Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pretty Thoughts (Sex Pistols vs Muse)(v2)

Of course you all know Muse.
I put some new vocals to them by a
long-forgotten band called the Sex Pistols.
I hope you like.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

72 MIX 2

Here's the second 72 MIX Project
assembled by Pom Deter.

It's 20 dj's mixing
mostly 3-minute sections.

You will be thrilled to hear it.

Download 1

Download 2

Download 3

Sound-Unsound This Week Rillen Rudi Special

Here's a great show I did featuring the
mashup talent,RILLEN RUDI.

Originally broadcast on
as a 2-hour special,
the entire show is presented here
in 2 1-hour sections.

Thanks much,RR,for the unreleased exclusive.

rillenrudi radio special playlist

02:44 : rillen rudi - ich lebe (beggin mix)
02:47 : rillenrudi - 06 - master of atlantis
02:52 : rillenrudi - 04 - territorial sure shot
02:54 : rillenrudi - 18 - invaders sex laws
02:57 : rillenrudi - 19 - music monks at the top
03:02 : rillenrudi - 22 - my bloody voodoo epic
03:07 : rillenrudi - 23 - einfache farben
03:10 : 33-rillenrudi_- suspicious_minds_are_not
03:15 : rillenrudi - 08 - stand up for real ladies
03:20 : rillenrudi - 14 - what a caravan girl wants
03:23 : rillenrudi - 12 - like eating one armed scissors
03:28 : rillenrudi - 21 - dont miss the murder
03:31 : rillenrudi - 26 - new teen spirit
03:35 : rillenrudi - 24 - 21 jokers v2
03:40 : rillenrudi - 15 - haus am ice
03:45 : rillenrudi - 02 - eva is intergalactic
03:49 : rillenrudi - 10 - a song for the jesus christ pose
03:54 : rillenrudi - 11 - download the riverbed
03:59 : rillenrudi - 13 - jump foxy lady jump
04:02 : rillenrudi - 25 - hey man nice kyoto
04:05 : rillenrudi - 28 - 99 batteries
04:07 : 30-rillenrudi - bon voyage is what i got
04:11 : rillenrudi - 05 - feel troy good
04:15 : rillenrudi - 16 - song 2 whoomp
04:17 : rillenrudi - 07 - breaking the santacruz girl
04:21 : rillenrudi - 17 - falling away from reckoner
04:25 : rillenrudi - 27 - my life would suck without
blood sugar sex and magik v3
04:29 : rillenrudi - 29 - another crazy train is coming
04:33 : rillenrudi - 03 - everlong green eyes
04:37 : rillenrudi - 20 - no sleep till i have that damn
highscore at super mario bros
04:40 : rillenrudi - 09 - epic lollipops

Download 1
Download 2

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DJ Useo INSPIRED Mashup Special

DJ Useo INSPIRED Mashup Special
01-I Love To Move She Did It
(Glamour Camp vs Moby vs Crookers)
02-2 Classwars Down (Blackbird vs KMFDM
vs Mystery Jets vs Pilooski)
03-Independant Reflux (Comsat Angels vs Defective Audio)
04-Learning To Rock (Pink Floyd vs Burn In Noise)
05-No One Exosted (John Foxx vs Acid Prophecy)
06-Theres No Other Bass (Blur vs Azzido Da Bass)
07-Kamikaze Numbers (The Dead Sexy Inc vs Acid Girls)
08-Operation Kool Thing (Sonic Youth vs Mindsphere)
09-Creepy Booty (Dana Swanson And Nick Ingkatanuwat
vs Boltan vs Mightyfools)
10-AmpLive f/ Trackdemics and Micro Jaxson-
Gary Is A Robot
(DJ Useo Transistor Mix)
11-Autopilot Computer Games
(Miss Kittin vs Yellow Magic Orchestra)
12-Man Its So Disco In Here
(They Might Be Giants vs Rinkadink)
13-Oye Como Bullacake
(Tito Puente Jnr ft India vs Dexplicit)
14-Planet PerfectOrbital
(Orbital vs Planet Perfecto)
15-Vertigo People Are Strange
(Doors vs U2 vs Skitzofrenix vs Marcel Woods)
16-Shine Times Two (Collective Soul vs Booty Luv)
17-Mind Of A Speaker (Visage vs Fanatic & Jaime)*
18-The Sound Of Bostich (Falco vs Yello)*
19-Im A Sexeater (Berlin vs Dubatech)*
20-QuadraSand (Blackbird vs Quadra)*
21-Policy Of Crookers (Depeche Mode vs Crookers)*
22-Kinky Jingo (Happy Mondays vs Fatboy Slim)*
23-500 Basslines (The Proclaimers vs AC Slater)*
24-Oh Yeah Wood Guitar (YELLo vs Poi Dog Pondering)
25-Silk Skin Cycles (Wire vs Lazonby)
26-Women Respond To History (XTC vs Renegade
Soundwave vs Frank Ti-Aya vs Yardi Don)
27-Makin' Fun Of Bongos,Bleeps And Basslines
(Too Much Joy vs Zero DB)
28-Dominator And Submission
(Human Resource vs Blue Oyster Cult)
29-Poison Kryptonite (3 Doors Down vs The Prodigy)
30-Enlightened Mother Of Tainted God
(Mahjong Connection f/ Keplero
vs Close Lobsters vs Astral Projection)
31-Nothing Aguas De Parco Wrong
(Red Lorry Yellow Lorry vs Crookers)


Ozric Roses (The Stone Roses vs Ozric Tentacles)

Download 1
Download 2
Download 3

Grandpa's Guitar (Remastered Eighties New Wave)

DJ Useo-Grandpa's Guitar
(Remastered Eighties New Wave)

These are all extensively remastered
from authentic vinyl.
I refrained from messing with them
too much this time.

So the history goes like this-
Vinyl=audio tape=CD=wav=mp3


01-The Lime Spiders-My Favourite Room
02-Close Lobsters-Pathetique
03-Fingerprintz-Close Circuit Connection
04-Horizontal Brian-Ex-Army Boy
05-Gary Myrick & The Figures-Living Disaster
06-The Payola$-Jukebox
07-Fashion-Sodium Pentathol Negative
08-The Fleshtones-The World Has Changed
09-Alternative TV-Action Time Vision
10-Bruce Wooley & The Camera Club-No Surrender
11-The Stranglers-Straighten Out
12-Suburban Lawns-Green Eyes
13-The Cramps-Uranium Rock
14-Nervus Rex-Gogo Girl
15-Magazine-The Light Pours Out Of Me
16-The Deserters-Protection
17-Icehouse-Break These Chains
18-The Fall-Rebellious Jukebox
19-Skafish-Disgracing The Family Name
20-Scott Wilk & The Walls-Shorting Out
21-CS Angels-Island Heart
22-Squeeze-Slap & Tickle
23-The Plastics-Good
24-Human Sexual Response-Land Of The Glass Pinecones
25-Z Rocks-Real World/Auto World


Sunday, April 18, 2010

#154 Ramdom Thoughts – mashups & remixes w/ DJ Useo

Here's the April Fool's Day
RAMDOM THOUGHTS I guest-hosted.
Hope you dig the styles of mixes.

Audiodile – Raccoon Legs
Crookdimwit – Mash Up the Shoesaw
Frogthedawg – Get Rhythm
Pilchard – Papadecoder
Ex-Dublxero – Rolf Harris Touches Himself Every Time He Thinks About You!
DJ Lumpy – Flat Sandman
‘Unknown’ – Jocko Rolfo Plus 3
Ex-Dublxero – Nookies Don’t Lie
Bug – It Is Unusual
The Kleptones – What’s The Matter With Your Lines, Baby
DJ Useo – United States Of Clinic (Live) (Liam Lynch vs Clinic)
DJ Earlybird – TB303 Killed Mickey Mouse
Alex C – Popcorn! Bitch!
Autopilot – Betty Boy (Spiderbait vs John Denver)
Go Home Productions – Velvet Sugar
Soond Bwoy Production – Natural Shake The Room
Lee Marvin – Wanderin Star (BigBadBaz Edit)
DJ Paysano – Sue Me If My Big Yellow Taxi Goes Too Fast
Colatron – Smells Like Tea Spirit
DJ Prince – Funky Cold Ding Ding
Poj Masta – Oh Yeh!?
DJ John – Rockin Down The House with Rum & Coca Cola (Andrews Sisters vs MI 7)
Aber N Stein – Take Five of My Favourite Things
RIAA – Its Like That Summer Samba
G3RSt – XXX Girl From Ipanema
Amoraboy – Fuck New York (Lily Allen vs Frank Sinatra)


Scott Johnson is the regular host
of the excellent RAMDOM THOUGHTS podcast.
Don't miss an episode,
it's essential bootleg music.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thebeatles vs coldcut

Here's an a-side & b-side
(outmoded concepts)
bootleg mix for you.
Not club fodder.

For You Moog (The Beatles vs Coldcut)
The Beatles - For You Blue (demo)
Coldcut - Atomic Moog Zero

Download 1
Download 2

More Beatles & Pieces
The Beatles - Forty Days
Coldcut - More Beats & Pieces

Download 1
Download 2

The Qradips Show 59 All-Beatles mashups edition

By request,this latest
All-Beatles mashups edition of
The QRADIPS show w/ DJ Useo
jumps ahead of the rest
for this post.

The Qradips Show w/ DJ Useo 59
01-CCC-Undercover Turkey
(Who vs John Lennon vs Beastie Boys)
02-CCC-Whiter Shade Of Life
(Procol Harum vs Beatles)
03-CCC-Strawberry Beta People
(Beatles vs Beta Band)
04-DJ Earworm-No One Takes Your Freedom
(Beatles vs Scissor Sisters)
05-DJ Tripp-Twist Laws
(Beck vs Beatles)
06-(Pheugoo-The Sun Never Knows
(Chemical Brothers vs Beatles)
07-DJ Nite-You Won't See You're All I Need
(Marvin Gaye vs Beatles)
08-DJ Useo - You'll Be In Life
(Ken Nordine vs George Harrison)
09-Cheekyboy-Baby Got Silly Love Songs
(Sir Mix-A-Lot vs Paul McCartney)
10-BRAT-Say Lady Say
(Beatles vs Paul McCartney)
11-Soundhog-Skelter Star
(N.E.R.D. vs Beatles)
12-Corporation-Help a Freak Like Me
(Adina Howard vs Beatles)
13-Bavor-Let It Be Me
(Beatles vs Shaggy)
14-Go Home Productions-Paperback Believer
(Beatles vs Monkees)
15-DJ Prince-James Brown Can Work It Out
(Beatles vs James Brown)
16-Voicedude-Let Paul Revere In
(Beastie Boys vs Paul McCartney)
17-Loo & Placido-Black Beatles
(Beatles vs Ludacris & Black Eyed Peas)
18-Voicedude-Lotsa Little Girls
(Beatles vs Oingo Boingo & Maurice Chevalier)


The Qradips Show airs every Tuesday
8 pm gmt 3 pm est
on radio

Friday, April 2, 2010

Big Country vs Kraftwerk

"Trans-Europe Chance" ( Big Country vs Kraftwerk ) 1983 New Wave vs 1977 Electronic. Stream or d/l here - Link