Friday, July 29, 2011

Linkin Park vs The Beatles

Hi there.
Want to hear an old school rock mashup?
It's called
'Think for Yourself Across The New Divide'
(Linkin Park vs The Beatles)

Have a listen.

Download 1
Download 2
Download 3

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rich Mom And Dad

There's talk going around
of an upcoming new psychedelic
sixties mashup compilation.

I imagine this would be a
qualifying track for that
stylistic requirement.

What artists from then would
you like to hear combined?
The Who,I would expect.
On that shortly.

Download 1
Download 2

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


DJ Schmolli showed me a funny pic,
so I was inspired to make it into a mashup.
There’s one with samples of the squinty-eyed one,
& another with him singing the actual words.
Please forgive me,lol.

01-Nikesclubbing (Popeye vs Iggy Pop)

Download 1
Download 2

02-Nikesclubbing (Popeye vs Iggy Pop)(Popeye Sings Version)

Download 1
Download 2

Sunday, July 17, 2011

WrongMix-The Art Of Error (1:17:05)

DJ Useo-WrongMix-The Art Of Error (1:17:05)

(Mashups done intentionally wrong)



01-Normal Submission (Bonzo Dog Band vs Butler & Wilson)

02-A Day In The Breeze (The Beatles vs Enoch Light)

03-Pickin' On Clapton vs Saints Row 2 vs ?

04-Deteriarata Dance (National Lampoon vs ?)

05-Ice Cream Stomp (Devils Rejects vs Dubmakers)

06-Runaround Lawsuit
(Dion vs Diogo)

07-I Said Rockaria!
(Electric Light Orchestra vs Mightyfools)

08-Suite Pea
(Friar Tuck vs Bitkit)

09-Yabba Due
(Hoagy Carmichael vs Vistar)

10-Tomorrow Never Suki Yakis
(Hollyridge Strings vs Beatles)

11-One Of These Silent Sorrow Nights
(Eagles vs Genesis)

12-The Mash Comes Around
(The Sweet Violet Boys vs Big Al)

13-Bass Manners
(Weird Al vs Bass Modulators)

14-Raw Alphabet Power
(The 3 Stooges vs Iggy & The Stooges)

15-Pussy Club
(Dizzy Rascal vs The Stranglers)

16-Never Never Never Never...etc
(Scruffy The Cat vs Boybroken)

17-Buy A Waterfall
(Bonzo Dog Band vs Tom Hades)

18-Sorry And Lonesome
(Brenda Lee vs Elvis Presley)(7")

19-Ovaltine Dance (Old 50's Commercial vs ?)

20-Just One Of Those Hey Good Looking Things
(Frank Sinatra vs Hank Williams)

21-Zoom Futurer
(Tom Glazer & Dottie Evans vs Crookers)

22-White Light N By NW6
(Velvet Underground vs Bus)

23-Doctor Martin Bootleg
(Alexei Sayle vs Wayo)

24-Zaz Turned & Blew
(Was (Not Was) vs Magoon


Download 1

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rest Awhile (DJ Useo Go Boom Remix)

The new
record is out!
A GREAT album!!
Buy it here-

It inspired me to remix this TMBG
track that was so popular a few years ago.

Rest Awhile (DJ Useo Go Boom Remix)

Download 1
Download 2

There Is A Time (DJ Useo Loaded Goat Remix)

Here's my try at remixing a song from an old timey television show.
If you remember this episode,than you can take your bullet out of your pocket.

Download 1
Download 2

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Frikkenfrack 4:DJ Useos Strangest Boots

This is volume 4 of this series.
Many new & unreleased tracks.
All strange as sneck!!

Contains some tracks heard on
the QRADIPS SHOW w/ DJ Useo.

Tell your friends!

DJ UseoFrikkenfrack 4:DJ Useos Strangest Boots


01-Super Somnium
(Richard Cheese vs Electric Traveller)

02-Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Groove-y!
(Klaus Nomi vs Ciccone Youth)

03-The Brandenburg Happening
(The Supremes vs Bach)

04-Boogie Composers
(Bootie Luv vs Composers of Superfluous Music)

05-Georgy Respect
(Juke Joint And Inaya Day vs Swinging Strings)

06-O Do Not Reap Me
(They Might Be Giants vs Blue Oyster Cult)

07-Landscape vs Fash

08-Chasing Servos
(Mystery Science Theater 3000 vs Faux Pas)

09-Toad Of The Season
(Firesign Theatre vs The Zombies)

10-Bass Manners
(Weird Al vs Bass Modulators)

11-Red River Valley/Coming Round The Mountain
(DJ Useo Nyuk Mix)
The 3 Stooges

12-Cant Make Shrine
(Wall Of Voodoo vs Tocadisco ft. Chelonis R Jones)

13-Red River Rigby
(The Beatles vs Johnny & The Hurricanes)

14-Wow Business
(Eminem vs Front Office)

15-Sorry And Lonesome
(Brenda Lee vs Elvis Presley)

16-Hair Proof
(La Roux vs The Cowsills vs
The Outhere Brothers vs Crookers)

17-One Of These Silent Sorrow Nights
(Eagles vs Genesis)

18-Schmoo Da Da Da
(Trio vs Spooky)

19-Zoom Futurer
(Tom Glazer & Dottie Evans vs Crookers)

20-South Park Theme (DJ Useo Too Much Remix)

21-Raw Alphabet Power
(The 3 Stooges vs Iggy & The Stooges)

22-More Inspiration
(Richard Cheese vs Pop Chop vs Asst
vs Rush vs Brad Paisley)

Full album file here-
Link 1

or here-

Link 2

Volumes 1-3 also available here-


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Sixties Psychedelic Rock Mix

DJ Useo-Yoov Scene
(60's Psychedelic Rock)
You see,
I'd made a list (with backup copy)
of my sixties rock album collection,
but I couldn't find either copy.
So,I decided to start playing them
all again & making a new list
as I went.
I enjoyed listening to each group
so much I dropped certain tracks
into a file,with a mix in mind.

When I got to page 20
of the new list,I found both
original copies!
Saved me weeks of work!
(They were still packed
since my return to Texas.)

I spent some down time over the
last week remastering the tracks from the file.
Most were formerly only thin drizzles of a waveform.
It was a delight to order them & mix them up
as much as possible for your listening pleasure.
01-The Deviants-Envy
02-The Head Shop-Heaven Here We Come
03-The Collectors-Grass & Wild Strawberries
04-Space Farm-Space Farm
05-St. John Green-7th Generation Mutation
06-The End-Under The Rainbow
07-Anonymous-Who's Been Foolin'
08-Tapiman-Wrong World
09-Hallalujah-English Rain
10-Second Hand-A Fairy Taile
11-Boyce & Hart-Coke Spot # 1
12-Taman Shud-The Goolutionites
13-Orange Alabaster Mushroom-
Ethel Tripped A Mean Gloss
14-Sugar Creek-A Million Years
15-Phantasia-Transparent Face
17-The Deviants-Black George Does
It With His Tongue
18-Vanilla Fudge-Ticket To Ride
(DJ Useo Tasty Remix)
19-The Seeds-Evil Hoodoo
20-Andwella's Dream-The Days Grew
Longer For Love/ I Remember Your Face
21-Markley-Message For Miniature
22-Ant Trip Ceremony-Outskirts
23-The Plastic Cloud-Shadows Of Your Mind
24-Goldenrod-Descent Of Cyclopeans
25-The End-Bromley Common
26-The Id-The Inner Sounds Of The Id

Hosted at the King of Mix sites-


More sixties psychedelic rock mixes by me there at
plus 40 other mixes of varying styles.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NSFW-Cramps vs Fatali

Inner Depth F*cked Up (The Cramps vs Fatali)

More audio mashup assault
featuring the sacred & the profane.

Language warning for this track.
May cause Granny harm.

Download 1
Download 2

Groundlevel vs Bullwack (rave vs dubstep)

'God Intended The Great Batsy'
(Groundlevel vs Bullwack)

(rave 1991 vs dubstep 2011)

For this mix I did partial
extractions of each track
& then looped & produced
it till it was done.

I reckon most of you won't know
the source artists,
but they're good,
so please lend an ear.

Download 1
Download 2
Download 3

Big Country vs Kraftwerk

"Trans-Europe Chance" ( Big Country vs Kraftwerk ) 1983 New Wave vs 1977 Electronic. Stream or d/l here - Link