Friday, May 7, 2010

DJ Useo Hurried Podcast (30:09)

I'm so very busy this month
(as are we all)
so I did the shortest podcast I could.(30:09)
I hope you like.

DJ Useo Hurried Podcast

01-Pilchard - BBC_Mix_That Never Was
02-Irn Mnky - Red Red Robin (Turntablised)
03-Go Home Productions - Goodbye Rocky
04-Virtual DJ - The Eve of a Problem
(Juno Reactor vs Jeff Wayne vs Apollo 13)
05-DJ Useo - Star Trek For Science
(Royal Philharmonic Orchestra vs They Might Be Giants)
06-Dublxero - Crazy Frog Chorus (short)
07-DJ Prince - Funky Cold Ding Ding
08-Frogthedawg - Hockey
09-ShortieB - Get Ya Thong Up
(Shortie vs Ciara)
10-dj BC - Vous Ítes Seinfeld
11-Bangers & Mash - This Old Cha Cha Cha
(Serge Gainsbourg vs The Isley Brothers)
12-Dickie Goodman vs DJ Clivester - Safety First
(Clivester's Up-To-Date Mix)
13-Acafreak) - Wouldn't It Be Nice To Be Happy
Together At Farmville
(The Beach Boys vs The Farmers)
14-Irn Minky - The Enemy Overture
(1 minute of madness)
15-Tizwarz - Trumpton Dick
(Childrens tv Theme vs 20 Fingers)
16-MP3J-Can't Buy My Shoe (Demo)
(Beatles vs Beatles)
17-The Beatles - Why Don't We Do It In the Road?
(Honey Pie) (DJ Useo Remix)
18-DJ Not-I - DJ Not-I Jingle
(ft. Afroman, Braintax, BristleKRS, Bruce Lee,
ButterB, Dr. Bakteria, Hire Spensa, Lupe Fiasco,
MC Lyte, ODB, Ryan Tronier, Shturtzite,
Tony Touch, Tweet, & Voltio)
19-Frogthedawg - walking
20-Frunt Room 5 - Envy Rug
21-Tizwarz - Summer Drive
(Rihanna vs Underdog Project)
22-Arty Fufkin - Creole Pour Moi
(Elvis Presley vs Plastic Bertrand)



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