Saturday, November 27, 2010

Channel Zee -Experimental Mix

This is part 3,the final part of my experimental ‘CHANNEL’ series.

The first part ‘Channel X’
was made to be the strangest
& least musical.

The second part ‘Channel Y?’ was slightly more ‘musical’.

This third part ‘Channel Zee’ is the most musical
of the trio,yet is still far out there when it
comes to listenability.

I hope you don’t freak out!

DJ Useo-Channel Zee (Experimental Mix)

01-Alfred Wolfson-Vox Humana
02-The Cranial Fishers-Escape
03-Spo-Its-All Radio Is Dead
04-Robin Goldwater w/ They Might Be Giants-
I Hear A New World
06-Rob,Andy & Tom-Death By Gravy
07-Isnasakenai Douji-Sticklebrick
08-Skkatter-Dirty Pop
09-Naked Rabbit-Thunderclock
10-Evolution Control Committee-
The Subatomic Opera
11-Evolution Control Committee-
Ping Poing Percussion Power Party
12-Workshoppe Radio Phonik-Time Jams ’84
13-Trotters-Ice Ice Bacon
14-Myriam Bessette-Mutation
15-DJ Stoic-Antimashup
16-The Faint-Take Me To The Hospital
17-The Klangers-Spacemen Smoke Spliffs
18-That WQ Girl-Shuffle Off To Bob-O-Lo
19-Tipsy-Space Golf
20-My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult-
Blue Buddha
21-The Butthead Astronomers-Hip-O-Crit
22-Negativland-The Greatest Taste Around
23-Eilart Pilarm-In The Ghetto
24-Half Japanese-Tracks Of My Tears
25-Mark N-I Love Faeces
26-Peyr-Killer Boogie
27-Digital Droo-Monkey Developers
28-Smith ‘n’ Hack-Tribute b3 1Mi
(aka Scratch Your Ass Off)
29-’uncredited’-Radio Remix VI
30-Siouxzie Wrong-Cakewalk
31-Presto & Spartanite-The Walton Hop Disco
32-Ciccone Youth-Into The Groove-Y
33-Klaus Nomi-Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Dead!
34-Hard Off-Destroy Shit Tracks
35-Donovan’s Brain-Derailment
36-Skip Found Teli & MPI-Panty Boiler
37-The Krankies-It’s Fan-Fabi-Dozi
38-Todd Bramy-Henry & Rita


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