Sunday, January 13, 2008

Way Too Good (Classic Mashups) (1:07:05)


These are some of the mashups that I
feel compelled to hear often.
See if they affect you that way.

DJ Useo
Way Too Good
(Classic Mashups)(1:07:05)


02-El Barto & Liam B-Love Around The World
(Raveonettes vs assorted)
03-IDC-Punks In Love With Rock 'N' Roll
(Sex Pistols vs Jonathan Richman)
04-Lionel Vinyl-Death Of A Piss-Up
(Blur vs Freddy Fresh vs Scanty Sandwich)
05-Dropbass-Mary Is A Foo Fighter
(Mary J.Blige vs Fatboy Slim vs Foo Fighters)
06-Go Home Productions-I Feel Like An Idiot
(Green Day vs Depeche Mode)
07-Divide & Kreate-Eternal Spades
(Motorhead vs The KLF)
08-RNDNMBRS-Oh,My Heads in La La Land
(ZZ Top vs Goldfrappe)
09-Ultra 396-Up The Glitterbeat
(Gary Glitter vs KLF vs Goldfrapp)
10-DJ Zebra-Rock & Roll Train
(Gary Glitter vs Goldfrappe)
11-Poj Masta-Undertones-Teenage Kicks (Remix)
12-Alex H-Nirvananenoonoo
(Nirvana vs Bobby Ferrin)(+)
13-The Digital Punks-Stay Away From My Girlfriend
(Nirvana vs B2K)
14-Team 9-Blue & White Antenna
(Kraftwerk vs White Stripes)
15-Ccc-I Want A Spirit Machine
(Norman Greenbaum vs Beatles vs Goldfrappe)
16-DJ Gumby-Green Day Stew or 6 to 4
(Chicago vs Green Day)
17-DJ The Jet Plane-We Are All Made Of Space Eaters
(Moby vs Gamma Ray)
18-Tristan Shout-We Are All Made Of Dead Stars
(Moby vs Covenant)
19-DJCBoast-No Milk For The Lucky Man
(ELP vs Herman's Hermits)(+)
20-Ccc-Leave Anna Behind
(Ride vs Beatles vs Rolling Stones)
21-Tone 396-A Burning Forest
(The Ruts vs The Cure)
22-Torero Bootleg Productions-Shadows Up
(The Rasmus vs Cameo)
23-Nick Foster-I Only Want The Renegade Master's
Shiny Disco Balls
(Wild Child vs Bay City Rollers vs Who Da Funk)
24-ComaR-Tony Conrad Is Going Out Of My Head
(Fatboy Slim vs Rubin Steiner)
25-Dixie-Moonraker For Strings
(William Orbit vs Foremost Poets)



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