Sunday, July 17, 2011

WrongMix-The Art Of Error (1:17:05)

DJ Useo-WrongMix-The Art Of Error (1:17:05)

(Mashups done intentionally wrong)



01-Normal Submission (Bonzo Dog Band vs Butler & Wilson)

02-A Day In The Breeze (The Beatles vs Enoch Light)

03-Pickin' On Clapton vs Saints Row 2 vs ?

04-Deteriarata Dance (National Lampoon vs ?)

05-Ice Cream Stomp (Devils Rejects vs Dubmakers)

06-Runaround Lawsuit
(Dion vs Diogo)

07-I Said Rockaria!
(Electric Light Orchestra vs Mightyfools)

08-Suite Pea
(Friar Tuck vs Bitkit)

09-Yabba Due
(Hoagy Carmichael vs Vistar)

10-Tomorrow Never Suki Yakis
(Hollyridge Strings vs Beatles)

11-One Of These Silent Sorrow Nights
(Eagles vs Genesis)

12-The Mash Comes Around
(The Sweet Violet Boys vs Big Al)

13-Bass Manners
(Weird Al vs Bass Modulators)

14-Raw Alphabet Power
(The 3 Stooges vs Iggy & The Stooges)

15-Pussy Club
(Dizzy Rascal vs The Stranglers)

16-Never Never Never Never...etc
(Scruffy The Cat vs Boybroken)

17-Buy A Waterfall
(Bonzo Dog Band vs Tom Hades)

18-Sorry And Lonesome
(Brenda Lee vs Elvis Presley)(7")

19-Ovaltine Dance (Old 50's Commercial vs ?)

20-Just One Of Those Hey Good Looking Things
(Frank Sinatra vs Hank Williams)

21-Zoom Futurer
(Tom Glazer & Dottie Evans vs Crookers)

22-White Light N By NW6
(Velvet Underground vs Bus)

23-Doctor Martin Bootleg
(Alexei Sayle vs Wayo)

24-Zaz Turned & Blew
(Was (Not Was) vs Magoon


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