Sunday, March 29, 2009

Close Scrape (Metal Mix 2) (41:53) (34 Tracks)

Here's a mix I made some 2 years ago
& never posted.
I eq-ed it again & here you are.

DJ Useo-Close Scrape (Metal Mix 2)
(41:53) (34 Tracks)
02-Mongoloid Gnome-Black Metal
03-Rigor Mortis-Welcome To Your Funeral
04-The Legion Of Doom-Ebola In Memphis (u-r)
06-Stone Sour-Get Inside
08-Vexed-Nuclear Babylon
09-Majestic-Losers Shades Of Hell
10-Sieges Even-Rise & Shine
11-Tears Of Anger-In The Shadows
12-Theriomorphic-Silent Moon
13-Black Dahlia Murder-Built For Sin
14-Sinister-The Grey Massacre
15-Norther-Throwing My Life Away
16-Operation Winter Mist-Divine Wind
17-Enter My Silence-Spin
18-Everlost-Driven By The Phantom Pain
20-Beautiful Creatures-Superfly
21-Masterplan-Crimson Rider
22-Seven Witches-Pounding Metal
23-Edge Of Sanity-Crimson
25-Misery Inc-Hymn For Life
26-Fairyland-Ride With The Sun
27-Bolt Thrower-Entrenched
29-Geezer Butler-Alone
30-Black Steel-Annihilate
31-Lordi-The Deadite Girls Go Wild
32-Warmen-Accept The Fact
33-Electric Wizard-Eko Eko Azarak
34-Pop Will Eat Itself-Wake Up! Time To Die!

Sorry...the link has bitten through
it's chain & escaped.
New link soon.Hehe...

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