Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grandpa's Guitar (Remastered Eighties New Wave)

DJ Useo-Grandpa's Guitar
(Remastered Eighties New Wave)

These are all extensively remastered
from authentic vinyl.
I refrained from messing with them
too much this time.

So the history goes like this-
Vinyl=audio tape=CD=wav=mp3


01-The Lime Spiders-My Favourite Room
02-Close Lobsters-Pathetique
03-Fingerprintz-Close Circuit Connection
04-Horizontal Brian-Ex-Army Boy
05-Gary Myrick & The Figures-Living Disaster
06-The Payola$-Jukebox
07-Fashion-Sodium Pentathol Negative
08-The Fleshtones-The World Has Changed
09-Alternative TV-Action Time Vision
10-Bruce Wooley & The Camera Club-No Surrender
11-The Stranglers-Straighten Out
12-Suburban Lawns-Green Eyes
13-The Cramps-Uranium Rock
14-Nervus Rex-Gogo Girl
15-Magazine-The Light Pours Out Of Me
16-The Deserters-Protection
17-Icehouse-Break These Chains
18-The Fall-Rebellious Jukebox
19-Skafish-Disgracing The Family Name
20-Scott Wilk & The Walls-Shorting Out
21-CS Angels-Island Heart
22-Squeeze-Slap & Tickle
23-The Plastics-Good
24-Human Sexual Response-Land Of The Glass Pinecones
25-Z Rocks-Real World/Auto World


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