Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mashups From Outer Space Volume Two

"The Vinyl Frontier : Mashups From Outer Space volume 2".

Ready your ears for a new album
full of Sci-Fi oriented mixes from
G3rst, Chocomang, AtoZ, Funkorelic,
DJ Petrushka, oki, and me.

The full zip file including exclusive artwork,
detailed notes, and video URLs
can be accessed from either of these links-

Link 1

Link 2

A superb single-track mix from AtoZeo
includes all thirteen tracks, plus extra samples
and can be streamed or d/l-ed here-


Volume one is still available here-

Volume 1

Please spread the word,
before the MEN IN BLACK strike! Lol!


Spacemummy said...

Thanks for this. We play it on the Mummyship. Praise AmunRa!

Konrad Useo said...

You bet'cha,SM. Good news for you, there's going to be a 3rd volume next year!

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