Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Punk Song Lennon vs Johnny Thunders

Here's a Christmas
music mashup I made
for the current
Christmas Challenge.

You will hear John Lennon
singing over Johnny Thunders
& the Heartbreakers.
It is highly punky.
Merle Christmas everybody!

Link 1

Link 2

Friday, December 16, 2011

Bassomatic-Fascinating Rhythm DJ Useo Remix

One of my favoritest songs ever,
& I got to do my own take on it.
Life is good.

Anyone else digging all that incredible
William Orbit music out there?

Link 1

Link 2

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ticket To Electric Cafe (The Beatles vs Kraftwerk)

Ticket to ride acapella.
Hey Bulldog acapella.
Electric Cafe instrumental.

Several software apps
& one deejay later,you get
'Ticket To Electric Cafe'
(The Beatles vs Kraftwerk).

Link 1

Link 2

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sound-Unsound Christmas Podcast

As an expression of our good will
to you all this Yuletide season

Sound-Unsound Christmas Podcast 2011
w/ DJ Petrushka & DJ Useo



01-Colatron-Faithless Praise
(Rihanna vs Imogen Heap vs Jeff Buckley)

02-...And Sushi! Productions -The Christmas Carol Of Emmanuel
(Jars of Clay vs Mannheim Steamroller vs
Kristen Berg & Pursue vs Aranda vs ABR)

03-S.I.R.-Without You (On Last Christmas)
(David Guetta feat. Usher)

04-Aztec Camera-Walk Out To Winter (DreamTime Mix v2.0)

05-Qubic-Oíche Suaimhneach, Fir Caoin
(Mediaeval Baebes vs Loreena McKennitt)

06-DJ Spider-The DJ Rocked Last Christmas
(Wham vs Robbie Williams)

07-DJ Useo-The Comfortable Christmas Song
(Mel Torme vs Kinobe)

08-Pheugoo-Evacuate Gods Smile
(Cascade vs Coldplay)

09-G3rst-Jingle Date
(Blink 182 vs Andre Rieu)

10-G4Gorilla-Red And White Hand
(Frank Sinatra vs Nick Cave)

11-mARKYbOY-Love Games Last Christmas
(Lady Gaga vs Wham)

DJ Useo-Let It Snow Rising
(Frank Sinatra vs Purple Code vs Cubrik)

13-Dan Mei-All The Boulevard Storytime She Said
(Nightwish vs Green Day vs t.A.T.u. vs Katy Perry)

14-Chocomang-Din Daa Daa Pressure
(Queen Bowie George Kranz vs Dr Dre
15-MaxwellJump-She Likes to Make Love in London
(Jam and Spoon vs Melanie Doane vs Allen Ginsberg)

(Burial vs Imogen Heap vs Jeff Buckley)


Available for streaming or download.

New 320 kbps here-
Link 1
Be good to each other as someone important
once instructed us to do. ;)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

XTC vs Fr33m4n Pro Occupy Mashup

Thanks to all you people
acting to help the 99%.

'Reign Of Bass'
(XTC vs Fr33m4n)
New Links Pending

MeRrY cReEpMaS seasonal-ish mashup ep

“THE 13 DAYS OF CREEPMAS is a reaction
to the continuing incursion of Christmas
into Autumn and Halloween, CREEPMAS is
a good-natured chance for Halloween lovers
to exact revenge by bringing some spooky
good cheer into the holidays
or, more appropriately, the Hallowdays.”

Multiple mixers ep available here-

New Link Pending

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Keane vs Beatles

Is It Any Wonder In My Life
(The Beatles vs Keane)

Step slowly away from the cover
and you can see John Lennon!

Link 1

Link 2

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

They Might Be Giants vs Skrillex vs Deadmau5

Particle Man Space Invasion
(They Might Be Giants vs Skrillex vs Deadmau5)

Hold that preconception.
This does NOT sound like
what you expect.

Hear for yourself here-

Link 1

Link 2

DJ Useo December Mashup Podcast

Here you go with me hosting
plenty of the mashups that
thrill me.
If you have any shred of decency,
you'll tell your friends.

DJ Useo-December 2011 Mashup Podcast
01-DJ Topcat-Wind Up Maggie
(Red Hot Chili Peppers vs Digital Underground)
02-MashMike-Fatboy Jeans
(Tag Team vs David Dundas)
03- RUINMYTUNE - Everybody's Free to Bounce
(Calvin Harris & R3hab vs Rozella)
04- ToToM - You Wanted a Mashup
(LCD Soundsystem vs as’st)
05- DJ ShyBoy - Tour De Miami
(LMFAO vs Kraftwerk)
06-Ken Loi-Sweet Replica Dreams
( Afrojack vs Eurythmics)
07- Cat Full Of Ghosts!!!! - MIA vs. TIPPER (Round Clear 3 mix)
08- oki- jungle - rump shaker vs hyper vs the helicopter
(Hyper vs Wreckx n Effect vs Deep Blue)
09- PataMixical Science - Baby You're Where It's At
(The Beatles vs Beck)
10-Brat- When Things Explode, Take It On The Run
( REO Speedwagon vs U.N.K.L.E.)
11- LeeDM101 - Our Mad Summer
(Dragonette vs Mad Professor vs The Who)
12-DVDA Productions- They Love To Break A Habit
(The Webs vs Bubba Sparxxx)
13-Unreleased Exclusive-
DJ Useo –Reign of Bass
(XTC vs Fr33m4n)
14-G4Gorilla-Prayers Are Burning
(Bon Jovi vs Midnight Oil)
15- Faroff - Mash Together
(The Beatles vs Joan Jett vs Cypress Hill
vs House of Pain vs Rage Against The Machine)
16-Colatron-Maggie’s Just A Girl
(No Doubt vs Rage Against The Machine)
17- I Cut People - Adult Language

Available for streaming or download here-
or here-

Class Sick Rock long mix

DJ Useo-Class Sick Rock (1:12:41)
This set really seems to satisfy fans of classic rock
& afficionados of sick fidget tunes.
My neighbors,they no like it.

01-Aerosmith – Dream On
(GRiZ REmix)
02-Led Zeppelin – Rock ‘n’ Roll
(KMFDM Remix)
03- Bob Marley – Mr. Brown
(Robitc Pirate Monkey Remix)
04- The Rolling Stones – Sympathy For the Devil
(Fatboy Slim Remix)
05- Bryan Adams – Summer of 69
(London Calling Remix)
06-The Stooges – I Wanna Be Your Dog
(Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa Remix)
07- Steppenwolf – Magic Carpet Ride
(Eddie Pedalo RMX)
08- Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way
(Steve Murano Electro Performance Mix)
09- Journey – Any Way You Want It
(Telemitry Remix)
10- Queen – Tie Your Mother Down
(Re-Produced By Trent Reznor)
11- AC/DC – Thunderstruck
(Crookers Remix)
12- Bruce Springsteen – Blinded By The Light
(DJ Donna Summer Boot)
13- Pink Floyd – Brain Damage
(Omega Remix)
14- Foreigner – Cold As Ice
(Specimen A Remix)
15- The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby
(4centers Dubstep Remix)

Available for streaming or download
at the marvelous B00MB0X site here-

Friday, November 11, 2011

Unbelievable Timebomb (EMF vs Beck vs Lola Bunny)

emf pella
lola bunny samples
beck instrumental

Gybo Weekly Challenge 63

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Voting is active for GYBO members Monday-Wednesday Nov.14 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And Your Snoop Can Sing (Snoop Dogg vs The Beatles)

'sexual seduction' by snoop dogg
singing over
'and your bird can sing'
by beatles.

say a word agin it,
& I'll drop you in your tracks.
not really.

Link 1

Link 2

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Letter Good Time Roll (Cars vs Pixies)

Cars' 'let the good times roll' acapella.
Pixies' 'letter to memphis' instrumental.
Negativland samples.
Mashup for demonstration purposes only.
But you can send me money if you want.

Link 1

Link 2
Link 3

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Full 179 mb 296 kbps file here-

Intense Psychedelia 6 -all new mashups collection

To help you stop being so hung up,
help you get over your
musical preconceptions,
and bring you cool new tune joy,
here's my 6th (!) complete

Full 158 mb 256 kbps file here -

Link 1

or here -

Link 2

All 5 previous INTENSE PSYCHEDELIA mashup albums
are available here-
Intense Psychedelia Albums

Thanks to Chocomang,mARKYbOY,
Skrillex & DJ Petrushka.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wilco vs Sander Van Doorn

Mashup using new songs from
Wilco and Sander Van Doorn,
mixed for demonstration purposes only.
No copyrights claimed.

Link 1

Link 2

Monday, October 24, 2011

Budtheweisers Mix A Wave! long mix

The favorite of many,
Musical Genius
Has done us a huge service
by mixing the entire SUS MASH A WAVE
album into one excellent long mix.

Here's the playlist-
Lets wipeout
All I want is La women
Lobster freaks
Apache unforgiven
I can see jack the ripper for miles
I want war path
Dont stop doggin the nile
Livin in the new west
Sloop one b
rise and fall of my age again
Spaghettin and bubblegum
Casablanca comme je l'imagine
Surf mash up medley
The spy i love

...And here's the link-
New Link Pending

Halloween Pumpa Mashup With Ministry

This Halloween mashup appears on the new
It's Ministry vs some Dubstep.

Single link here-

Full Halloween mashup album here-

Dont Just Stand There Billy The Monster-Halloween Mashup

This Halloween mashup appears on the new

Single link here-

Full Halloween mashup album here-

Surf Mashup Medley

This is 3 of the best Surf tunes ever
as performed by Junior Brown with
added singing from T.Rex, Blue Oyster Cult,
The Supremes & Sir Elton John.

Single links here-
Link 1
Link 2

Full Surf mashup album here-

The Who vs The Raybeats

Surf ecstacy when the Who
sing over the Raybeats.
Single link here-

Full Surf album here-

I Want War Path (Beatles vs Davie Allan)

Here's the only Beatles-related track
from the new SUS Mash A Wave!
Surf mashup comp.
Single track here-

The entire superb album can be found here-

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ghostbusters Money (Ray Parker Jr vs Pink Floyd)

Useo mixes,
Ray Sings,
Floyd rocks.
You feel the benefit.

Thanks to Johnny One-Thumb
for the movie samples.

Have a great Halloween
& beware the forces of darkness.
They can be downright testy.

Link 1

Link 2

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SUS Mash A Wave!-new surf mashups album

Here's the utterly sublime
new Surf music mashup album from the
Sound-Unsound bootleg forum.
Much praise to all involved.


Side A-
01-DJ Petrushka-Lets Wipeout
(Surfaris vs David Bowie vs Gidget)

02-MaxwellJump-Don't Stop Doggin' the Nile
(Ice T vs Dirty Beatniks vs Chantays vs Above The Law)

03-G4gorilla and Surfio Leone-Livin In The New West
(Bon Jovi vs Spindrift)

04-mARKYbOY-Sloop One B (Beach Boys vs Goldfrapp)

05-DJ Useo-I Can See Jack The Ripper For Miles
(The Who vs The Raybeats)

06-Chocomang-All I want is LA Women
(Indochine vs The Police vs The Doors)

07-Surfio Leone-Spaghetti And Bubblegum
(Justin Bieber vs Spaghetti Surfers)

Side B-
01-rillen rudi-Lobster Freaks
(B-52s vs The Atlantics)

02-Chocomang-Apache Unforgiven
(Shadows vs Metallica)

03-G4Gorilla-The Spy I Love
(R.E.M. vs The Dead Rocks)

04-Chocomang-Casablanca Comme je l'imagine
(Warum Joe vs Véronique Sanson vs Depeche Mode)

05-DJ Useo-I Want War Path
(The Beatles vs Davie Allan)

06-Chocomang-The Rise & Fall of My Age Again
(Shadows vs Blink182)

07-DJ Useo-Surf Mashup Medley
(T.Rex vs Blue Oyster Cult vs The Supremes
vs Sir Elton John vs Junior Brown)

Complete file link-
Link 1 Link 2

Sunday, October 16, 2011

DJ Konrad Useo 2011 Halloween Mashup Podcast

Booo Yaaaa!!!
Gird your loins for
complete Halloween
Mashup madness!

This is the real thing.
Tell your friends.


DJ Konrad Useo 2011 Halloween Mashup Podcast

01-Frunt Room - Bathtime
(Above tracks from 'TEXAS CHAINSAW MASHACRE')
07-Mr Fab & his Bag Of Heads - Dark_Shadows_Chachacha
(Gwen Stefani vs Tarantula Ghouls vs Jack Constanza)
08-Voicedude-Keeping Halloween Fly
(The Offspring vs Alice Cooper)
09-LeeDM101 - Six Sick 6
10-G3RSt - Bat-Diggaz
(Gravediggaz vs Batman theme)
11-Fettdog - Fett's Fright Fest 2010
(Duran Duran vs as'st)
12-RIAA - I Needs My Witches
(Frank Sinatra vs Gary Glitter)
13-AoC-Rehab Dem Bones
(Herman Munster vs Amy Winehouse)
14-DJ Useo-Paranoid Because
(Black Sabbath vs The Beatles)
15-DJ Useo-The Devil Inside Destroy It
(INXS vs Happyboxx)(Halloween Mix)
16-DJ Useo-Detroit Rock Lobster
(Kiss vs The B-52s vs Klaus Schulze)
17-Heywood Banks-Only By The Ghouls
Who Are Dead (DJ Useo Remix)
18-Satan Likes Poopoo-Satan Likes Poopoo
(DJ Useo Rock Version Remix)
19-DJ Useo-Raining Mountain King Blood
(Slayer vs Big Brother & The Holding Company)
20-DJ Useo-Nobodies Mountain King
(Marilyn Manson vs Lawrence Welk Orchestra)
(2008 remaster)
21-The Day The Banana Boat Stood Still
(Tarriers vs DTESS Theme)



Saturday, October 15, 2011

Paperback NWO (Beatles vs Ministry)

I was playing a live set
with somebodies mashup with NWO
and someone elses mashup with
paperback writer.

The flow was so fine between
the 2 mashups it was obvious
these two would sound
great together.

Hear for yourself.

Link 1

Link 2

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Devil Inside Destroy It (INXS vs Happyboxx)(Halloween Mix)

Can you resist a new scary mashup
of INXS vs Happyboxx?
It's really dancey,& accessible!

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Here's a different version with no Halloween noises.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween With Useo 2011 Techno Long Mix

Ready for some scary techno vibes?
Here's my all-new
Halloween With Useo 2011 long mix.


DJ Useo - Halloween With Useo


01-Sample - Rubber Johnny
02-Hellraiser - Hellraiser (Mhf69 Movie Rmx)
03-Ajax - Mind The Gap/7 Inches
04-Crunch-O-Matic - Earthquake (Decibel Mix)
05-Armaggedon - Homocidal Maniac (Electric Dildo Mix)
06-Der Bose Mann - Kommit Mit Mir
07-Friends Of Carlotta - Der Fiend
08-George Lianes - Dreamstate (Krazy)
09-Gruesome Twosome - Hollywood Babylon Revisited (Johnny Favorite Dub)
10-The War Of The Worlds (Collec - The Eve Of The War) (Hani Remix)
11-Mc 900 Ft. Jesus - Too Bad
12-Paracult - Escape From New York (Crazies Arrive Mix)
13-Buckethead - The Shape vs. Buckethead
14-Recall 4 - Contrast (Boing Mix)
15-Rhythm Device - Acid Rock (Orig. Rmx)
16-Split Second - Rigormortis
17-Trilithon - Choice
18-Sample - Rubber Johnny
(+ extra sound effects throughout)



Thanks to mARKYbOY for cover assistance.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Texas Chainsaw Mashacre-New Halloween Collection

Has inflicted the complete terror
upon the world this October eve.

It's the 20th year collection of
from the LAPTOP PUNK.

There's 2 complete discs with tracks mixed
by Solcofn,A PLUS D,Cheekyboy,
& so very many more.
(Including 3 from me!)

Here's the link for the complete zip file!
(got bandwidth?)


Big Country vs Kraftwerk

"Trans-Europe Chance" ( Big Country vs Kraftwerk ) 1983 New Wave vs 1977 Electronic. Stream or d/l here - Link