Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DJ Useo-Dark Dead Death:Goth vs Goa -mashup album

DJ Useo-Dark Dead Death:Goth vs Goa


01-Master Jedi Supernaut (1000 Homo DJs vs Space Vision)

02-Shes A Robot Killer (Alien Sex Fiend vs Suria)

03-Inverte Flat Field (Bauhaus vs Psywalker)

04-Fatherland Daydream (Die Krupps vs Sidhartha & Tryon)

05-Never Over 4 Walls Back (Genitorturors vs Tactical Strike & Interactive)

06-Everyday is Habit (Ministry vs Quadra)

07-Dads Dead Heaven Song (Gary Numan vs Rinkadink)

08-Front De Blacklist (Legendary Pink Dots vs Scahgblota)

09-Amma Holes (Specimen vs The Nommos)

10-Allegedly Freakout Tragedy (Suspiria vs Trance Twin Quartet)

11-Pagan Noize Song (Virgin Prunes vs Sangeet)

12-Operation Kool Thing (Sonic Youth vs Mindsphere)

13-Dark Dead Death-Goth vs Goa Mix



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