Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All New 2010 Halloween Qradips Radio Show

As broadcast on Sound-Unsound Radio
October 5th 2010

The Qradips Show 66 playlist
All new Halloween show

01-Cheekyboy-Munster In My Pants

02-DJ_Paul V.-The Devils In My Mix

03-Voicedude-Keeping Halloween Fly
(The Offspring vs Alice Cooper)

04-Frog the Dawg-Take Me Away

05-Toby Gore-The House

06-DJ Spider-Don't Push The Fear Sexy B****

07-Mash2mix-Superstitious Angel

08-DJ Maxx Destrukt-Shake Your Bony Vampire
(Wumpscut vs Adrian Alexis vs Plastica)

09-Fettdog-Fett's Fright Fest 2010

10-DJ Brit Boy-Buckys Ghost And Moar
(Deadmau5 vs M.I.A.)

11-Thriftshop X-Hell-Abracadabra Can't Even Handle Me
(Steve Miller Band vs Flo Rida)

12-Qubic-The Angel Divine

13-El Creepo - Ghost Train 2 Ghost Town (edit)

14-DJ Useo-Paranoid Because (Black Sabbath vs The Beatles)

15-DJ Useo-iScare (Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks vs
Dr. Engines Physco-Theorian-O-System)

16-DJ Useo-Who Was In My Delta Room Last Night?
(Butthole Surfers vs Higher Intelligence Agency)


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