Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fatogether Slim (The Beatles vs Fatboy Slim)

This 'mix' was created to participate in the
This months' track is 'All Together Now'.

I am not totally fond of this months'choice,
so I just had fun with it.
I remixed it for a totally diff sound & then
looped live over it.

Not your 'normal' mashup.


DJ Useo-Infant Terrible (80's new wave mix)

Here's some remixed,remastered,
80's new wave tracks,
all from vinyl & laden with samples.

These are intended to display the variety of the period.
The opening track clearly is an influential ancestor.

DJ Useo-Infant Terrible (80's new wave mix)


01-Roxy Music-Re-Make/Re-Model
02-The Dukes Of Stratosphere-What In The World
03-Devo-Wiggly World
04-Human Sexual Response-Unba Unba
05-Squeeze-There's No Tomorrow
06-The Flying Lizards-TV
07-Orchestral Manouevres In The Dark-The New Stone Age
08-Human League-The Black Hit Of Space
09-Was (Not Was)-Shake Your Head
10-Dislocation Dance-Roof Is Leaking
11-The Stranglers-Rok It To The Moon
12-Sunburban Lawns-When In The World
13-Punishment Of Luxury-Radar Bug/ Metropolis
16-Trio-Drrei Mann Im Doppelbett
17-New Musik-Green and Red (Respectively)
18-The Art Of Noise-Close (To The Edit)
19-Sparks-Biology 2
20-Landscape-The Doll's House



DJ Useo-World's Greatest Mashups Podcast

Please enjoy this all-Mashup Comp show
where I am joined by special guest co-host DJ Secretary.

DJ Useo-World's Greatest Mashups Podcast

01-DJ Magnet-My Best Friends Insane
(The Cars vs Cypress Hill)
02-DJ Riko-P-Funk Is Playing At My House
(Featuring Gerald A. and Katie Enlow)
Mashups Ahoy! (Vol. 1)
(General Levy vs Dancehall Riddims)
SuS Reggaeton Comp
04-Electrosound-Who's Zooming The Who
(The Who vs Aretha Franklin vs Lily Allen)
05-The Kids-Five Song (Song of Five) (McSleazy Remix)
Muppet Mashup
06-DJ Useo & The Useoettes-See Emily Keep Da Vibe Alive
(Pink Floyd vs Riot 303 vs Observer)
Intense Psychedelia 2 : Intensified Mashups
07-Beatles Remixers Group-Rock and Roll Birthday
(Beatles vs Beatles)
Tuned To A Natural E vol.6
08-[MMM] MadMixMustang-Relax (Mika vs FGTH)
Tales From Bootleg Oceans (1st Chapter)
09-Eamezey-Say It James
Wine Gums. Envy. Pieces of Rainbow.
10-World Famous Audio Hacker-If U Seek Lucretia
(Britney Spears vs Sisters Of Mercy)
It's Britney, Mixed!
11-Elocnep-Everyone's At The Girls
(Lily Allen vs Calvin Harris)
It's Not You, It's Us
12-Ben Double M-Sail and Hurt
(Christina Aguilera vs Armin Van Buuren)
All You Ever Think About Is Sexy Boy
(Sparks vs Air)
Sparks For Sparks' Sake:A Bootleg Tribute To Sparks
14-Dj MashUP-I Kissed An Odysee (Katy Perry vs Scarf)
Best of Dj MashUP: Summer Smash '
15-ToToM-Pigs Must March! (NIN vs Prodigy)
Bootleggers Must Die!
16-Fissunix-Womanizer in Madrid
(Espagne / Armik vs. Britney Spears)
Foolklegs II : Around The WorldBootleg
15-DJ Newlight-Sex,Bhangra & Rock 'n' Roll(Krid P vs Brooklyn Bounce)
The Institute Of Bootleggers Presents Vol.1
16-RIAA-Makin The Love Scene (Tony Bennett vs Tom Tom Club)
Sounds for The Swing-Set!!
17-D.M.F. (Dan Mei & Marc Johnce)-Land Of Stupid
[Pet Shop Boys Vs Genesis]
Bootrospective: A DMF Tribute To The Pet Shop Boys
18-mARKYbOY-Bernadette, Whatever!
The Odd Coupling
19-ToToM-I Can't Stand Along the Watchtower
(Bob Dylan vs The Police)
Dylan Mashed
20-BigBadBaz-I Want Your Wonderwall (Oasis vs Jackson 5)
Jackson vs Oasis
21-G4gorilla+ CjR Mix-I've Given Up On Single Ladies
(Beyonce vs Linkin Park)
Sounds From A New World...
20-Sfreeman-Know How To Jack (Young MC vs Lars Morston)
The Freeman : The First Six Months


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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Altered Images-Leave Me Alone (DJ Useo Hotdog Remix)

Always a fave track of mine,I used it to
create a meaty,bass-heavy extraction
to be the hot dog,
& devised an echoey,soft treble extraction
to play the bun.

This hotdog remix is direct from vinyl,
& is great with a nice yellow mustard.


Melanie Fiona vs Trees

I was enjoying Paul Emmanuel's remix of
Melanie Fiona's 'Give It To Me Right',
when I realized I was singing
(Dane Conover's) Tree's
'Midnight In America'over it.

Some methodical mixing later &
you get to hear what it sounded like in my head.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Ahead Mr.Kite (Beatles vs Wire)

This track is Wire's 'Ahead' made mostly into an instrumental,
with vocals by The Beatles from 'For The Benefit Of Mr Kite'.

Please to be enjoying.


Electro 3 - Pro Electric Trio Of Tracks

Electric Soca War Party (Thrashing Doves vs Rodion)

Saturday Night's Alright (For Electricity) (Elton John vs OMD)

Electro-icity (London Suede vs David Amo & Julio Navas)

The handified presentation appears an an zip file of


Big Country vs Kraftwerk

"Trans-Europe Chance" ( Big Country vs Kraftwerk ) 1983 New Wave vs 1977 Electronic. Stream or d/l here - Link