Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Frikkenfrack 2:DJ Useos Strangest Boots

Frikkenfrack 2:DJ Useos Strangest Boots
These are the strangest bootlegs I've made.
Part 2.
1,2,3,5 & 21 are previously unreleased.

01-Oolite Clam (Elvis Presley vs
Ozric Tentacles vs The Trashmen)

02-No Name-o
(The Unknowns vs Man With No Name)

03-United States Of Clinic (Live)
(Liam Lynch vs Clinic)

04-Spy Vs Underground
(Moloud & The Sonic Destruction vs Brian Briggs)

05-Are People Apollo 9 ?
(Adam Ant vs Depeche Mode)

06-Flying Swedish Chef
(Muppets vs Beatles)

07-Spongebob Squarepusher
(Spongebob vs Squarepusher)

08-Peaches En Regalia For You
(Britney Spears vs Frank Zappa)

09-A Blind Man's Penis After Dark
(Robboz vs John Trubee)

10-La Guitaristic Request
(North vs Rinôçérôse)

11-Spam Roam
(B-52's vs Monty Python's Flying Circus)

12-Bounce 2 Hardstyle Bubbles In The Wine
(The Lawrence Welk Orchestra vs
Dj Alligator vs Blutonium Boy)

13-Doorsklok (Doors vs Dethklok)

14-Face Down Auctioneer
(Leroy Van Dyke vs Zone Breaker)

15-Astro Strangeness
(Full Intention vs Astro Sounds From
The Year 2000 vs The Bevis Frond)

16-Beeker Solution
(Pete Tong vs Muppets)

17-The Rabbit Man
(The Four Postmen vs Magik Johnson)

18-Hill Country Temper
(Prodigy vs Zietgeist)

19-Stomach Churner (Smeske vs Ceolceili
vs Stephen Clarke-Willson)

20-Dance This Spam Around
(B-52's vs Monty Python's Flying Circus)

21-Every Mashup Ever Made Mix


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