Sunday, May 30, 2010

South Park Theme (DJ Useo Too Much Remix)

This remix of Primus is done in the
spirit of the television show.
It's likely you'll either love it,
or hate it.

Perfect for ridding your home
of unwanted guests.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

DJ Useo-FrikkenMix (Strange Mashups) (1:16:59)

Here's a set of crazy mashups.
They all come from my
Frikkenfrack albums found here-


DJ Useo-FrikkenMix (Strange Mashups) (1:16:59)


01-Theme For The Jimmy Crack Corn From Under the Sea
(Milton De Lugg vs Eminem)

02-Are People Apollo 9 ? (Adam Ant vs Depeche Mode)

03-01-Oolite Clam (Elvis Presley vs
Ozric Tentacles vs The Trashmen)

04-03-United States Of Clinic (Live)
(Liam Lynch vs Clinic)

05-02-No Name-o
(The Unknowns vs Man With No Name)

06-Face Down Auctioneer
(Leroy Van Dyke vs Zone Breaker)

07-Bounce 2 Hardstyle Bubbles In The Wine
(The Lawrence Welk Orchestra vs
Dj Alligator vs Blutonium B)

08-Unhealthy Army Oysters
(Art Of Noise vs Invalid Media Type)

09-Spy Vs Underground
(Moloud & The Sonic Destruction vs Brian Briggs)

10-Flying Swedish Chef (Muppets vs Beatles)

11-Little Neutrino Bridge (Fergie vs Klaatu)

12-Peaches En Regalia For You
(Britney Spears vs Frank Zappa)

13-Nobodies Mountain King
(Marilyn Manson vs Lawrence Welk & His Orchestra)

14-Astro Strangeness (Full Intention vs Astro Sounds
From The Year 2000 vs The Bevis Frond)

15-A Blind Man's Penis After Dark
(Robboz vs John Trubee)

16-Fuckin Ell Its Forbidden Planet
(Half Man Half Biscuit vs Louis and Bebe Barron)

17-The Rabbit Man
(The Four Postmen vs Magik Johnson)

18-Eleanor Chopsticks Rigby
(Billy Mure vs The Beatles)

19-Blue Mathematics
(Mos Def vs All Star Hawaiian Band)

20-Dueling Haze (Eric Weissberg & Steve Mandell
vs Almost Jimi Hendrix)

21-Cant Tarantella a Carrettera This
(Ersatz MC Hammer vs Complesso
Caratteristico Feliciotto)

22-I Love You Russians In The DHSS
(Attila the Stockbroker vs Grieg)

23-Dance This Spam Around
(B-52's vs Monty Python's Flying Circus)

24-Doorsklok (Doors vs Dethklok)

25-The Fucking XDDT Moon
(Jobs For America vs ECC)

26-Black Metal Introduction
(Mongoloid Gnome vs National Whippeter)



DJ Useo-Hot (Club Mix)(1:00)

DJ Useo-Hot

Something to give you strong incentive to work up a sweat.
Mixed live.
May 20th 2010


01-Heiko & Maiko – Gebongt
(Francesco Morelli Remix)
02-Bastian Bates – Can’t Slow Down
(Michael Mind Remix Edit) Ft. Nicco
03-Chris Decay – Give It To Me
(Naksi & Brunner Miami Edit)
04-Damian Marquez – Shake Dat
(Soundshakerz Extended)
Ft. Lord Kossity
05-DJ Assad – Shimmy Shake (Remix)
Ft. Willy William
06-DJ Imprez & DJ Uniqx –
What Summer Needs (Partybreak)
07-DJ Sequence – Wanted Sound
(Fendbrothers Remix)
08-Fast Foot – Perfect Paganini
(Club Version)Ft. Music Instructor
09-DJ Jim – Liftin Up (DJ Mixon
& DJ Sveta Remix)
10-Electric Soulside – Moulin Rouge
(The Afterschool Special Mix)
11-Gabriel Delgado – Gogo-Logo
(Original Mix)
12-Geo Da Silva – I’ll Do You Like A Truck
(Original Mix)
13-GoldenPuff – Be My Sunshine (Mike Cole
Original Mix)
14-Horny United – L.O.I. (Lady of Ice)
(Chriss Ortega Big Room Radio Mix)
15-Ida Corr – Let Me Think About This
(Cherry Coke Remix) Ft. Fedde Le Grand
16-Just Plain Sick – She Goes
17-Kato – Are You Gonna Go My Way
(PH Elektro Remix Edit) Ft. Ian Dawn
18-Linda Teodosiu – Reprogram My Heart
(Bodybangers Remix)
19Markus Winter – Electro Love Song
(Club Mix)
20-Mykee – All Around The World
21-Paffendorf – Discover
(Mowgli and Bagheera Remix)
22-Royal Artists – When Love Takes Over
(House Nation Remix)
23-Slin Project – If You Believe
(Streamrocker Remix) Ft. Insua Dawuda
24-Sunrider – Arabian Pleasure
(Electro Mix)
25-Tribal Kings – To The Beat Of The Drum
(Mind Electric Remix)


Hosted on that great Mix Site,B00mB0x


DJ Useo-6Teez (Sixties Rock Mix)(1:05:51)

I got a serious request for
more sixties rock.
'Enough to last a party.'
was the wording.

So,if you add this to others
found here on groovytime,
you'll have one helluva bash!

DJ Useo-6Teez (Sixties Rock Mix)(1:05:51)

01-Howard Finster - Rock & Roll
and Preacher Finster
02-Gold - No Parking
03-Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends
- Wailing Sounds
04-Guru Guru - a record hi
05-The Distant Galaxy
- Dance The Night Away
06-Friar Tuck - And His
Psychedelic Guitar - sweet pea
07-Hamana - The Meek Shall
Inherit The Earth
08-The Creation - How Does It
Feel To Feel (US)
09-Gerardo Manuel and El Humo - Apocallypsies
(Beginning & End)
10-Fever Tree - San Francisco Girls
(Return Of The Native)
11-Disciple - come along
12-Evergreen Blueshoes - Walking Down The Line
13-National Lampoon - Those Fabulous Sixties
14-J.J. Light - Na Ru Ka
15-Maypole - Glance At The Past
16-The Monks - Monk Time
17-Fresh Blueberry Pancake - Hassles
18-Merkin Manor - Todaze
19-The Morticians - Now She's Gone
20-Freak Scene - a million grains of sand
21-The Plastic Cloud - Shadows Of Your Mind
22-Andy Kim - Rainbow Ride
23-Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies - You
Can't Ever Come Down

Download 1

Drive My Car (DJ Useo Drive Slow Mix)

Another take on the
classic Beatles track
for the Beatles Remixers forum's
monthly challenge.

Download 1
Download 2

Friday, May 14, 2010

Drive My Vat (The Beatles vs Timmo)

This month's
Beatles Remixers Forum
challenge track is
'Drive My Car'.

I added it to loops of Timmo's
'Vat' (Worakls Remix).

No stick shift this tune.
It's modern & automatic.

Download 1
Download 2

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



The hip,with-it members of the
Sound-Unsound Forum have conspired
to mix mashups that use the passion
of Flamenco with the melodies of pop & rock.

You will really dig this record!

Complete file link here-


01-Olili Stance (DJ Le Clown)
(Manitas de Plata vs Neneh Cherry)

02-About A Spanish Girl (Chocomang)
(Daniel Cox vs Nirvana)

03-All The Way (Todo Lo Que) (mARKYbOY)
(Antonio Martinez vs Craig David)

04-Survive The Silk Route (G3rst)
(Hossam Ramzy & Rafa El Tachuela vs Gloria Gaynor)

05-Losing My Diablo (Colatron)
(Rodrigo y Gabriela vs R.E.M.)

06-Bullet In The Guitarra G (DJ Spider)
(Chambao vs Planet Perfecto)

07-Forget About La Viguela (mARKYbOY)
(La Viguela vs Eminem & Dr Dre)

08-What The Fuck Is Wrong (Chocomang)
(Sarao Flamenco vs Linkin Park)

09-Way Ol Flamenco (Dj MashUp)
(Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson and DOE
vs Mediterranean Chill Experience)

10-Baila This Way (DJ MXR)
(Gipsy King vs Aerosmith/Run-DMC)

11-Sa Trincha Comes (Dubstep Mash) (Oscar TG)
(Sa Trincha vs Faithless)

12-Don't Look Any Further Than Tango Flamenco (DJ Spider)
(Paco de Lucia & Chambao vs Dennis Edwards & Siedah Garrett)

13-Some Kinda Loco Flamenco (mARKYbOY)
(Booty Luv vs My Digital Enemy)

14-Two Ways To Heaven (Colatron)
(Rodrigo y Gabriela vs Led Zeppelin)

15-La Tarara Kite (DJ Useo)
(Camaron vs The Beatles)

16-Just a Spanish Dream (The Reborn Identity)
(Shoji Meguro vs R.E.M.)

17-Satisfaccion del Domingo (mARKYbOY)
(DJ Puku ft Manu Nandez vs Johnny Corporate)

Join the Sound-Unsound Forum &
you can participate on upcoming
mashup albums from SUS.

Friday, May 7, 2010

You're Not Alone Michelle (Freemasons vs The Beatles)

Music-Beatles' 'michelle'
Singing-Freemason's 'you're not alone'

Download 1
Download 2

DJ Useo Hurried Podcast (30:09)

I'm so very busy this month
(as are we all)
so I did the shortest podcast I could.(30:09)
I hope you like.

DJ Useo Hurried Podcast

01-Pilchard - BBC_Mix_That Never Was
02-Irn Mnky - Red Red Robin (Turntablised)
03-Go Home Productions - Goodbye Rocky
04-Virtual DJ - The Eve of a Problem
(Juno Reactor vs Jeff Wayne vs Apollo 13)
05-DJ Useo - Star Trek For Science
(Royal Philharmonic Orchestra vs They Might Be Giants)
06-Dublxero - Crazy Frog Chorus (short)
07-DJ Prince - Funky Cold Ding Ding
08-Frogthedawg - Hockey
09-ShortieB - Get Ya Thong Up
(Shortie vs Ciara)
10-dj BC - Vous Ítes Seinfeld
11-Bangers & Mash - This Old Cha Cha Cha
(Serge Gainsbourg vs The Isley Brothers)
12-Dickie Goodman vs DJ Clivester - Safety First
(Clivester's Up-To-Date Mix)
13-Acafreak) - Wouldn't It Be Nice To Be Happy
Together At Farmville
(The Beach Boys vs The Farmers)
14-Irn Minky - The Enemy Overture
(1 minute of madness)
15-Tizwarz - Trumpton Dick
(Childrens tv Theme vs 20 Fingers)
16-MP3J-Can't Buy My Shoe (Demo)
(Beatles vs Beatles)
17-The Beatles - Why Don't We Do It In the Road?
(Honey Pie) (DJ Useo Remix)
18-DJ Not-I - DJ Not-I Jingle
(ft. Afroman, Braintax, BristleKRS, Bruce Lee,
ButterB, Dr. Bakteria, Hire Spensa, Lupe Fiasco,
MC Lyte, ODB, Ryan Tronier, Shturtzite,
Tony Touch, Tweet, & Voltio)
19-Frogthedawg - walking
20-Frunt Room 5 - Envy Rug
21-Tizwarz - Summer Drive
(Rihanna vs Underdog Project)
22-Arty Fufkin - Creole Pour Moi
(Elvis Presley vs Plastic Bertrand)



DJ Useo-Sixties Rock Express (1:15:01)

Here's more lost 60's Psychedelic
Rock for all youse who keep asking for more.
Thanks for writing.

DJ Useo-Sixties Rock Express
00-Rainbow-Mary Lou
01-Joseph - Trick Bag
02-Atomic Rooster - Break The Ice
03-Kahvas Jute - Free
04-Fifty Foot Hose - If Not This Time
05-Mutzie - Highway
06-Phantom's Divine Comedy - Calm Before The Storm
07-Peacepipe - Angel Of Love
08-Plastic Penny - Your Way To Tell Me Go
09-Flying Machine - The Devil Has Possession Of Your Soul
10-The Damnation of Adam Blessing - Cookbook
11-Majic Ship - Cosmo's Theme
12-Kim Fowley - Love Is Alive And Well
13-Floating Bridge - Watch Your Step
14-The David - I Don't Care
15-Hay Market Square - Phantasmagoria
16-Harumi - Talk About It
17-Warren S. Richardson Jr. - Easy Rider
18-The Surprise Package - New Way Home
19-The Stone Garden - Oceans Inside Me (Ripcord)
20-The United States of america - Hard Coming Love
21-Golden Dawn - Evolution


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kyle Muntz' VOICES,A Book

Here's a fine new book written by a
good pal of mine who is a great
new talent in fiction,Kyle Muntz.


Taking place in a kind of "internal space," populated by living ideas, Voices utilizes broken typography within the context of an equally broken narrative to examine an existence in which identity and self have become, themselves, imaginary, but have allowed human thought and feeling to reshape the very nature of perceptual reality. Language is given a new, unfamiliar shape: complete freedom to explore the framework of an intricate semiotic landscape.

If you like to read well-written fiction,
you'll enjoy this fine book.

Big Country vs Kraftwerk

"Trans-Europe Chance" ( Big Country vs Kraftwerk ) 1983 New Wave vs 1977 Electronic. Stream or d/l here - Link