Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dont Encourage Useo-dance mashup album

Hello friends.
Hope you enjoy this new collection of
dance-oriented mashups.
Thanks for telling me it's what you wanted.

DJ Useo-Dont Encourage Useo

01-Poppin Steel
(Devo vs DJ Bam Bam)

(Blackbird vs Quadra)

03-Breaking Into Cars Not
Seen On The Radio
(The Raveonettes vs Deficient)

04-The Gumi Comeback
(The Shout Out Louds vs Damage vs Skazi)

05-Silk Skin Cycles
(Wire vs Lazonby)

06-Im A Sexeater
(Berlin vs Dubatech)

07-Mind Of A Speaker
(Visage vs Fanatic & Jaime)

08-Policy Of Crookers
(Depeche Mode vs Crookers)

09-Unknown Dharpa
(Yothu Yindi vs info lost)

10-Wishful Together
(China Crisis vs DJ Rob vs.
B.A.R. feat. Roxy)

11-X-Press & Y & Zee
(Pop Will Eat Itself vs X Press 2)

12-Feelin Broken
(Black Eyed Peas vs Zifra)

13-Something Tequiero Good
(Utah Saints vs ZeroDb)

14-Hey Little Girl U Really Got Me
(Icehouse vs Static Revenger)

15-Laughing Gas Tomorrow
(Morrissey vs Juno Reactor)

16-Big Butt Tonight
(INXS vs DJ Jed)

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