Sunday, July 10, 2011

Frikkenfrack 4:DJ Useos Strangest Boots

This is volume 4 of this series.
Many new & unreleased tracks.
All strange as sneck!!

Contains some tracks heard on
the QRADIPS SHOW w/ DJ Useo.

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DJ UseoFrikkenfrack 4:DJ Useos Strangest Boots


01-Super Somnium
(Richard Cheese vs Electric Traveller)

02-Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Groove-y!
(Klaus Nomi vs Ciccone Youth)

03-The Brandenburg Happening
(The Supremes vs Bach)

04-Boogie Composers
(Bootie Luv vs Composers of Superfluous Music)

05-Georgy Respect
(Juke Joint And Inaya Day vs Swinging Strings)

06-O Do Not Reap Me
(They Might Be Giants vs Blue Oyster Cult)

07-Landscape vs Fash

08-Chasing Servos
(Mystery Science Theater 3000 vs Faux Pas)

09-Toad Of The Season
(Firesign Theatre vs The Zombies)

10-Bass Manners
(Weird Al vs Bass Modulators)

11-Red River Valley/Coming Round The Mountain
(DJ Useo Nyuk Mix)
The 3 Stooges

12-Cant Make Shrine
(Wall Of Voodoo vs Tocadisco ft. Chelonis R Jones)

13-Red River Rigby
(The Beatles vs Johnny & The Hurricanes)

14-Wow Business
(Eminem vs Front Office)

15-Sorry And Lonesome
(Brenda Lee vs Elvis Presley)

16-Hair Proof
(La Roux vs The Cowsills vs
The Outhere Brothers vs Crookers)

17-One Of These Silent Sorrow Nights
(Eagles vs Genesis)

18-Schmoo Da Da Da
(Trio vs Spooky)

19-Zoom Futurer
(Tom Glazer & Dottie Evans vs Crookers)

20-South Park Theme (DJ Useo Too Much Remix)

21-Raw Alphabet Power
(The 3 Stooges vs Iggy & The Stooges)

22-More Inspiration
(Richard Cheese vs Pop Chop vs Asst
vs Rush vs Brad Paisley)

Full album file here-
Link 1

or here-

Link 2

Volumes 1-3 also available here-



Andrew McLean said...

Hi! Having worked my way through all of your psychedelic collections (and the goth-goa one), which I've greatly enjoyed, I'm exploring some of the others. It looks like the individual-tracks version of this is no longer available (haven't checked the single-file version) - would love it if you have the time to put them up again.

Just so you know, the Mediafire links to Vols 1-3 are down, but the Hotfile links still seem to be working.

Konrad Useo said...

Hi Andrew! I've been updating many of the links for the last few weeks. Thanks for the notice. I'll do the Frikkenfrack updates tonight.
I've not been able to find good hosting for individual track links for comps since 4shared. But I do have good hosting for full files again. Meanwhile, I'll continue updating links. Thanks for enjoying!

Konrad Useo said...

The hotfile links all died, but I updated all Frikkenfrack album links today.
Next, I'll update the INTENSE PSYCHEDELIA links.

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