Monday, March 2, 2009

Techzilla Rocks Mashup Podcast

Here's my new podcast.It's all rock mashups.
Look for my unreleased steppenwolf exclusive track.

DJ Useo
Techzilla Rocks Mashups
Podcast Playlist


01-DJ Useo-Eden Butterfly (Peter Gabriel vs Iron Butterfly)
02-Go Home Productions-Essex Doves (David Essex vs Doves)
03-Smash-Like Woodstock (Joni Mitchell vs Soundgarden)
04-Smash-Sanctuary's Over (Butch Vig Mix)
(Doors vs The Cult)
05-Ccc-I Want A Spirit Machine
(Beatles vs David Essex vs Goldfrappe)
06-Ultra396-Beastie Blitz (Beastie Boys vs Sweet)
07-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-DJ Useo-Born To Be Underground
(Steppenwolf vs Mouloud & The Sonic Destruction)
(Plain Version)
08-Soundhog-A Day In Tracy's Life
(Beatles vs Mogwai vs Kid Loco)
09-Go Home Productions-Work It Out With A Sexy Lady
(Beyonce vs Jimi Hendrix)
10-Soundwasta-Let It Be Me (Shaggy vs The Beatles)
11-Lionel Vinyl-Owner Of A Lonely Butt
(Yes vs Sir Mix-A-Lot)
12-DJ Prince-Hey We Will Rock Ya (Queen vs Outkast)
13-DJ Useo-Tainted Floyd (Soft Cell vs Pink Floyd)
14-Criz Rock-Smoke On The Music Mix 2
(Madonna vs Deep Purple)
15-Matt Hite-We Will Rock You (Joan Jett vs Queen)
16-mGee-Intergalactic (Time Complex)
(Steve Miller Band vs Beastie Boys)
17-Voicedude-My Girl Walks This Way
(The Temptations vs Aerosmith)
18-Dinbot-Breathe On (Frou Frou vs Led Zeppelin)
19-Party Ben-Drop It Like it's A Whole Lot'ta love
(Snoop Dogg vs Led Zeppelin)


Found here-

Download 1

Download 2

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