Friday, September 30, 2011

DJ Useo - Rock-Tober Mashup Podcast 2011

By request of many,
here's a new podcast of
all hard-rockin'
Useo mashups.


DJ Useo - Rock-Tober Mashup Podcast 2011


01-Who Was In My Delta Room Last Night?
(Butthole Surfers vs Higher Intelligence Agency)

02-Wake Me Up Gloria Knight
(Mahjong Connection vs Plasticland)

03-Halloween Hands Of Death
(Ministry vs Alice Cooper f/ Rob Zombie)

04-QuadraSand (Blackbird vs Quadra)

05-Down & Out Of My Mind
(John Moore & The Expressway vs Nine Inch Nails)

06-Shine Boy (AC/DC vs Cyndi Lauper)

07-Tick Tick Fire
(The Jimi Hendrix Experience vs The Hives)

08-Fire Vacant
(The Sex Pistols vs Killing Joke
vs Acid Mothers Temple)

09-Ozric Roses
(The Stone Roses vs Ozric Tentacles)

10-Raven Identity
(X Ray Spex vs Stranglers)

11-Cracked Music
(Rihanna vs David Bowie)

12-Standing In The Way Of The Hungry Wolf
(The Gossip vs X)

13-Shine Times Two
(Collective Soul vs Booty Luv)

14-Smack My Animals Up
(Nickelback vs Prodigy)

15-DJ Useo - Rock No?
(Zebrahead vs Clouds)

16-In It For The New Season
(Captain Hardcore & Sony Stillwater
vs Starjackers f/ Nadia K)

17-Cant Buy Me Road Zombie
(The Beatles vs Social Distortion)

18-Hurtin' With The Devil
(Culture Club vs Van Halen)

(Dizzee Rascal vs Wire)

20-Bleeeding Pain
(Oingo Boingo vs Bleeed)

21-Nothing Aguas De Parco Wrong
(Red Lorry Yellow Lorry vs Crookers)

22-Kid Jeepster
(T.Rex vs Squirrelbait)

23--No Motorcycle
(Pete Shelley vs Love And Rockets)

24--Weasels Ripped My Half A Bee
(Zappa vs MPFC)


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