Sunday, April 18, 2010

#154 Ramdom Thoughts – mashups & remixes w/ DJ Useo

Here's the April Fool's Day
RAMDOM THOUGHTS I guest-hosted.
Hope you dig the styles of mixes.

Audiodile – Raccoon Legs
Crookdimwit – Mash Up the Shoesaw
Frogthedawg – Get Rhythm
Pilchard – Papadecoder
Ex-Dublxero – Rolf Harris Touches Himself Every Time He Thinks About You!
DJ Lumpy – Flat Sandman
‘Unknown’ – Jocko Rolfo Plus 3
Ex-Dublxero – Nookies Don’t Lie
Bug – It Is Unusual
The Kleptones – What’s The Matter With Your Lines, Baby
DJ Useo – United States Of Clinic (Live) (Liam Lynch vs Clinic)
DJ Earlybird – TB303 Killed Mickey Mouse
Alex C – Popcorn! Bitch!
Autopilot – Betty Boy (Spiderbait vs John Denver)
Go Home Productions – Velvet Sugar
Soond Bwoy Production – Natural Shake The Room
Lee Marvin – Wanderin Star (BigBadBaz Edit)
DJ Paysano – Sue Me If My Big Yellow Taxi Goes Too Fast
Colatron – Smells Like Tea Spirit
DJ Prince – Funky Cold Ding Ding
Poj Masta – Oh Yeh!?
DJ John – Rockin Down The House with Rum & Coca Cola (Andrews Sisters vs MI 7)
Aber N Stein – Take Five of My Favourite Things
RIAA – Its Like That Summer Samba
G3RSt – XXX Girl From Ipanema
Amoraboy – Fuck New York (Lily Allen vs Frank Sinatra)


Scott Johnson is the regular host
of the excellent RAMDOM THOUGHTS podcast.
Don't miss an episode,
it's essential bootleg music.

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