Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SUS Mash A Wave!-new surf mashups album

Here's the utterly sublime
new Surf music mashup album from the
Sound-Unsound bootleg forum.
Much praise to all involved.


Side A-
01-DJ Petrushka-Lets Wipeout
(Surfaris vs David Bowie vs Gidget)

02-MaxwellJump-Don't Stop Doggin' the Nile
(Ice T vs Dirty Beatniks vs Chantays vs Above The Law)

03-G4gorilla and Surfio Leone-Livin In The New West
(Bon Jovi vs Spindrift)

04-mARKYbOY-Sloop One B (Beach Boys vs Goldfrapp)

05-DJ Useo-I Can See Jack The Ripper For Miles
(The Who vs The Raybeats)

06-Chocomang-All I want is LA Women
(Indochine vs The Police vs The Doors)

07-Surfio Leone-Spaghetti And Bubblegum
(Justin Bieber vs Spaghetti Surfers)

Side B-
01-rillen rudi-Lobster Freaks
(B-52s vs The Atlantics)

02-Chocomang-Apache Unforgiven
(Shadows vs Metallica)

03-G4Gorilla-The Spy I Love
(R.E.M. vs The Dead Rocks)

04-Chocomang-Casablanca Comme je l'imagine
(Warum Joe vs VĂ©ronique Sanson vs Depeche Mode)

05-DJ Useo-I Want War Path
(The Beatles vs Davie Allan)

06-Chocomang-The Rise & Fall of My Age Again
(Shadows vs Blink182)

07-DJ Useo-Surf Mashup Medley
(T.Rex vs Blue Oyster Cult vs The Supremes
vs Sir Elton John vs Junior Brown)

Complete file link-
Link 1 Link 2


mARKYbOY said...

Excellent Useo - good to see this in the light of day! Thanks for the hard work from you and Choco in getting this together and all the artists for contributing.

DJ Useo said...

Thanks,M.Your mix is a true joy.So glad you are around.

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