Monday, October 20, 2008

Mix For Goats

This 30 minute piece was made for the radio show
Sound-Unsound This Week.
Listen Fridays at 8 pm gmt
3 pm est

DJ Useo
Mix For Goats (30:53)
01-Daniel Steven Crafts-Soap Opera Suite,
Brief Interlude: The Woods
(from 'Soap Opera Suite / Snake Oil Symphony')
02-Kai-Officer Icky (from 'Stephen Marley The Remix Album')
03-DJ Useo-Strychnine Girl
(Garbage vs Fuzztones vs Crookers)
(from DJ Useo-Halloween ep)
04-Frogthedawg-Hindi Metal
05-DJ Morgoth-Rihanna The Vampire Slayer
(from 'BBI's Mashuptown Massacre')
06-Totom-Knockin' On Ziggy's Door [Extended Mix]
07-The Avalanches-Little Journey
08-DJ Petrushka-Latin Venus
09-Dublzero-On A Dopey Tip (SL2 vs J.B.O.)
(from 'A Burrowful of Boots-The Groundhog Day Album')
10-The Who Boys-We Will Chop You
(from 'The Good, The Bad and The Who Boys')
11-Juxtaposeur-Space Dictation
(from 'The Vinyl Frontier Vol 1: Mashups From Outta Space')
12-Dave Remix-7 Nation Strut (Get Up)
Mashin Up The Party Vol 2
13-The Beatles-Eleanor Rigby (Jeff Littlefod Dance Remix)
14-DJ DB-Mystic Stepper
(from 'History Of Our World Part 1: Breakbeat & Jungle Ultramix)
15-Lo Sherpa-Lick My Tarantella
(from 'Mashed Up')
16-Martinn-The Next Queen Of Sheba(Slower Version)
17-Virtual DJ-Eve of a Problem
(from 'The Vinyl Frontier Vol 1: Mashups From Outta Space')



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