiseo (For Demonstration Purposes Only)
01-Just Can't Get Enough Flyaway>Love (Depeche Mode vs Armand Van
Helden) (Single Mix)
02-Prepare To Nemesis (Shriekback vs Torch Song)
03-What You Guido (INXS vs Carnifull Trio)
04-Babys On Edit (Eno vs Art Of Noise)
05-Flowers In The Rain See The Light (Stress vs Musto + Bones)
06-Blame It On The Autobahn (Norman Cook vs Kraftwerk)
07-Realm Of Bruce (Bassomatic vs Adam Ant)
08-Dooms The Commotion (The Wiseguys vs Azzido Da Bass)
09-What Time Is A Deeper Love (Aretha Franklin vs The KLF)
(Single Mix))
10-Unbearable Knobbers (Wonderstuff vs Crookers)
11-2 E-Chips (U2 vs E-Chip)
12-I Love To Blackout (The Damned vs Moby)
13-Turn Out The Fantasy (Nelly Furtado vs 30 Seconds To Mars)
14-Give Me All I Need (Una Mas vs ZZ Top vs Yes)
15-Mashing Under Streetlights (The KLF vs The Brains) (+)
16-Experienced Psycrepes (Devo vs Paranormal Attack vs Exaile)
17-Penny On The Ceiling (Blancmange vs Crookers)

New Links-

Link 1

Link 2

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hearts Are Boing (Trio vs Kraftwerk)

As featured on
The Qradips Show 8
on radio
Tuesdays 8 pm gmt

Hearts Are Boing (Trio vs Kraftwerk)

Trio-Hearts Are Trump
Kraftwerk-Tour De France.

link 1

link 2

Stress-Indian Summer Dream (DJ Useo Remix)

It's psychedelic.
Light some incense & enjoy.

link 1

link 2

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Qradips Show w_DJ Useo 7

Here's the latest edition of my
radio show as broadcast on radio

The Qradips Show w/DJ Useo 7 Playlist


01-Crookdimwit-Mash Up the Shoesaw (Fatboy Slim vs 'as'st')
02-Party Ben-Ooh La La Summer Nights
(The Wiseguys vs. Olivia Newton John & John Travolta)
03-DJ Earlybird-It Wasn't Funkytown (v2)
(Shaggy vs Lipps Inc.)
04-'Uncredited'-Halkelis (Halcali vs. Kelis)
05-Don Amott King of Country-Copperhead Crack
(Steve Earle vs Kelis)
06-Yaz-Don't G01101111 (Skkatter Remix)
07-Poet-Punctuated December (v2)
(Frank Zappa vs Jay Z)
08-Michel Sardou-Le Lac Des Conneremax (Mad Martigan Remix)
09-Team9 vs. Stereogum-When Will My Cheated Heart
(Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs. Diana Ross)
10-Ex-Dublxero-Nookies Don't Lie (Limp Bizkit vs'?')
11-Johnny Cash Allstar Band-God's Gonna Cut You Down
(DJ Schmolli Remix)
12-DJ Clive$ter-Entertaining Dinosaur
(Scott Joplin vs. Was Not Was)
13-The Who Boys-Stayin a Firestarter
(The Bee Gees vs The Prodigy)
14-Dropbass-Hillbilly Britney
(Britney Spears vs '?')
DJ Useo-Oolite Clam
(Elvis Presley vs Ozric Tentacles vs The Trashmen)
16-DJ Useo-Astro Strangeness
(Full Intention vs Astro Sounds From The Year 2000 vs The Bevis Frond)
17-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-DJ Useo-Mercedes Superstar
(Janis Joplin vs Jesus Christ Superstar)


Download 1

Download 2

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Top 40's Mix (55:43) Extinct Tunes From The Late 1940's

I made this set of late 1940's tracks
for my good pal,Neckice.
Sorry if you thought it was 'top 40' music.
It was once,lol.

DJ Useo
Top 40's Mix
Actual Late 1940's Tunes


01-Red Ingle & Jo Stafford-Timtayshun
02-Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters-
South America, Take It Away
03-Johnny Mercer-Personality
04-Kay Kyser-Ole Buttermilk Sky
05-Frank Sinatra-Five Minutes More
06-Dinah Shore-Doin' What Comes
07-Tex Beneke & The Glenn Miller
Orchestra-Hey Ba-Ba-Re-Ba
08-Harmonicats-Peg O' My Heart
09-Tex Williams-Smoke, Smoke, Smoke
(That Cigarette)
10-Ted Weems-Heartaches
11-Larry Green-Near You
12-Hoagy Carmichael-Ole Buttermilk Sky
13-Pee Wee Hunt-Twelfth Street Rag
14-Peggy Lee-Manana
15-Evelyn Knight-Powder Your Face
With Sunshine
16-Al Trace-You Call
Everybody Darlin'
17-Jimmy Wakely & Margaret Whiting-
Slipping Around
18-Tommy Dorsey & Charlie Shavers-
The Hucklebuck
19-Red Foley-Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy
20-Eileen Barton-If I Knew You Were Comin'
I'd Have Baked A Cake
21-Tex Beneke-St. Louis Blues March


Link 1

Link 2

Thursday, September 25, 2008

GYBO CURE Challenge Track

Musical elements altered so as to
attain bootleg status,here's

On The Edge Walk (The Cure vs Eelke Kleijn And The World)

Crafted to appear in the

Hello GYBO!

link 1

link 2

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008

Party Ben Interview

Read an incredible interview with the acclaimed
premiere dj & bootlegger,Party Ben
in my weekly 'M Is For Mashup' weekly column here-


The Qradips Show w/ DJ Useo 6-Special Campfire Edition

More Qradips madness with the mashups
you love given a strange twist!

The campfire special comes to you with a
Texan twist,& some cool tracks by
Instamatic,Bangers & Mash,Bug,Budtheweiser,
Party Ben,Miss Frenchie,DJ MXR & many more.

With a special campfire sing-a-long &
the exclusive unreleased DJ Useo track-
Babys On Edit (Eno vs Art Of Noise).

As broadcast on


The Qradips Show w/ DJ Useo 6 - Campfire Edition


01- Rolf Harris Touches Himself Everytime He
Thinks About You / Dublxero

02- Can I Have It Just Like That / Bug

03-Madison Heartbreak / Instamatic

04-Funkier than a Mosquito's Tweeter re / Bangers & Mash

05-Pump it Bat [final] / Mash-O-Bator

06-Fly me to Sloop John B / BudtheWeiser

07-Rising Damp Remix / Bianco

08-Buy Me A Combine Harvester / Bug

09-Across The Universe / DJ Useo w/ Mr.Mee

10-Let's Love On the Road / DJ MXR

11-Thank God I'm a Country Boy (Country Remix) / Party Ben

12-DEVO-vs-BootyBass (Stereomix) / Jankenpop

13-Don't Let The Man Get You Down / Miss Frenchie

14-I Want PBJ / Plur

15-Papadecoder / Pilchard


(Eno vs Art Of Noise) / DJ Useo

17-Ca Bitch Pour Moi / Devolve



Monday, July 28, 2008

Dottysmash's The Smash-Up w/ DJ Useo-INSPIRED BY SESSIONS

Here's the first in a series
of Dottysmash's The Smash-Up radio show
on Global DJ Network featuring
guest DJ's playing the tracks that inspire them.

It contains 2 unreleased exclusive DJ Useo Mashes.


1. Smoke On The House / Criz ROCK
2. bizkit of choice / aldo
3. Ice-Ice-80's / Uncredited
4. Videomistake / EVE MASSACRe
5. breathe superman / asvinor
6. rolling satisfaction / Miss frenchie
7. paperback believer / Ghp
8. BEastie Bop / dinbot
9. whoomp it's mobscene / Harry headbanger
10. 69 mint cats / Miss frenchie
11. Beatles' Mash-up Medley / Hank Handy
12. Uncle fucker up / freelance hairdresser
13. Simon Says Bagpipe (Pharoahe Monch vs taTe) / DJ Useo
14. UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-Mashing Under Streetlights
(The KLF vs The Brains) / DJ Useo
(Una Mas vs ZZ Top vs Yes) / DJ Useo



SUSN This Week 2 (July 25 2008)

Sound-Unsound Network
SUSN This Week 2 (July 25 2008) (W/ DJ Useo)


01-Kitchmix- I'm A Spaz-
(N.E.R.D. vs LL Cool J vs Kosheen)

02-Tizwarz-Let Me See Those Bounce
(Lady Soveriegn vs Biz Markie & Elephant Man)

03-Corrupt DJ's-Shake That Music-Madonna vs Groove Armada)

04-OTG-One So Perfect Weekend To Apologize
(Orbital vs Todd Terry Project)

05-Bobby Martini-Shine Yet Suffer Well
(Booty Luv vs Depeche Mode)

06-Budtheweiser-Sgt Pepper Today tomorrow The World
(Ramones vs Beatles)

07-Supakon-Summer Season Rockit
(The Zombies vs Underdog Project vs Herbie Hancock)

08-Celebrity Murder Party-Sabotage The Reaper

09-DJ Fac-The B Girl Stands Still
(Corr vs Aubrey)

10-Atomix-Love Is A Losing Rap (Amy Winehouse vs )

11-DJ Useo-Tainted Floyd (Soft Cell vs Pink Floyd)

12-DJ Clive$ter-I Love Yello (Yello vs. MC Lyte vs Kelis)

13-Eamezey-If Everyone Tranced ( vs )

14-Supakon-The ABC Wizard (The Jackson 5 vs Paul Hardcastle)

15-DJ Spider-Mickey's Not My Name v2 (2008)
(Toni Basil vs. Aha vs. The Ting Tings)

16-Hahnstudios-Cheri, Cheri TNT (AC/DC vs )

17-Alpha1999-Let Da Funk Bite The Dust

18-Supakon-Get This Zombie Party Started (Pink vs Kernkraft 400)

19-Tizwarz-Magic Love (Leona Lewis vs Robin Thicke)

20-MaxwellJump-Re-Arrange the Void

21-Guv'nor-There they Rise (Krafty Kuts vs Kurd Mavericks)

22-World Famous Audio Hacker-Doin' Time (Hacker's 4PM Dub)

23-Virtual DJ-What Goes Around In A Hurt World
(Madonna vs Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake)

24-DJ Schmolli-The Wonderwall Tempest (Oasis vs Pendulum)

25-Phil RetroSpector-Bluebird-Blackout

26-Beatlesremixersgroup-The End Megamix



The Qradips Show 5 w/DJ Useo (July 15 2008)

The Qradips Show 5 w/DJ Useo (July_15_2008)
---If Yu Can Read This Yu're Too Cool
-mashups off kilter

Qradips are Mashups


01-DJ Yoda-Lamacq (Live Pt. 1)(a'st)

02-Dinbot-Hot-Buttered Bizkits (Hot Butter vs Limp Bizkit)

03-RIAA-(I'm Not Your) Council Estate
(Tricky vs Monkees vs Manhattan Strings vs Minor Threat vs Gal Costa vs drag race sound fx record, beat vs Los Straitjackets)

04-DJ Useo-Spy Vs Underground
(Mouloud & The Sonic Destruction vs Brian Briggs)

05-McSleazy-Ska-ter Boi (Selector vs Avril Lavigne)

06-Osymyso-California Nightmare
(Mama's & The Papa's vs Micronauts)

07-Akira Kawahara-Brown Toothed Girl
(Obie Trice vs Van Morrison)

08-The Who Boys + Tony Crackburn Orchestra-
(in the) Kitchen at Parties (Jona Lewie)

09-Pilchard-The Tony Crackburn Orchestra-Cat TWIN
(Aphex Twin vs The Aristocats vs Sonic Youth)

10-Bug-Five Six Seven Eight Homer (Simpsons vs )

11-DJ Crookair-H To The Brandenburg Izzo
(Jay-Z vs. Johann Sebastian Bach)

12-Lionel Vinyl-Owner Of A Lonely Butt
(Yes vs Sir Mix-a-lot)

13-DJ Pantshead-Junga Nova Soul
( vs )

14-Pop Razors-Monkey Man (Specials vs )

15-Deep Disco Force-Instant Mashmeister
(Trio vs Richie Valens)

16-DJ Tripp-How Many Licks To Constantinople
(Lil' KIm vs TMBG)

17-DJ Useo-Everybody Farewell Tonight
(Wang Chung vs Sound Of Music 'sdtk')



Friday, July 25, 2008

Ear Pain (Benedictine Monks Of St.Michaels vs City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)

Ear Pain
(Benedictine Monks Of St.Michaels vs
City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
vs High School Cheerleaders vs The Why
vs M. Quayutinuag & M Tavaluk vs
Manchurek Khen vs Pierre Garnier
vs Kirk Nurack)

The new 'Crance' music fad is
coming on strong here locally,
what with people getting tired
of melody & rhythm.

The style calls for much abrasiveness
of sound,and multiple sources.

This track employs-

01-City Of Prague
Philharmonic Orchestra-
War Of The Worlds:
Main Title & Introduction

02-Benedictine Monks
Of St.Michaels-
Sanctus & Benedictus

03-High School Cheerleaders-
Not While I'm Swallowing,Dear

04-The Why-Aluminium

05-M. Quayutinuag &
M Tavaluk-Quanatyug

06-Manchurek Khen-
Oorzhak Khunashtaar-Ool

07-Pierre Garnier-

08-Kirk Nurack
-Lip Sustain

link 1

link 2

By request I include an extended version.

link 1

link 2

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cool School - Old Skool Mix

A new long mix hosted at the fantastic mix site


DJ Useo
Cool School
01-’T$ Godfather Interlude’
02-Sequence City-Megamix (Hip/House/Club)
03-Sugarhill Gang-Rappers Delight (Ben Liebrand MiniMix)
04-DJ Jack-Hot House (Import MegaMix)
05-Journey Man DJ-Can You Dig It (Radio Edit)
06-Sublime/Cypress Hill – Busted with 2 Joint (Remix)
07-Simply Red-Thrill Me (Masters At Work House Mix)
08-Modern Roketry-I’m Not Your Stepping Stone
09-Patrick Wolf Vs LCD-Wolf Child Tribulations
10-Peter Bjorn & John-Young Folks (Punks Jump Up Special)
11-Bloc Party-The Prayer (Haduken Rmx)
12-Snowden-Black Eyes (Le Castle Vania Rmx)
13-FreeForm 5-No More Conversations (Switch Rmx)
14-P. Diddy F/ C. Aguilera-Tell Me (Switch Rmx)
15-Optimo-Vicked Turntable Games
16-Mars Vs Venus-On & On
17-Audiodatabase-Phunky Music
18-The Illuminoids-The Ting Ting vs Shirley Ellis vs Divine vs Tone
Loc/Peaches vs. The Supremes
19-Front Line Assembly-Predator (Cease & Destroy Mix)
20-’T$ Scarface Interlude’


Thanks to the mega-cover artist Dottysmash.


Tainted Floyd (Soft Cell vs Pink FLoyd)

This track was recently featured in
mashup & remix podcast.
Thanks to all involved over there
in the release of a finestkind podcast.

link 1

link 2

Thanks to Alpha1999 for the
2 wonderful floyd covers.

My Bloody Sex Dwarf
(Soft Cell vs My Bloody Valentine)

Here's a'b-side'to accompany
the 'floyd/cell'.

A much more aggressive cut,
it was made live using
VIRTUAL DJ program.

link 1

link 2

Smart Patrol/Mr.DNA (DJ Useo Nutra Version)

Here's some more DEVO
for all you devolved spuds
craving additional tracks.

This one is from pure vinyl
to provide the richest
sound experience possible.

link 1

link 2

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lady Of The Universe (The Beatles vs Rick Wakeman)

Lady Of The Universe (The Beatles vs Rick Wakeman)

This gem was created for the Beatles Remixers Forum
& contains the Beatles' track
'Across The Universe'
& the Rick Wakeman tracks
'Lady Of The Lake'&
'Music Reincarnate'.

link 1

link 2

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

#111 Ramdom Thoughts - mashups & remixes w/DJ Useo+8 Exclusives

#111 Ramdom Thoughts - mashups & remixes
w/DJ Useo+8 Exclusives


Thanks to all the swell listeners commenting
I was allowed to guest-host a 2nd episode of
SCOTT JOHNSONS's Ramdom Thoughts.

Also HUGE thanks to all the bootleggers who made tracks,
& especially the exclusives.


01-Kid Rock - All Summer Long (Rhythm Scholar Remix) **EXCLUSIVE**
02-Dj Johnnyred - Very DNB (Nirvana v Black Sun Empire)
03-Qubic - The Angel Divine (Massive Attack v Yello v Art of Noise) **EXCLUSIVE**
04-DJ Useo - Tainted Floyd (Soft Cell v Pink FLoyd) **EXCLUSIVE**
05-DJ Fac - The Movement Of Love (You Bring Me) (Charlie Wilson v Carl Kennedy) **EXCLUSIVE**
06-Supakon - Would You Look Any Further (City High v Dennis Edwards) **EXCLUSIVE**
07-DJ MXR - Los Ninos Sign ‘O’ 4 Minutes (Los Ninos Del Parque v Sign ‘O’ The Time v 4 Minutes)
08-The Who Boys - Dear Mrs Rochester (Who Boys Original) **EXCLUSIVE**
09-DJ Clive$ter - Will I Touch Your Back (Amy Winehouse v Bros v Freemasons)
10-AeKon - So Beautiful (I’m Sick) (Flyleaf v 30 Seconds to Mars)
11-The Who Boys/Jona Lewie - You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties **EXCLUSIVE**
12-The Charlatans - You Cross My Path (McSleazy Remix)
13-Guv’nor - There they Rise (Krafty Kuts v Kurd Maverick)
14-Madness - Our House (Budtheweiser Nutty Dub Remix)
15-Alpha1999 - Alpha1999’s Summer Booty 2008 Cut & Paste Mix **EXCLUSIVE**
(A Medley from DJ Useo presents Summer Booty 2008)(13:14)



Check for downloads of all tracks at

Friday, July 4, 2008

Hold Me Silver Machine (Beatles vs Hawkwind)

What if Eleanor Rigby could fly?
What if The Blue Meanie was orange?
But more importantly,
what if the Beatles used a Moog Synthesizer
on an early recording?

link 1

link 2

Across The Universe

This month's track at BeatlesRemixers forum
as chosen by the inestimable Daytrippergirl
is 'Across The Universe'.

Here's a quick take with vocals
provided this very day by Mr.Mee.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ripoff Too Far (T.Rex vs Feelies)

Here's some jangling feelies jamming
shaken up with the elfen warbling
of marc bolan.

As featured in
Scott Johnson's RAMDOM THOUGHTS podcast
guest-host DJ Petrushka
for spinning my platter.

link 1

link 2

Tom Jones vs Snap vs R.E.M.

  "Radio Free Unusual" ( Tom Jones vs Snap vs R.E.M. ) It's Not Unusual vs Rhythm Is A Dancer vs Radio Free Europe. Stream or ...