Wednesday, May 12, 2010



The hip,with-it members of the
Sound-Unsound Forum have conspired
to mix mashups that use the passion
of Flamenco with the melodies of pop & rock.

You will really dig this record!

Complete file link here-


01-Olili Stance (DJ Le Clown)
(Manitas de Plata vs Neneh Cherry)

02-About A Spanish Girl (Chocomang)
(Daniel Cox vs Nirvana)

03-All The Way (Todo Lo Que) (mARKYbOY)
(Antonio Martinez vs Craig David)

04-Survive The Silk Route (G3rst)
(Hossam Ramzy & Rafa El Tachuela vs Gloria Gaynor)

05-Losing My Diablo (Colatron)
(Rodrigo y Gabriela vs R.E.M.)

06-Bullet In The Guitarra G (DJ Spider)
(Chambao vs Planet Perfecto)

07-Forget About La Viguela (mARKYbOY)
(La Viguela vs Eminem & Dr Dre)

08-What The Fuck Is Wrong (Chocomang)
(Sarao Flamenco vs Linkin Park)

09-Way Ol Flamenco (Dj MashUp)
(Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson and DOE
vs Mediterranean Chill Experience)

10-Baila This Way (DJ MXR)
(Gipsy King vs Aerosmith/Run-DMC)

11-Sa Trincha Comes (Dubstep Mash) (Oscar TG)
(Sa Trincha vs Faithless)

12-Don't Look Any Further Than Tango Flamenco (DJ Spider)
(Paco de Lucia & Chambao vs Dennis Edwards & Siedah Garrett)

13-Some Kinda Loco Flamenco (mARKYbOY)
(Booty Luv vs My Digital Enemy)

14-Two Ways To Heaven (Colatron)
(Rodrigo y Gabriela vs Led Zeppelin)

15-La Tarara Kite (DJ Useo)
(Camaron vs The Beatles)

16-Just a Spanish Dream (The Reborn Identity)
(Shoji Meguro vs R.E.M.)

17-Satisfaccion del Domingo (mARKYbOY)
(DJ Puku ft Manu Nandez vs Johnny Corporate)

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