Friday, June 27, 2014

80's Mashed vol 3: All New!

I am very happy to present the first Audioboots album: 80's Mashed vol 3

The best 80's artists mixed by 23 bootleggers: 43 mashups, 3 hours of music.

With AtoZ, chocomang, DJ MXR,
DJ Petrushka, DJ Rudec, DJ Useo,
DRA'man, Eternal Khaos, Fieesto,
g4gorilla, Jarod Ripley, Jesus Cadena,
Leigh Scratch Fenlon, mARKYbOY,
Michmash, Mixcut, Oki, pomDeter,
rillen rudi, Sjoerjse, song49, Spider, & ToToM.


Links for the 2 discs are found here-
80s MASHED 3

Find the former two volumes down the page here-


Kopimi Kopimism said...

this dnld works well dropbox! the mega upload stalls out 99% most of the time .... blarg ! ... thx #kopimi !!

Konrad Useo said...

Yah, a common problem, & why I try to have mirror links.
Mega does that to me, if I am not on Chrome browser, or on a pc.

Please to be enjoying the 80s goodness.

Lol. Blarg is my pen name as a cartoonist. For years now!

See you around, KK. -Konrad