Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Sixties Psychedelic Rock Mix

DJ Useo-Yoov Scene
(60's Psychedelic Rock)
You see,
I'd made a list (with backup copy)
of my sixties rock album collection,
but I couldn't find either copy.
So,I decided to start playing them
all again & making a new list
as I went.
I enjoyed listening to each group
so much I dropped certain tracks
into a file,with a mix in mind.

When I got to page 20
of the new list,I found both
original copies!
Saved me weeks of work!
(They were still packed
since my return to Texas.)

I spent some down time over the
last week remastering the tracks from the file.
Most were formerly only thin drizzles of a waveform.
It was a delight to order them & mix them up
as much as possible for your listening pleasure.
01-The Deviants-Envy
02-The Head Shop-Heaven Here We Come
03-The Collectors-Grass & Wild Strawberries
04-Space Farm-Space Farm
05-St. John Green-7th Generation Mutation
06-The End-Under The Rainbow
07-Anonymous-Who's Been Foolin'
08-Tapiman-Wrong World
09-Hallalujah-English Rain
10-Second Hand-A Fairy Taile
11-Boyce & Hart-Coke Spot # 1
12-Taman Shud-The Goolutionites
13-Orange Alabaster Mushroom-
Ethel Tripped A Mean Gloss
14-Sugar Creek-A Million Years
15-Phantasia-Transparent Face
17-The Deviants-Black George Does
It With His Tongue
18-Vanilla Fudge-Ticket To Ride
(DJ Useo Tasty Remix)
19-The Seeds-Evil Hoodoo
20-Andwella's Dream-The Days Grew
Longer For Love/ I Remember Your Face
21-Markley-Message For Miniature
22-Ant Trip Ceremony-Outskirts
23-The Plastic Cloud-Shadows Of Your Mind
24-Goldenrod-Descent Of Cyclopeans
25-The End-Bromley Common
26-The Id-The Inner Sounds Of The Id

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Dr. StrangeBrew said...

This is a great mix dude, it,.....Greedzzzz.............StrangeBrew

DJ Useo said...

Mighty glad to hear that from you.You are my target audience for mixes like this.