Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DJ Useo-Halloween ep 2009

DJ Useo-Halloween ep 2009
01-Bloody Pain
(Bloody Beetroots vs Dinosaur Jr)
02-Insanity Sorceress
(Disturbed vs In Trance)
03-Raining Mountain King Blood
(Slayer vs Big Brother
& The Holding Company)
04-Black Crowley
(Ozzy Osbourne vs Frank Zappa)
05-X-Files Sun
(Soundgarden vs Mark Snow)
06-Roadkill Scared
(The Horseflies vs Young Nutz)
07-I Want My Bitch Back
(Jimmy Cross vs Ludacris vs
Dub Mechanics vs Sneaky)
08-Forbidden Witch
(The Sonics vs Disco Volante)
09-Halloween Fear
(Lily Allen vs John Carpenter)
10-Outer Limits Project
(F11 Project vs Dominic Frontiere)
11-Multiprey Boogie Monster
(Armand Van Helden vs Frozen Ghost)
12-Who's Afraid Of The Thing
(Phil Harris vs John Roman)
13-Wham Bam Terror
(Les Baxter vs DJs Team vs. Wicked DJs)

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