Friday, January 21, 2011


Hiya There-
Yup! It's actually another INTENSE PSYCHEDELIA
mashup collection from me.
Number 4 was going to be the last,
but the vibe was right for more.
& the new tracks just flowed like water.

Complete 180 Mb file here-
Link 1

& here-
Link 2

Mixes for demonstration purposes only.

Thanks to Andy_S for the awesome cover.


Andrew McLean said...

Really enjoying Intense Psychedelia volumes 4 and 6. If you are able, I'd love to see the other four volumes made available again, as their links are currently dead.

Konrad Useo said...

Glad to hear,Andrew.All the links will be active by 7/23/2012.
Thanks for comment.Appreciated,useful,& welcome.

Konrad Useo said...

Added new links again today. August 2nd 2013. -DJ Konrad Useo

Konrad Useo said...

Lemme know how you like the new Mega link. I think it will be worth going Pro account.
July 31 2014.

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