Friday, October 16, 2009

UseoCore-Electro Mix

Here's my new electro mix done live & really quite mixed.
Only a small amount of singing in it,& none by me.

DJ Useo - UseoCore

01-Foamo – Movin’ It Over Here
(Original Mix)
02-Lambda – Hold On Tight
(Dabruck & Klein Remix)
03-Bass Weazal – Weazal’s
Love Bob Marley
04-Cyberpunkers – Is Alternative
(Uppermost Remix)
05-Electro Shock – Olaf Van Crazy
(Orginal Mix)
06-Gigi Barocco – Rowdy Jack
(The Deficient Remix)
07-Marc De Siau – This Is Tecktonik
(DJ ZAM Re-Edit Remix)
08-Disco Dice – The letter
(Popmuschi Club Mix)
09-Fanatic and Jaimie – Radio Speaker
(Original Mix)
10-Calvertron & Kieran Brindley – Stumble
(Rustler Remix)
11-James Le Freak Feat Jenny Dalton –
Circles (Discobots Remix)
12-Max Creative & Dj Cross – Rock This
(Spartaque Remix)
13-Heiko & Maiko – Mad World (Club Mix)
14-C-BooL & TAITO feat. Rommie S –
Better Place (Original Mix)
15-Express Of Sound – Real Vibration 2009
(Johnny Max Remix)
16-Buzz Junkies – Sandstorm 2009
(Club Mix)

It's available with many other excellent mixes here-


The BMBX site hosts many great mixers like
Briscoe,Mr Wyse,Lenodd,Bong,Benchmark
& many more.
There's a small forum in case you crave mix discussion.

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