Monday, July 28, 2008

Dottysmash's The Smash-Up w/ DJ Useo-INSPIRED BY SESSIONS

Here's the first in a series
of Dottysmash's The Smash-Up radio show
on Global DJ Network featuring
guest DJ's playing the tracks that inspire them.

It contains 2 unreleased exclusive DJ Useo Mashes.


1. Smoke On The House / Criz ROCK
2. bizkit of choice / aldo
3. Ice-Ice-80's / Uncredited
4. Videomistake / EVE MASSACRe
5. breathe superman / asvinor
6. rolling satisfaction / Miss frenchie
7. paperback believer / Ghp
8. BEastie Bop / dinbot
9. whoomp it's mobscene / Harry headbanger
10. 69 mint cats / Miss frenchie
11. Beatles' Mash-up Medley / Hank Handy
12. Uncle fucker up / freelance hairdresser
13. Simon Says Bagpipe (Pharoahe Monch vs taTe) / DJ Useo
14. UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-Mashing Under Streetlights
(The KLF vs The Brains) / DJ Useo
(Una Mas vs ZZ Top vs Yes) / DJ Useo



SUSN This Week 2 (July 25 2008)

Sound-Unsound Network
SUSN This Week 2 (July 25 2008) (W/ DJ Useo)


01-Kitchmix- I'm A Spaz-
(N.E.R.D. vs LL Cool J vs Kosheen)

02-Tizwarz-Let Me See Those Bounce
(Lady Soveriegn vs Biz Markie & Elephant Man)

03-Corrupt DJ's-Shake That Music-Madonna vs Groove Armada)

04-OTG-One So Perfect Weekend To Apologize
(Orbital vs Todd Terry Project)

05-Bobby Martini-Shine Yet Suffer Well
(Booty Luv vs Depeche Mode)

06-Budtheweiser-Sgt Pepper Today tomorrow The World
(Ramones vs Beatles)

07-Supakon-Summer Season Rockit
(The Zombies vs Underdog Project vs Herbie Hancock)

08-Celebrity Murder Party-Sabotage The Reaper

09-DJ Fac-The B Girl Stands Still
(Corr vs Aubrey)

10-Atomix-Love Is A Losing Rap (Amy Winehouse vs )

11-DJ Useo-Tainted Floyd (Soft Cell vs Pink Floyd)

12-DJ Clive$ter-I Love Yello (Yello vs. MC Lyte vs Kelis)

13-Eamezey-If Everyone Tranced ( vs )

14-Supakon-The ABC Wizard (The Jackson 5 vs Paul Hardcastle)

15-DJ Spider-Mickey's Not My Name v2 (2008)
(Toni Basil vs. Aha vs. The Ting Tings)

16-Hahnstudios-Cheri, Cheri TNT (AC/DC vs )

17-Alpha1999-Let Da Funk Bite The Dust

18-Supakon-Get This Zombie Party Started (Pink vs Kernkraft 400)

19-Tizwarz-Magic Love (Leona Lewis vs Robin Thicke)

20-MaxwellJump-Re-Arrange the Void

21-Guv'nor-There they Rise (Krafty Kuts vs Kurd Mavericks)

22-World Famous Audio Hacker-Doin' Time (Hacker's 4PM Dub)

23-Virtual DJ-What Goes Around In A Hurt World
(Madonna vs Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake)

24-DJ Schmolli-The Wonderwall Tempest (Oasis vs Pendulum)

25-Phil RetroSpector-Bluebird-Blackout

26-Beatlesremixersgroup-The End Megamix



The Qradips Show 5 w/DJ Useo (July 15 2008)

The Qradips Show 5 w/DJ Useo (July_15_2008)
---If Yu Can Read This Yu're Too Cool
-mashups off kilter

Qradips are Mashups


01-DJ Yoda-Lamacq (Live Pt. 1)(a'st)

02-Dinbot-Hot-Buttered Bizkits (Hot Butter vs Limp Bizkit)

03-RIAA-(I'm Not Your) Council Estate
(Tricky vs Monkees vs Manhattan Strings vs Minor Threat vs Gal Costa vs drag race sound fx record, beat vs Los Straitjackets)

04-DJ Useo-Spy Vs Underground
(Mouloud & The Sonic Destruction vs Brian Briggs)

05-McSleazy-Ska-ter Boi (Selector vs Avril Lavigne)

06-Osymyso-California Nightmare
(Mama's & The Papa's vs Micronauts)

07-Akira Kawahara-Brown Toothed Girl
(Obie Trice vs Van Morrison)

08-The Who Boys + Tony Crackburn Orchestra-
(in the) Kitchen at Parties (Jona Lewie)

09-Pilchard-The Tony Crackburn Orchestra-Cat TWIN
(Aphex Twin vs The Aristocats vs Sonic Youth)

10-Bug-Five Six Seven Eight Homer (Simpsons vs )

11-DJ Crookair-H To The Brandenburg Izzo
(Jay-Z vs. Johann Sebastian Bach)

12-Lionel Vinyl-Owner Of A Lonely Butt
(Yes vs Sir Mix-a-lot)

13-DJ Pantshead-Junga Nova Soul
( vs )

14-Pop Razors-Monkey Man (Specials vs )

15-Deep Disco Force-Instant Mashmeister
(Trio vs Richie Valens)

16-DJ Tripp-How Many Licks To Constantinople
(Lil' KIm vs TMBG)

17-DJ Useo-Everybody Farewell Tonight
(Wang Chung vs Sound Of Music 'sdtk')



Friday, July 25, 2008

Ear Pain (Benedictine Monks Of St.Michaels vs City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)

Ear Pain
(Benedictine Monks Of St.Michaels vs
City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
vs High School Cheerleaders vs The Why
vs M. Quayutinuag & M Tavaluk vs
Manchurek Khen vs Pierre Garnier
vs Kirk Nurack)

The new 'Crance' music fad is
coming on strong here locally,
what with people getting tired
of melody & rhythm.

The style calls for much abrasiveness
of sound,and multiple sources.

This track employs-

01-City Of Prague
Philharmonic Orchestra-
War Of The Worlds:
Main Title & Introduction

02-Benedictine Monks
Of St.Michaels-
Sanctus & Benedictus

03-High School Cheerleaders-
Not While I'm Swallowing,Dear

04-The Why-Aluminium

05-M. Quayutinuag &
M Tavaluk-Quanatyug

06-Manchurek Khen-
Oorzhak Khunashtaar-Ool

07-Pierre Garnier-

08-Kirk Nurack
-Lip Sustain

link 1

link 2

By request I include an extended version.

link 1

link 2

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cool School - Old Skool Mix

A new long mix hosted at the fantastic mix site


DJ Useo
Cool School
01-’T$ Godfather Interlude’
02-Sequence City-Megamix (Hip/House/Club)
03-Sugarhill Gang-Rappers Delight (Ben Liebrand MiniMix)
04-DJ Jack-Hot House (Import MegaMix)
05-Journey Man DJ-Can You Dig It (Radio Edit)
06-Sublime/Cypress Hill – Busted with 2 Joint (Remix)
07-Simply Red-Thrill Me (Masters At Work House Mix)
08-Modern Roketry-I’m Not Your Stepping Stone
09-Patrick Wolf Vs LCD-Wolf Child Tribulations
10-Peter Bjorn & John-Young Folks (Punks Jump Up Special)
11-Bloc Party-The Prayer (Haduken Rmx)
12-Snowden-Black Eyes (Le Castle Vania Rmx)
13-FreeForm 5-No More Conversations (Switch Rmx)
14-P. Diddy F/ C. Aguilera-Tell Me (Switch Rmx)
15-Optimo-Vicked Turntable Games
16-Mars Vs Venus-On & On
17-Audiodatabase-Phunky Music
18-The Illuminoids-The Ting Ting vs Shirley Ellis vs Divine vs Tone
Loc/Peaches vs. The Supremes
19-Front Line Assembly-Predator (Cease & Destroy Mix)
20-’T$ Scarface Interlude’


Thanks to the mega-cover artist Dottysmash.


Tainted Floyd (Soft Cell vs Pink FLoyd)

This track was recently featured in
mashup & remix podcast.
Thanks to all involved over there
in the release of a finestkind podcast.

link 1

link 2

Thanks to Alpha1999 for the
2 wonderful floyd covers.

My Bloody Sex Dwarf
(Soft Cell vs My Bloody Valentine)

Here's a'b-side'to accompany
the 'floyd/cell'.

A much more aggressive cut,
it was made live using
VIRTUAL DJ program.

link 1

link 2

Smart Patrol/Mr.DNA (DJ Useo Nutra Version)

Here's some more DEVO
for all you devolved spuds
craving additional tracks.

This one is from pure vinyl
to provide the richest
sound experience possible.

link 1

link 2

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lady Of The Universe (The Beatles vs Rick Wakeman)

Lady Of The Universe (The Beatles vs Rick Wakeman)

This gem was created for the Beatles Remixers Forum
& contains the Beatles' track
'Across The Universe'
& the Rick Wakeman tracks
'Lady Of The Lake'&
'Music Reincarnate'.

link 1

link 2

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

#111 Ramdom Thoughts - mashups & remixes w/DJ Useo+8 Exclusives

#111 Ramdom Thoughts - mashups & remixes
w/DJ Useo+8 Exclusives


Thanks to all the swell listeners commenting
I was allowed to guest-host a 2nd episode of
SCOTT JOHNSONS's Ramdom Thoughts.

Also HUGE thanks to all the bootleggers who made tracks,
& especially the exclusives.


01-Kid Rock - All Summer Long (Rhythm Scholar Remix) **EXCLUSIVE**
02-Dj Johnnyred - Very DNB (Nirvana v Black Sun Empire)
03-Qubic - The Angel Divine (Massive Attack v Yello v Art of Noise) **EXCLUSIVE**
04-DJ Useo - Tainted Floyd (Soft Cell v Pink FLoyd) **EXCLUSIVE**
05-DJ Fac - The Movement Of Love (You Bring Me) (Charlie Wilson v Carl Kennedy) **EXCLUSIVE**
06-Supakon - Would You Look Any Further (City High v Dennis Edwards) **EXCLUSIVE**
07-DJ MXR - Los Ninos Sign ‘O’ 4 Minutes (Los Ninos Del Parque v Sign ‘O’ The Time v 4 Minutes)
08-The Who Boys - Dear Mrs Rochester (Who Boys Original) **EXCLUSIVE**
09-DJ Clive$ter - Will I Touch Your Back (Amy Winehouse v Bros v Freemasons)
10-AeKon - So Beautiful (I’m Sick) (Flyleaf v 30 Seconds to Mars)
11-The Who Boys/Jona Lewie - You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties **EXCLUSIVE**
12-The Charlatans - You Cross My Path (McSleazy Remix)
13-Guv’nor - There they Rise (Krafty Kuts v Kurd Maverick)
14-Madness - Our House (Budtheweiser Nutty Dub Remix)
15-Alpha1999 - Alpha1999’s Summer Booty 2008 Cut & Paste Mix **EXCLUSIVE**
(A Medley from DJ Useo presents Summer Booty 2008)(13:14)



Check for downloads of all tracks at

Friday, July 4, 2008

Hold Me Silver Machine (Beatles vs Hawkwind)

What if Eleanor Rigby could fly?
What if The Blue Meanie was orange?
But more importantly,
what if the Beatles used a Moog Synthesizer
on an early recording?

link 1

link 2

Across The Universe

This month's track at BeatlesRemixers forum
as chosen by the inestimable Daytrippergirl
is 'Across The Universe'.

Here's a quick take with vocals
provided this very day by Mr.Mee.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ripoff Too Far (T.Rex vs Feelies)

Here's some jangling feelies jamming
shaken up with the elfen warbling
of marc bolan.

As featured in
Scott Johnson's RAMDOM THOUGHTS podcast
guest-host DJ Petrushka
for spinning my platter.

link 1

link 2

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Black & White Toon Mix (23:10) new link

Black & White Toon Mix (23:10)

Did you ever notice how your parents can't sleep through cartoon music?
Here's a perfect example of the kind of stuff I mean.

01-goopy geer
02-it's got me again
03-organ grinder
04-moonlight for two
05-crosby,columbo & vallee
06-one more time
07-we're in the money
09-i love a parade
10-mountain music
11-boom boom
12-the queen was in the parlor

I hope this amuses in some small way.
Even if it's so small that it's not noticeable
against the black pit of your soul.


DJ Useo Podcast-8pm Late June 2008 (New Mashups)

DJ Useo Podcast-8pm Late June 2008 (New Mashups)


let's celebrate with a podcast of all new tracks.

There's 4 unreleased exclusives.
1 from Alpha1999'
1 from Dottysmash.
& 2 from me.
The rest are all fresh,new tracks.

I hope your summer is going great.


01-Alright For Nothing-Alex H

02-Freaky Undone Hombre (M.I.A. vs. KoRn)-DJ not-I

03-Shut And Boom (Rihanna vs L'Trimm)-King.of.Pants


05-Black Woman-G3RSt

06-Knocklife (Blur VS Lily Allen)-ComaR

07-Unreleased Exclusive:
Astro Strangeness (Full Intention vs Astro Sounds From The Year 2000) DJ Useo
08-Hello Bulldog (Doors vs Beatles) MP3J

09-Bad Karmadrome (First Choice vs Pop Will Eat Itself vs Michael Jackson vs Bloodhound Gang-DJ Useo

10-GDJN exclusive:
Shimmy Shafted (DottySmash Guv'nor Promo) (Hijack v Mighty Dub Katz v Utah Saints v Groove Armada v Technotronic v Raze v The Chemical Brothers v Booty Luv v Basement Jaxx v Global Dj's v Armand van Helden v Fatboy Slim v Soul Avengers)-Dottysmash

11-Unreleased Exclusive:
Let Da Funk Bite The Dust-Alpha1999

12-D.A.N.C.I.N.G. Round the World-Colatron

13-My Adidas (Run DMC vs. Moby/White Stripes/Weezer)SOOHAN

14-I aint got Daughters- c.h.a.o.s productions

15-boys of 17 dont cry (Eurythmics vs Cure)-Phil Retrospector

16-The Principle Look of Twin Lust #14 (Enigma vs Diana Krall vs Aphex Twin)-Qubic

17-Unreleased Exclusive:
Supermagic 2000 Miles (Edwin Starr vs Chris Isaak)-DJ Useo


Download 1

Download 2

Big Country vs Kraftwerk

"Trans-Europe Chance" ( Big Country vs Kraftwerk ) 1983 New Wave vs 1977 Electronic. Stream or d/l here - Link