Saturday, March 21, 2009

BEAUTIFUL BOOTS:The Beautiful Mashup Collection

Please to be enjoying this
new collection of lovely bootlegs.
We did them to please you.

Beautiful Boots:The Beautiful Mashup Album
01-L'Éternel Enfant Roi (Qubic)
L'Enfant Roi vs Yello

02-In Crockett's Mekanik Tonight (Alpha1999)
Phil Collins vs Jan Hammer vs Bass Mekanik

03-Ocean Drums Sunrise (DJ Newlight)
Jerry Ropero & Michael Simon Feat.
Kathy Brown vs DJ Sledge Hammer & Chris Da House

04-I Know Break Of Dawn (DJ Useo)
Hybrid vs Mojib

05-Walk This Blacker Than Planetaria Land (Sfreeman)
4Hero vs EZ-
Rollers vs Gill Scott Heron

06-Night Without A Face (Alpha1999)
Billy Idol vs Deep Forest

07-Listen To Your Heart (DJ Useo Remix)

08-Another Day In AA With XXX (Sfreeman)
Peaches vs Dragonette

09-Atomic Girl (Alpha1999)
Blondie vs David Bowie

10-Oíche Suaimhneach, Fir Caoin (Qubic)
Mediaeval Baebesi vs Loreena McKennitt

11-Natural Freedom (DJ Useo)
Shiva vs Eberhard Schoener w/The Police

12-Why R U The Most Beautiful (Alpha1999)
Carly Simon vs Prince

13-Welcome To The Unknown (Sfreeman)
JD,P Diddy,Snoop,Lunatics vs The Unknown

14-I Want Good Times (Alpha1999)
Queen vs Chic

15-Once Upon A Time Release Me (DJ Useo)
The Ancients vs Moss & Szade
F/ Audrey Valorzi

16-The Look Of A Trouper (Alpha1999)
Abba vs ABC

17-Do You Know (The Psycho Trip Song) (DJ Useo)
Enrique Iglesias vs Prisma

18-Take Me To The House Above (DJ Newlight)
LMC vs U2 vs Jürgen Dee Vs Axel S

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QUBIC said...

Wow, Useo!

This is a very nice collection of beautiful boots. The diversity of each individual producer's tracks gives the entire album a nice diverse breadth of styles.

Kudos to all the producers involved, and thank you, Useo, for organizing and putting it all together.

Budtheweiser said...

The links keep timing out for me will try to grab this in the morning looking forward to this

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