Friday, August 20, 2010

Intense Psychedelia 4 - All New Mashups

Here's more of the series you demanded.
18 all-new psychedelic mashups to help
you pass the late night hours.

DJ Useo-Intense Psychedelia 4

01-Poison Kryptonite (3 Doors Down vs The Prodigy)

02-Tambo For A Ride (Bob Dylan vs The Wildflowers)

03-14th St. Comes Today (Gorillaz vs Beastie Boys)

04-Beyond The World Destruction (Time Zone vs Indica)

05-The Only Disease I Know (The Charlatans vs Breakbeat Era)

06-She Blinded Me With Wirdo Birdo (Thomas Dolby vs Flyby)

07-Bright Green Color (The Heartthrobs vs PTX vs Onyx)

08-Beat Temptation (DJ Useo Backmask Remix)

09-The Waiting Drop (Cornelius vs Genesis)

10-Date With The Computer Virus (Twilight vs Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

11-Kinky Jingo (Happy Mondays vs Fatboy Slim)

12-Kidney Bingos Zoo (Wire vs Razors Edge)

13-Nights I Dont Miss You (The Shoes vs Psytour)

14-Narcosis Traits (Robyn Hitchcock vs Bill Nelson)

15-Ah Ha Children Of The Sun Ha Ha Haaaa
(The Time & Space Machine vs
Bubbleena vs Alright Matey)

16-Rainbows Awapowa (Modern English vs Activate Morlock)

17-Breathe & Realize (The Flaming Lips vs Prodigy)

18-No Motorcycle (Pete Shelley vs Love And Rockets)

Download 1
Download 2

Here's a 23-minute mix of the whole album
for those who want to check out IP4 first.

Download 1
Download 2

Here's the animated version of the cover-

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