Friday, February 22, 2008

Queen-We Will Rock You (Remix)

This remix version pairs the well-known
Queen song 'We Will Rock You'
with samples from other Queen songs
to extend & enhance the short
original release.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gigantor vs Godzilla (Dickies vs BOC)

Noticing how most mashups are credited as
I decided to do a track where it was for real.
So here you are,
The Dickies' "Gigantor"
Blue Oyster Cults' "Godzilla".


Monday, February 11, 2008


I've really gotten a liking for
any kind of psychedelic music.
It's the unrestrained creativity.
Like a license to push artistic boundaries.
I hope you find new sensations here.
Light some incense and
turn on the visualizer on your mp3 player.

Spa Fon!


DJ Useo



01-A Day In The Sunshine
(The Beatles vs The Posies)

(20 Fingers vs Flowerhead)

03-Wake Me Up Gloria Knight
(Mahjong Connection vs Plasticland)

04-Eden Butterfly
(Peter Gabriel vs Iron Butterfly)

05-Painted Rock Silver Mine
(Hex vs William Orbit)

06-Mystery Meat Reason
(Man Or Astro-Man vs Ian Van Dahl)

07-Cost Of Whoomping
(Tag Team vs I'll Be On The Fone To You)

08-Inner Light On My Mind
(The Beatles vs Freemasons)

09-No Reason On The Run
(Pink Floyd vs Treat Her Right)

10-Enlightened Mother Of Tainted God
(Mahjong Connection f/ Keplero vs
Close Lobsters vs Astral Projection)

11-Archtecture And Willow Tree
(The Veldt vs OMD)

12-Oh Yeah Wood Guitar
(YELLo vs Poi Dog Pondering)

13-Puttin' On The Panic Kontrol
(Ella Fitzgerald vs Psykosonic)

14-Come Out And Erupt
(Van Halen vs The Mad Violets)

15-Take Me Inna Gadda
(Iron Butterfly vs 4 Strings)

16-The Bass (Blame It On The Fishline)
(Coco vs Yes vs Norman Cook
f/MC Wildski)

17-The Box Set Go Happening
(The Supremes vs The High)

18-Yes! I Am A Long Way From Space Flower
(Wild Swans vs Mogwai)

19-New Changes Song Is All I Have
(Translator vs Jennifer Lopez And LL Cool J)

Full 198.2 mb 320 kbps file here-
Link 1

Link 2

M Is For Mashup

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Entire (80s 12 vinyl Mix) (1:14:41)

An all-eighties vinyl set.
Note that mixing is done alphabetically by title of song,
to make it more of a challenge.

DJ Useo - Entire

01-Captain Sensible-Average Worker (b-side)
02-The Stranglers-Bear Cage (7″)
03-Renegade Soundwave-Biting My Nails (12″)
04-Adam Ant-Bruce Lee (12″)
05-Danielle Dax-Cathouse (12″)
06–A House-Call Me Blue (12″)
07-Polyrock-Cries & Whispers (12″)
08-Devo -Deep Sleep (12″)
09-Blancmange-Don’t Tell Me (12″)
10-Bill Nelson-Eros Arriving (12″)
11-Horizontal Brian-Ex-Army Boy (12″)
12-Bass-O-Matic-Fascinating Rhythm
(Soul Odyssey Remix) (12″)
13-Nervous Rex-Go Go Girl (12″)
14-Tin Tin-Hold It (12″)
15-Comsat Angels-Island Heart (12″)
16-Ministry-I Wanted To Tell Her (12″)
17-The The-Infected (12″)
18-YELLo-Lost Again (12″)
19-John Foxx-No One Driving (12″)
20-Tear Garden-Ophelia (12″)
21-Was Not Was-Shake Your Head (12″)
22-A Flock of Seagulls-Space Age Love Song (12″)
23-The High-Up and Down (12″)
24-Pete Shelley-Witness The Change (12″)
25-Gene Loves Jezebel-Worth Waiting For (12″)
26-Captain Sensible-Average Worker (reprise)

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Intense Psychedelia - Full Mashup Album!

You are in for SUCH A TREAT!
full mashup album is coming out Friday!

You'll hear-
~~Eden Butterfly (Peter Gabriel vs Iron Butterfly)
~~Come Out & Erupt (Van Halen vs The Mad Violets)
~~A Day In The Sunshine (The Beatles vs The Posies)
& 16 more wild new tracks!

Get out your incense
& black lights!

Tom Jones vs Snap vs R.E.M.

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