Thursday, March 4, 2010

B00MB0X 10 SUS WADIO Special

B00MB0X 10 SUS WADIO Special

For the finest DJ Experience
in recent memory,
All day Saturday March 6th
for the radio premiere of

The B00MB0X DJ's Tenth Anniversary mix '10'.

Seven hours of consummate mixing with more than 24 Deejays!


-DJ Zazoo
-Dic Aberdaron
-Blood Meridian
-Lionel Mandrake
-Der DiskothekerTM
-Boogie Maggoo
-DJ Frankie Pigeon
-Al The Kemist
-MC Tulip
-Shining Steve
-DJ Useo


Listen here.No registration required.

Get all seven sections or get the 7-hour version here-


119 said...

good~ keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day........................................

DJ Useo said...

Thanks for posting a comment.
It's a good motivator to me.

Budtheweiser said...

10th anniversary eh makes me feel old lol keep em coming Mate always a great listen

DJ Useo said...

Never old till your 80.Lots of years to go! :)
I was playing some of your singles on radio today.
A big hit! They knew your sex pistols vs church one!