Sunday, September 30, 2012

5th Annual Useo Halloween ep Coming Soon!

Coming VERY SOON is my 5th annual Halloween ep. 13 spooky mashups suitable for pleasure listening or Halloween festing. It's scary enough to mum a mummy!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Peter, Paul, & Mary vs Matteo Poker

Here's my track from 'The Institute Of Bootleggers-Classic Sixties Mashups Volume 17' link It's 'I Dig Psycho Mantis Rock & Roll Music' (Peter, Paul, & Mary vs Matteo Poker) Listen or stream at these links- link 1 link 2 link 3

The Institute Of Bootleggers-Classic Sixties Mashup Collection Volume 17

17 incredible mashups of classic tunes from the 1960's mixed by 17 modern bootleg greats. link Thanks to all the talent who mixed the tracks.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Broken Bones Pulse (House Of Freaks vs Dubsection)

Folk meets Dubstep. Prepare yourself for a bittersweet experience. link

You Can't Mash That Vol. 30 - World's Best Beatles Mashups

It's "You Can't Mash That XXX" -- Volume #30 1. "Help For You" - MP3J 2. "Lady Rock" - AtoZ 3. "Lady Adele" - Amoraboy 4. "I Just Need To Hold Your Hand" - Voicedude 5. "I Want To Hold Your Cat" - DJ Useo 6. "What You're Doing Upside Down" - AtoZ 7. "I Saw Her Standing There Running Down A Dream" - DJ Useo 8. "They're Coming To Take Me Pie" - MP3J 9. " I Am The Mashup [ BRAT Mashup ]" - BRAT 10. "I'd Like to Be Away From Here Today (( Polythene Window Weight ))" - AtoZ 11. "She's Leaving The Deer Hunter" - Phil RetroSpector 12. "All You Need Is Valentine Love" - Mr. & Mrs. Imagine 13. "All You Need Is a Lifetime" - BDJ 14. "Fabs On 45" - BDJ 15. "I Want You Back In My Life" - FAROFF 16. "Memory Of The Free Word" - TjT AtoZ : compilation & artwork, single-track assembly. DJ Useo : sonic Useocation ( balance of levels & EQ, etc. ) plus feedback & input & feedput. > An AtoZeo presentation ! < Full-folder w\ tracks, covers, liner-notes - YCMT 30 Single mix version available.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Are We Not Mashed?-Devo tribute

About 28 albums later, Devo are still going strong. Their music makes me feel better in a big wiggly world. This mashup collection is intended as a tribute to their talent.
Mashups for De-evolution purposes only. link 1 link 2
Preview track 'Uncontrollable Hello' (Devo vs Cheap Trick) Preview

Eight Peaches A Week (The Beatles vs The Stranglers)

'Eight Peaches A Week' (The Beatles vs The Stranglers) 1967 vs 1976, or classic rock vs punk, if you prefer. link 1 link 2

Its All Too Much Machines (The Beatles vs Mark Reeve)

'Its All Too Much Machines' (The Beatles vs Mark Reeve & Dean Demanuele And Pig & Dan) Classic rock meets modern South Florida Club. Woot! Mashup for demonstration purposes only. link 1 link 2

Epic Lullaby (Faith No More vs The Cure)

FNM sings. Cure plays instruments. All praise to Frail Limb Purity. FLP 'Epic Lullaby' (Faith No More vs The Cure) link 1 link 2 link 3 Mashup for demonstration purposes only.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Neil Young vs Dethklok

Mashup for demonstration purposes only. Famed classic rock artist singing over cartoon metal band. link 1 link 2 link 3

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beat vs Onno vs Dyed Soundroom video

From the SoundUnsound 80s Mashed 2 album. 80s mashed Here's a video version of the mp3. video 1 video 2 Thanks to DmR of AtoZ for making the vid exactly how I wanted.

SoundUnsound 80s Mashed 2

The 50s made people doo wop! The 60s made people twist. The 70’s brought us disco. The 80’s brought it all together. Now, its 2012 and the 80’s are back! Listen to this collection of splendid new 80s mashups by many popular, modern home producers. link

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sam And The Womp vs Phaeleh

Only the latest tunes mixed today! Here's Sam and the Womp singing over the others. All very new! Now mashed into one floor filla! Bom Bom Afterglow (Sam And The Womp vs Phaeleh vs Soundmouse vs Akira Kiteshi) Links removed.

Tom Jones vs Snap vs R.E.M.

  "Radio Free Unusual" ( Tom Jones vs Snap vs R.E.M. ) It's Not Unusual vs Rhythm Is A Dancer vs Radio Free Europe. Stream or ...