Sunday, May 24, 2009

Intense Psychedelia 2 : Intensified Mashups

Last year I released the first

The intense part was a bit much for some,
& the psychedelia drove away a few more,
but after a year & 4 months,
it seems over 40,000 of you d/l-ed it.

It inspired me & I've done this new version
over the last year,slowly building up an
entire album of new tracks.

So drink your fill of ...

DJ Useo - Intense Psychedelia 2 : Intensified Mashups


01-Dr. Pepper Freak
(Butthole Surfers vs d.N.i.)

02-Mmm,Time's Going Slower
(The Three O'Clock vs DJ RedEye)

03-Incense & Peppermints Roxx
(Strawberry Alarm Clock vs Ziggy X)

04-The Majesty Of Confusion
(Spinal Tap vs New Order)

05-Black Light One
(The Mad Violets vs T Boy Vs. A.B.)

06-Springtime In Beats
(Nina Hagen vs DJ Disorder vs DJ Ektoplasm)

07-Nothing Aguas De Parco Wrong
(Red Lorry Yellow Lorry vs Crookers)

08-Voices Forever
(Police vs Flaming Lips vs T.Rex)

09-Lucy In The Sky With Cars
(Beatles vs 'Cars' movie sndtrk) (Reverse Mix)

10-The High-Up & Down (DJ Useo Remix)

11-Born To Be Underground
(Steppenwolf vs Mouloud & The Sonic Destruction)

12-See Emily Keep Da Vibe Alive
(Pink Floyd vs Riot 303 vs Observer)

13-Makin' Fun Of Bongos,Bleeps And Basslines
(Too Much Joy vs Zero DB)

14-7th High Doughnuts With Interceptor
(Double 99 vs Eat Static vs Eboman)

15-Bird Numbers Song
(Lene Lovich vs Kraftwerk)

16-Acid Missile
(Sigue Sigue Sputnik vs Binum)

17-Grind Rip-Off
(T.Rex vs Queen vs Alice In Chains)

18-Hello I Submit
(The Doors vs The Sex Pistols)

19-Devo-That's What He Said (DJ Useo Remix)

20-What's Digging On
(Peter Gabriel vs Marvin Gaye vs Rodriguez Jr.)


Full 143 mb 224 kbps file here-
Link 1

Animated cover gif here-Gif

File also available here-
Link 2

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