Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Creepy Booty (Dana Swanson And Nick Ingkatanuwat vs Boltan vs Mightyfools)

Creepy Booty (Dana Swanson And Nick Ingkatanuwat
vs Boltan vs Mightyfools)

Mightyfool's remix of
Boltan's 'Creepy'
that weird song from the
Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie
Dana Swanson And Nick Ingkatanuwat's
'I like Your Booty'.

Download 1
Download 2

Saturday, February 20, 2010

DJ Useo IP3-Intense Psychedelia 3 : Full Mashup Album

DJ Useo : IP3-Intense Psychedelia 3 mashups



01-Learning To Rock
(Pink Floyd vs Burn In Noise)

02-(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet-The Bootleg
(The Blues Magoos vs As'st)

03-1999 In The Wind, Pt. II
(Prince vs Illinois Speed Press)

04-Detachable Ballerup
(King Missile vs Annoying Ninjas)

05-Get Back To The Center Of Your Mind
(Beatles vs Ramones)

06-Bevis In The USSR
(The Beatles vs The Bevis Frond)

07-Klang Hotel Studie II
(Robyn Hitchcock vs Herbert Eimert)

08-The Beatles-All You Need Is Love
(DJ Useo Remix)

09-Tainted Floyd
(Soft Cell vs Pink Floyd)

10-Van Hypno
(Fleetwood Mac vs Van Halen)

11-Raven Identity
(X Ray Spex vs Stranglers)

12-Dazed & Confused Turkey
(John Lennon vs Led Zeppelin)

13-Ripoff Too Far
(T.Rex vs Feelies)

14-Remember A Something
(The Beatles vs Pink Floyd)

15-Klangs of Jupiter
(Scruffy The Cat vs Chemical Brothers)

16-Women Respond To History
(XTC vs Renegade Soundwave vs
Frank Ti-Aya vs Yardi Don)

17-Revolution Neutrino Forever
(Beatles vs Klaatu)

18-Tax Machine
(The Beatles vs Pink Floyd)

19-Moody V. Thirteen
(Big Audio Dynamite vs Moody Blues)


173 mb 256 kbps file here-

Link 1

and also here-

Link 2

Friday, February 19, 2010

DJ Useo-Channel X - experimental mix

DJ Useo – Channel X

playlist (1:08:23)

01-Mike Ewanus-Real Music
02-Wobbly-3 Sex Tunes:Eggs,Baby,Feelings
03-Dictionaraoke-Oops…I Did It Again (M-Sli(c)k da Ninja Mix)
04-Workshoppe Radiophonik-Jinglephonics 15
05-Stark Effect-The Beating Goes On
06-The Former Yugoslavia-Bores The Unhurt Folk
07-Bonefish Sam & His Power Orchestra-Every Toy I’ve Ever Owned
08-(c)(P)ee-Jungie Jungie
09-The Button/Beatles-Blue Jay Way
10-Tim Maloney-Closer (Nine Inch Muzak)
13-Steev Hise-Ferrante,Zeppelin & Teicher
14-Bionic Cats-Tonights The Night (Live Version)
15-Stop Children-Medicine Head
16-Project:Data Control-Meltdown
17-Irene Moon-Floraladehyde (Extract)
18-Siegfried Wendel-Thats The Berlin Air (Circa 1880)
19-Antideluvian Rocking Horse-Da Danger Music
20-White Virus-Venetian Snares Megamix
21-Loathing Robots-Noise Consists Of Random Frequencies Heard At The
Same Time
22-Steve Fisk-Break On Through
23-M.A.Numminen-Wovon Mann Nicht Sprechen Kann Daruber Muss Mann
24-Jan Van Den Dobblesteen-Don’t Look Back
26-Meat-Battery Acid

This is one really out there mix.
I know I never heard one like it before.
If you’re wanting ‘music’,this ain’t it.
Still,I’m immensely proud of this.
Thanks for checking it out.


Your Silent Bleeding Heart (Leona Lewis vs New Order)

I'd rather be stabbed with a knife
than have my heart broken.
To some people it's the same.

Download 1
Download 2

Friday, February 12, 2010

Club Car Re-Ed (The Electric Love Muffin vs Rise Against)

Metal vs 80's Alt-Rock.
Just what you needed!

I reckon y'all don't know
The Electric Love Muffin,
but surely Rise Against
is in your cd collection?

Don't they match up nice?

Download 1

Download 2

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big Mess Something (The Beatles vs Devo)

Sure'n it's a foine pleasure
to combine the spud with the fab.
May the good lord take a shine
to this mix & it's listeners.

Download 1
Download 2

Thursday, February 4, 2010

DJ Useo-Psych Rawk - sixties tunes (1:14:12)

Thanks for all the
classic rock encouragement.

This stuff gets rarer all the time.
And I'm glad to play it for you.

This set is intended to be 'harder' guitar
than my recent mix 'Music For Hippies'.

DJ Useo-Psych Rawk - sixties tunes (1:14:12)


01-The Doors - Back Door Man (Live Bootleg)
02-The Happenings - Living In Darkness
04-Yesterday's Children-Paranoia
05-Aardvark-Copper Sunset
07-Q 65-Love Is Such A Good Thing
08-Affinity-I Am And So Are You
09-Jason Crest-King Of The Castle
10-After Tea-I'm Here
12-Stray Dog-Crazy
13-Chico Magnetic Band-Explosion
14-Mahogany Rush-The King Who Stole (The Universe)
15-Strawberry Path-I Gotta See My Gypsy Woman
16-Horses-Asia Minor
17-Mad Dog-Military Disgust
18-Cerebrum-Time's Door
19-Banchee-As Me Thinks
20-The Outsiders-Time Won't Let Me


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

MashRockPod - All Rock Mashups Podcast

DJ Useo-MashRockPod - All Rock Mashups Podcast



01-DJ Lobsterdust-Smells Like Funky Music
(Wild Cherry vs. Nirvana)

02-DJ Magnet-Hives Wedding
(Hives vs Billy Idol vs Martin Solveig)

03-ThC-Rock n Roll Ignorance
(Oasis vs Paramore)

04-DJ Schmolli-Further Shit
(Marilyn Manson vs Snitch Bros.)

05-Dan Mei-Perfect Sober Insanity (Radio Edit)
(Pink Vs Disturbed)

06-Marc Johnce-Double Flashback Vision
(Calvin Harris Vs. Foreigner)

07-Voicedude-Fly Away To Heaven
(Led Zeppelin vs Lenny Kravitz)

08-DJ Moule-Give This Way
(Aerosmith-Run DMC vs Red Hot Chili Peppers vs
Chemical Brothers f/ Otis Redding)

09-G3rst-Hey Man, Nice Diamond
(Filter vs Klint)

10-DJ Prince-Who Is Baba O'Riley?

11-ToToM-Longest Disco Song Ever
(Foo Fighters vs Vitalic)

12-The Kleptones-Welcome Back
(ELP vs Guns n Roses vs Chemical Bros)

13-Cervin-Gimme Battle
(Rolling Stones vs Model 500 vs Kraftwerk)

14-Aggro1™-Stone Temple Pilots v. The Prodigy
(Nite Version)

15-DJ Le Clown/Black Strobe-Rocknrolla

16-DJ Useo-Smack My Animals Up
(Nickelback vs Prodigy)

17-Zonamix (aka Fermix)-Thin Lizzy vs CCR vs BEP

18-[MMM] MadMixMustang-I Got More Than A Feeling
(LongVersion) (Bep vs Boston)

19-mARKYbOY-Dont Stop Believe In A Thing Called Blue
(Journey vs Darkness)

20-DJ Morgoth-Any Way You Want My Woman
(Wolfmother & MSTRKRFT vs. Journey

21-DJ Zebra-I'm A Fireman
(Spencer Davis Group vs Prodigy vs
Beastie Boys vs Rolling Stones)

22-LASSO THE MOOn-Spaceman On Fire
(Killers vs.T-Rex)

23-Colatron-God In The Mirror
(Eric Clapton vs Michael Jackson)


Extra Link For Those Who Require it-

Man Its So Disco In Here (They Might Be Giants vs Rinkadink)

Man Its So Loud In Here
mixed with


Big Country vs Kraftwerk

"Trans-Europe Chance" ( Big Country vs Kraftwerk ) 1983 New Wave vs 1977 Electronic. Stream or d/l here - Link